People have gathered at the base of clan "Daedalus".

This time, the distribution of the treasures gained from the destruction of Salvage, Ghost Ships, and Poseidon is the main focus.The Ghost Ship's treasure was distributed on the spot, but there were other treasures and money as well as treasures that bandits were accumulating and bounty money distributed by defeating bandits.

Not all of the members who participated were here, and the leaders of each group were showing their faces.

Now Hayat, Relic, and Esha are here as usual, and there are four others.

Sonia of the Trehan Guild, Nei of the Black Dragon, Rosary of the Black Rose, Cecil of the Dragonbusters.

There are other members who helped me, but I didn't participate because I only gave them what I needed yesterday.

Ivan said he didn't need any rewards and went somewhere else.Jolt of Bandit was glad to be back when he told me that the change would come just by the way Alondite Replica was made.

Primadonna's Noat only participated in the rescue of Rose in the form of a "free weekly meal", so he didn't need the treasure.I've been staying at the base since yesterday, but it hasn't happened yet.

(It's just women.Without Relic, I wouldn't be here for a while.)

Speaking of virtual reality, men who are surrounded by women are as comfortable as women are accustomed to.Hayato is just a little nervous.

In such a situation, Hayat saw Esha.

As of yesterday, I was in a better mood.I said what I wanted to say to Dite, so I'm not angry anymore.And I understand that what's really bad is the organization that's hacking.I may have said a little too much to Dite, so I said I would apologize later.

(Should have kept Diete-chan a little longer until Asha logged in....)

"Master, what is it?I know my beauty will take my eyes off me. "

"Hmm? Hayato, I think I'm cute there, too, but what do you think?

"I'll lose to Lunaria, but I'm pretty cool there, too, right?

"My abs are amazing, no matter what I look like or who I am.

"Shouldn't I join... I don't think it's bad?

(Because of the high proportion of women, I said something I don't normally say... this is a bad trend)

"Yes, yes, I'll start distributing."

Hayato was not swallowed by the feminine atmosphere and began to distribute the treasure administratively.

There is no problem with money.This is evenly divided.I got about 2 million G per person because it was a lot of money.There are about fifty members in all, and the total amount is quite large if there is only one member.Give each leader their own amount of money to finish successfully.

The problem is with other items.

It's easy to get what no one wants, but when they wear what they want, it's up to them to decide.However, it is highly unfair because it is also probable that someone who is strong against Janken will get everything.

For that reason, I can raise my hand only five times for what I want.However, the rule is that you can raise your hand as many times as you want, only when you say you don't want anyone.Hands up or not.There are many kinds of rushes there.

It's a little troublesome, but this is the same rule that was done with the Black Dragon this time.

After explaining those rules, the distribution of the treasures spread out on the dining room table began.

The distribution proceeded gently at all times and there was no major trouble.

In the first place, Sonia declared that the airship's blueprints were only hers, that she didn't want anything else, and that Relic didn't need anything in particular.

Cecil wanted only a nice sword, but no one else wanted it, so basically all the weapons and armor belonged to Cecil.Cecil can't use the item bag, so it will be sent to the house later.

There were people who wanted beautiful jewelry, rings, necklaces, etc., but there was no particular problem with this, and no one questioned the results of the junket.

The problem is one piece of equipment.It was intentionally the last time, but the air changed when this equipment came on.

When I defeated Poseidon, the material dropped.It's Kraken ink, Kraken fillets, Poseidon, but it's only Kraken's top species, so the Kraken-related material dropped.

But apart from that, one piece of equipment dropped.This is an item that is rarely dropped when you defeat Poseidon and was dropped because Hayato's Demolition Knowledge Ability affected it.

It's a Poseidon swimsuit.Although it is a so-called bikini type swimsuit, it has a significant increase in water resistance and a 10% reduction in MP consumption when using magic.Moreover, it is a substitute that can be equipped separately from armor.In other words, it is an extremely rare item that can be worn on top of each other and that everyone would want if it were a female character.

"Please wait at the store for your husband and Relic.It's a women's battle from here on out. "

"What are you doing? I mean, why did everybody have a weapon?

"Because it's unlikely to be decided in Janken.Then you should decide by force.Extra rules activated. "

"It's called the Maid Alliance, so why do you guys like to use force... I don't want you to go out on base."

