Another Frontier Online

Assassin Alliance

A man tied to a rope is sitting in a chair.She looks about 30 years old and has dark, uncreated, blurry hair.They wear fabric clothes that are everywhere, and the word light suits them well.This would be a pretty good actor if it were a concealed attitude that hides the identity of an assassin.

It's about that, surrounded by some of the most powerful women in the world.

Hayato thought. No matter how strong I am, I will definitely tell you everything.

Hayato, who felt a little sorry for the same man, asked him a little gently.

"I hear you're from the Assassin Guild, but what's the story?I've heard that the Assassin Alliance is after itself. "

"Well, that's a misunderstanding!I didn't mean to take my life!

"Oh, I know that too.You want to improve the image of the Assassin Alliance? "

"That's it! That's it!Our guild is in trouble because you've made the Bandit Guild sound.Can I borrow some wisdom?

"I feel unreasonable about causality, but I think if we stop the assassination, we'll be able to imagine it."

"No, but you want to show off your polished assassination technique, right?

(What is this person saying?So, Rose is nodding in the cafeteria sometime, too, but do you want to show me the art of assassination...?

NPCs in this world are outstanding in reality.Hayato has heard that from Diete, but the NPC in front of her doesn't look like that.In certain fields, there are conditions, but on the contrary, I am interested in which fields are excellent.

As Hayato, it is quick to defeat this man with trespassing.An NPC who commits so-called criminal acts in the same way as a bandit is sent to prison when it is defeated.And it's a system where the number and content of criminal acts determines the sentence.

Players cannot commit criminal acts, so there is no such system.However, players who behave badly from the perspective of the NPC may not go into town, be taken to jail, etc., so they will be in a state of game jam.

It was all about what Hayato should do.

You can defeat them quickly, but it's difficult for the Assassin Alliance to come any longer.Nevertheless, I can't imagine an Assassin Alliance.

When I was worried about what was going on, Relic stepped forward.

"Master Hayato, may I have a moment?

"Mr. Relic? What's the matter with you?

"I'm an Assassin Guild, but I don't think it's easy to image it as it is."

"It's hard, or I think it's close to impossible.I wonder how hard it is to turn salt into pepper. "

"Yes, so I would like to change my name to another guild, like the Sonia Bandit Guild, and also change the activities."

"I see... but do you have a job using assassination techniques?They want to keep using the polished assassination technique. "

"There you are, Mr. Rose."

Everyone sees Rose in Relic's words.

As for Hayato, I don't really understand the intent of Relic's words.What is Rose?I didn't really know the people around me, and Rose didn't seem to know either.

Only Asha nods in such a state.

"So you're going to fight Rose and show him the art of assassination?colloquial - no, a death game bet.I'll finish the job. "

"Not at all."

Hayato thought it would be interesting, but Relic's intentions seemed to be completely different.

"Rose is good at escorts and assassinations.That's why. "

"Well, because you're good at assassinations, you're good at protecting yourself from assassinations?It seems that the assassin knows best how to attack. "

"Correct. How about a suggestion for an alliance on the side of protection from assassination rather than on the side of assassination?

The man tied by a rope to Relic's words rinsed his body from side to side.

"Oh, I see!You're talking about using our technology to escort us!Assassinations do have many things, so members are knowledgeable.I am familiar with the measures.There are poison killings, curse killings, making it look like an accident, so maybe you should teach me how to deal with it. "

(Although Ren-chan seems to be better at killing curses.....)

It might be about who hires the ex-Assassin Guild, but Hayat thinks it's not a bad story.Mochi is sometimes referred to as a mochiya.There is not a single escort of dignitaries in the first place.There is also the possibility that one escort specializing in assassinations would be better.

Although it is basically a system that cannot be assassinated, the NPCs are also role-playing, so nobles and others may be hired.It would be healthier to change the name to Guardian Alliance rather than Assassin Alliance.

Whether or not it is trustworthy depends on future activities.That's not exactly how you take care of yourself.

Hayat saw a man tied up thinking so much.

"Um, is that okay?

"Oh, thank you.That's a good idea. I'll go home and talk to everybody.Besides, the colloquial talk I just had seems good.I'm not going to riot, and I'm not going to catch you, so could you loosen the rope... the kids around me are so scared. "

Why is everybody illuminated?Even though they say I'm scared... well, that's fine, but I have to do more than that.)

"Before that, I want you to promise me that you won't target me anymore."

