Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: proof of life

"Relic, how's your neck and tail?

"Oh, it's over.This concludes my work.All you have to do is spend the rest of your life in jail. "

"I don't know, it's better that way.Is there anything left to do?Revenge. "

"Revenge and nothing. The van betrayed us.And all of Red Snake's information is publicly available.The van will be somewhat less arrogant with painful eyes.This is the last lesson we can teach. "

"You're so sweet.But I'm not talking about you.It's about the warden.I bet you were doing some nasty work hacking this information, too?Wasn't it against your beliefs?

Do you have faith or something?Whatever you do, crime is a crime.And I just wanted to show off my power.You thought I was a righteous thief?

"I didn't think so, but the last job isn't a sign of power, right?This will absolve your loved ones of their grievances.It'll take some time, but you'll be released with a lot of money. "

"... it's not a sign of power, but it's not justice.And don't think of anyone better.I just repaid my old debt. "

"You would have been caught as a criminal to repay your debt.I think it's self-sacrifice.Maybe it's love?

Think of your age.

"Love has nothing to do with age, does it?From our point of view, he's a young boy, but I thought he looked good on you.

"No. Love is a word. It means thinking of your age."

"Haha, that must be it.You sure you don't want revenge?The scratches on your forehead, right?I can help you if you want to.

"I don't need it. We're already ready for revenge.I've programmed a hacking program so that information can be released whenever I like.Next time you don't like it, the warden is done. "

"... that's right.I worked with you a few times, but you didn't need me.I'll do anything by myself.Am I in your way?

"That's not true.You can't play chess alone, can you?

"... that's the best answer.I'm happier than being bought a hacking arm. "

"By the way, what about you?Can you arrange for one of us to get out of the prisons?You don't have to stay here with me. "

"Is there anything fun going out in this age of resource depletion?Besides, what if we don't have a chess partner?

"... I'm sorry.Stay with me till Prison. "

"How many times have I told you that?Besides, I have such a body.If they find out anything strange, they'll experiment on you.It's still safer here. "

I see. Then I'd like to thank you again as my partner. "

"If you're playing chess, I'll do it many times.Next time I'll win - oh, it's patrol time.I'll see you later. "

"Yeah, I'll see you later."

Relic said that and cut the line.

Originally, the colony "Prison" could not communicate separately, but it had nothing to do with them.They were caught deliberately in the first place.He was caught with all the preparations, so he could put him in solitary confinement.

He was perfectly prepared and caught for a reason.

It's to save a woman.

A woman who was arrested on an unjust charge and sentenced to life imprisonment.It was someone Relic took care of in the past, and it was in return.

The circumstances in which the woman was sentenced to life imprisonment are related to the warden here.The warden of this colony "Prison" is one of the bourgeoisie's clans who controls the colony.

Clearly, the bastard. He was the one who tailored criminals, men and women alike, to listen to what they said instead of making things easier here.

It can be said that sexual roots were originally rotten, but many people put their own desires at their disposal due to the depletion of resources.Moreover, he had as much money and power as he could.It wouldn't be strange to run wild.

The woman whom Relic took care of was beautiful.I was just tailored by criminals for that reason.

The only information that has been invented is this "prisoner".

Relic and Sonia were caught trying to infiltrate the prisons.Relic was liked by the warden as a famous hacker and helped with the crime as he was told.

In the meantime, Relic acquires all kinds of forged information.I arranged for it to be published earlier.The strength of that power will not lead to the capture of the warden, but at least the unjust criminals will be released.

Power is power.Some are inferior bourgeoisies like the warden, but others love justice.I sent the information there.First of all, it will undoubtedly move to free the unjust.

Relic has now finished his last job.I thought so, I lay down in my cell bed.

A few months later, Relic is summoned by the warden.

Relic and Sonia were working on hacking the colony "Prison".The information on fraud and fabrication that the warden was doing passed on to another bourgeoisie.He never got caught, but the warden was furious about it.I was breathing when I found the killer.

At first, Relic was suspected, but he was in the prisons and couldn't contact the outside, so he got off the charge early.Since then, I've been tasked with protecting myself from external hacking.

Naturally, Relic contacted us from Prison.When I was hacking outside, I deliberately left evidence to show my strength.But this time, there is no trace of it.There's no reason to find out.

Relic went to the warden's room, asking what he would be asked to do.

When I entered the room, there was a warden in good mood.Besides, I think it is a prelude to a natural mutation even if it is recommended as a hidden wine.But of course, I didn't change my mind, and I didn't work on relics.It was an act to get a new job.

Here's what we're talking about.

Relic and Sonia were chosen as test players for the Anather Frontier Project.The plan seems to use the latest technology, and the request to steal it - an order.

Embed a special machine in your body and use it to board a spaceship.And the job is to send information from inside.

Honestly, I hate to follow the warden's instructions, but I was interested in the latest technology.I don't know the full scope of the plan, but it looks like virtual reality technology, with a lot of money going into it.

Being in a good mood already means imagining how to use technology that you haven't yet acquired to make money.Relic was amazed at how often money is thought of in times like this.

But Relic remembers it.

The warden is also quite old.There will be a depletion of resources, but that is still a little further.Before that, the warden dies of his life.Then you chose to live honestly to your desires.

Relic sees it and thinks it's the same as himself.

I have lived as I please.It's not what I do with the warden, but I can say I was faithful to my desires.

A game that can be compared to wisdom called hacking.And I was hammered, and I broke through a lot of security.I'm not interested in the information I have.I like the process of getting it, the thinking at the time.

Nothing happened only then.No joy, no grief, no anxiety, no fear, no sense of time.Focus on just one thing.I like relics in their pure state.

There is nothing around, just a world of thought.Such a beautiful world.

Relic accepted the warden's order.

I didn't originally have the option to say no, but this is the first time I've ever wanted to do it myself.

I have an interest in technology, but I appreciate the fact that I am away from the warden.And having the latest technology means having the latest security.The last job is over, but it's not bad to focus on your hobbies for the rest of your life.

There was also another desire.

Relic has only taught the van his technique.The van is in the prisons now.I want to leave someone with the knowledge and technology I have gained so far.There was a desire to keep it as proof of my life.

There are other test players in the Analyzer Frontier program.Maybe someone will inherit their technology.

That's how I realized I'd become a test player for the Analyzer Frontier program.

(What are you thinking at this age?No, because I'm this old.Die without leaving anything behind.I must have had a human heart to think I missed it... if I had known sooner, I might have had a different life)

On Relic's head comes the face of a woman who saved herself from an unjust crime.I haven't seen him in years, and he admitted his guilt and went out, but I don't know what happened afterwards, and I can only remember his appearance in vain.

For just a moment, I imagined marrying the woman and raising a child.But I'll shake it right out of my head.

No matter how many times I go through such a life.No matter how many times you repeat your life, you will never seek strength and interact with her life.

And because of the power of hacking, I was able to save her.This was the right life for me.

Relic raised his mouth with that thought.And after thanking him, he left the warden's room.