"I see. It will be quietly violent."

"I don't know anything."

Hayato and Relic were kicked out of the shop with Esha saying they couldn't really get out.

Relic looks at the door to the cafeteria and smiles.

"I'm talking about force, but that's kind of like a cover.And it seems like they don't want to know who it is.It's good to be young.I don't know if Sonia stayed. "

"I think there's something more to hide - please take this line off-record."

"What happened to Hayato and Relic?Wasn't the treasure being distributed?

Rose, who was at the store, spoke strangely.The store was not open, but Rose was cleaning outside the counter as it was being prepared.

"They kicked me out.I'm gonna have to stay here for a while, okay?

I see.In the first place, this is Hayato's base, so you don't have to ask me for permission - I'm sorry about yesterday, Mr. Relic. "

Rose lowered her head deeply into relic.

Relic gently said, "Raise your face."

"Don't worry, Rose.If I am apologized again and again, I will be afraid to do the opposite.Van is my apprentice and Sonia's apprentice in the first place.It is also our fault that this happened.If you want to apologize, this is it.I'm sorry I got into so much trouble. "


"If you really want to apologize, please continue to serve Hayato as a colleague.I will do my best to make this mistake right. "

"... thank you, Mr. Relic.Yes, I will do my best as a colleague. "

(It's in the form of hiring, but you serve me...?Well, thank you.I feel a little lonely if it's just about money.)

Hayato thought so and began to wonder what was going on.

Perhaps, but the feminist rivalry will not end soon.Anyway, it gets in the way when the customer comes to the store.I have to go through the cafeteria to get back to my room, so I can't go there for a while.

I don't have a choice to go out.The bandits have been destroyed, but there are still forces targeting Hayato.A group of Samurais called the Assassin Guild and the Holy Magic Ten Swords.

Hayato thinks. I can't go out on my own forever.It is bad for everyone to have an escort every time, and we must actively resolve it.

"I'd like to ask you both a few questions, but how do I talk to the Assassin Guild?

Hayat thought about managing the Assassin Alliance first.In the first place, someone from the Ten Daggers of the Holy Magic has never come into contact with it.This information is from the Maid Alliance and is not harmful so far.

Then I thought I should do something about the Assassin Alliance.

"Isn't it faster to destroy than to talk?

"Mr. Rose is radical.Is that the policy of the maid's guild?Anyway, do you know what the Assassin's Guild is?Mr. Rose is good at assassinations, isn't he?

You can't assassinate in this game in the first place.You can defeat an opponent without being noticed, but that's all.You can't steal items from a defeated opponent.No player has actually been harmed, but I think it would be a problem if HP suddenly dropped to zero.

"I'm sorry.Even if I were an assassin, I would only be able to carry out a special attack from a hidden state, which has nothing to do with the Assassin Alliance.You don't even know what you're doing. "

I see. I wasn't surprised to hear you were from the ex-Assassin Guild, but I was ready. "

One skill is a latent skill, which temporarily becomes semi-transparent.Unlike the Invisible item, which does not disappear completely, it can be moved in a translucent state, and attacks launched from this state are inflicted with Power Correction.

If paired well with Weapon Skills, it's the only way to launch a Special Attack, so it's safe to say that players with bandit role-plays always have one.

"Next time someone from the Assassin Alliance arrives, should we not defeat them?I'm good at getting my mouth broken. "

"I don't know why I'm good at it, but I do want to hear more specific stories.I don't know what the Assassin Alliance is talking about. "

Hayato said so, he heard a loud noise from the dining room.

Are you sure you're out of control?If the furniture is broken, I'll get really angry....)

Hayat thought so and opened the door to the cafeteria.

There was a strange sight there.It's not as if the chair just collapsed and went crazy, but there's only one thing you can't miss.

Cecil and Rosalie were holding onto a strange man.The man was lying on the floor, as if Cecil was holding her right arm and Rosalie were holding her left arm and holding her joints together.

The painless virtual reality of joints will be extremely meaningless, but it won't wake up.

"Uh, what are you doing? Who's that?

"Wait, wait!I'm a member of the Assassin's Guild!I'm just here to talk!I'm not suspicious. Please help me!

It's not suspicious, but I decided to tie the man up with a rope to listen to him for the time being.