"Okay. Don't worry, I won't do it anymore.I'll tell everybody.Ah, but I don't want you to have another consultation.Of course not for free. I'll get you anything you want. "

Hayat feels a little caught up in the word.The light man in front of him promised Hayato the guild's policy.

"Um, aren't we going to take it back to the Assassin Alliance for consideration?I don't think it's up to you.

"No? It's up to me.... oh, yeah.Didn't I tell you?I'm the guild master of the assassin guild.It's Zack Alten. Please don't. "

(Though it's the guild master of the assassin guild, it's light.So, the women here are stronger than the guild masters of the Assassination Guild.)

Nevertheless, I don't know if it is true, just because the person is saying it.Hayato sends his gaze to Sonia.Sonia is the only reason I think I'm familiar with this.

"Mr. Sonia, that's what he says, but do you know if it's real?

"Well, if you say you know your profession, you do.It's the first time I've heard your name, but I'm sure it's true.I've met him at a slum meeting before. "

"Well, then, Mr. Zack, I believe that.But if you betray me, you know what I mean?

I don't think the women around me will work for me for free, but I'm sure they'll be able to help me out with a lot of money.I don't want to make myself clear, but I threatened to make it worse if I betrayed you.

Zach pulled his face a little, but he shook his head vertically.

"Then untie the rope..."

When Hayato tried to untie the rope, Esha stopped it.

"Master. We haven't finished talking yet, so please wait a moment."


"This man may have heard the conversation here.I'm going to interrogate you now, and if anything goes wrong, it's going to be sad. "

"I'm scared. At least let the Assassin Guild know you're not going to attack me anymore."

"Wait a minute. I didn't hear anything. I didn't hear anything.So let it go. "

"We'll see about that.From now on, please answer "yes" to all of them.Otherwise, there will be an attack by someone here. "

"... yes"

I think something bad is going to happen to Zach, but when I realized that something bad was going to happen to me, Hayato took Relic and Rose to the store.

Rose smiles as soon as the door closes.

Hayato, it looks like the Assassin Guild won't be able to target you anymore.

"Depending on what happens next, I'm going to jail before Zach tells me..."

"I think it's okay.Even so, is it the escort job?Indeed, my escort technique is based on the basis of the assassination.Basically, we do it before they notice. "

Hayato laughed bitterly at what he didn't want to know about the basis of the assassination.

"Speaking of which, Relic often came up with that.Looks like you got your inspiration from Rose's stunts... what's wrong with you?

Relic was putting his left hand on his chin and thinking about something.I am not aware of Hayato's words.

"Mr. Relic?

"Huh? Oh, I'm sorry.What is it?

"No, I often thought of using assassination techniques as a escort."

"When I saw Rose, I somehow thought of her.I just felt like I knew it a long time ago - I'm sorry, I thought about it trying to remember something. "

Was that so?

(Does that mean it's been real for a long time?Yes, well known hackers can use their knowledge to prevent hacking.I do feel like someone who worked at a company like that before.Is that what you were doing before you got caught?

Hayat thought so, but he quickly wiped his mind.

No matter what happens in the past, Hayato's idea is that relics are relics and there is no need to pry.If you say you don't care, it's a lie, but you're worried about doing extra things and getting your memory back.

Relics are old. I don't know what happened in the past and became a resident of this world, but there must have been a good reason for that.

I don't know what it was like, but Hayato speculates that at least he erased his memory with the intention of nodding his bones into this virtual space.Other members would have done the same, but at Relic's age, they should have been more conscious.

It is not good to stimulate memories of the past.Hayato thinks so and tries to change the subject.

"Yes, do you both want something to eat in King's Landing?It's going to take a while next door, so let's open the shop this afternoon and grow our wings a little in the morning.I won't be attacked for a while. "

"Am I okay?I did that yesterday. "

"What happened yesterday is force majeure.So let's do something like Rose's little welcoming party.I've earned salvage just now, and I'll pay for anything. "

"Thank you!

"Sometimes it's good to eat with young people.I will definitely serve you. "

"Would you like to go to a famous store?I don't think I've lost my cooking, but I want a lot of excitement. "

"Then I will guide you.I've been taught by Asha... but now it seems to be off-limits. "

"It hasn't been unlocked yet..."

Esha won the Eating Challenge in the Kingdom's main canteen.That's why you're banned from any cafeteria.

Hayato felt a little sad about Esha, but decided to switch his mood and leave the base.