Another Frontier Online

Adventurer Alliance Quests

A week has passed since the day the treasure was distributed.

There are some things that are not resolved, but as Hayato, we can say that we have generally had peaceful days.

The products at the base began to sell along with woodworking products, and the customers who were far away returned.Yes, but most thankfully, the bandits and the Assassin Alliance are gone.

I knew that Rose, who was in charge of the store, looked a little short, but Hayato didn't say anything.

Behind Hayato's peace, Dite still seems to be taking a while and has been told he can't come visit us for a while.

It seemed like they were hacking the other person, not alone, but through the player, making it difficult to identify who the killer was.The van doesn't have any information so far, and we can't identify the other party.

Hacking through the player was a way to install a special tool on the headgear called "byte" within this virtual reality.The tool for registering specified behaviors, called macros, is easy to use.It's a system where you get a small amount of money just by using it.

It can't be used in battles, but it allows you to automatically perform the simple act of mining in mines, creating massive quantities of items with productive skills.

It's just face-to-face.Although useful, the tool had a backward purpose: if you put the tool in and log in, it would hack through the player's connection.

As a Dite, I am very angry while I am impressed that you often put such a tool in place.

It's not a perfect world, but it seems impossible to allow this virtual reality, which is quite orderly, to have a tool that could be called a foreign object.It was just a voice chat, but the voice seemed to contain resentment, and Hayat heard it.

Although there is a world announcement that using illegal tools in the game puts people in jail, there are still many players who use it, and it seems that some players should use this mechanism officially, and some players also carry out signature activities in virtual reality.

Diete was busier than before as she suspected it might even be the opponent's agitation.However, rather than putting stress on it, the feeling of absolutely finding and retaliating against the perpetrator seems high, and it is quite intense.

As Hayato, I would like to help you somehow, but I don't have enough knowledge to say that at all, so I was thinking of entertaining Dite next time.

And we are currently working on the airship blueprints.

Sonia and Ney have been on quests in the Empire lately.

As for the large prison underground in the Empire, it is prohibited to enter, but it has been changed to allow entry with the Empire's permission.

In order to get that permission, you need to conduct a Quest in the Empire and gain considerable prestige from the NPCs.Even so, Sonia and Nay have been doing Monster Enemy Quests in Adventurer Guilds many times.

The collector Cecil was originally an Imperial Nation and has quite a reputation, so it is still possible to enter, but now he has done nothing to find the blueprints where he entered.

In addition, the rosaries of the Black Rose originally came from the Devil's Land, so they don't like to be famous in the Empire themselves, so this time they pass.Hayato said he was working on a plan to rescue Lunaria.

That is why the recent stronghold is peaceful.

Hayato spent a relaxing day making items for sale in the morning.

But Sonia and Ney came this morning.

"Good morning, both of you.Is it about time you went to jail?

I just had a cup of coffee and listened lightly, but Sonia and Ney looked serious.

"It's about that, but today I brought you Hayato's help.Will you come with me to the Imperial City of Glamorolato?

"I don't mind helping you, but what are you doing?

"I'm on a quest right now, but I need you to make something to deliver."

"Can't we just make it here and give it to them?

A Delivery Quest does not require the item to be made in front of the NPC.Items to be delivered can be obtained by any means in the first place.I don't mind the products sold at the NPC store.

No, that's...

Here's what Nay explained about Hayato.

Now Nay and Sonia are doing Adventurer Alliance quests to gain fame, but they were all Enemy Quests.The Adventurer Alliance has alerted me to the fact that I have completed quite a few of those quests in a short period of time.

There will be no more quests for other players or NPCs, so Nay and Sonia will be penalized for not doing Enemy Quests for a while.

Currently, Nay and Sonia can only perform delivery and usage tasks.

There is a limit to the number of quests you can receive at a time, so I want to do as many as possible on the spot.However, the process of taking a Quest and asking Hayato to return to the Empire is cumbersome and time-consuming.

So I asked Hayato to wait for me at the Imperial Capital Adventurer Alliance and make it on the spot.

(To shorten the time?I don't know if that's a problem... but I need an escort.There's still no contact, but it seems that the Holy Devil's Ten Swords are after me.There is a transfer ring, but this is the last resort)

Hayato thought so and contacted Relic.

"I'm sorry, Hayato.I have to attend a meeting of the Butler Guild today, so the escort job is... "

I see.No, it's okay. Then I'll ask Asha. "

"Yes, I'm sorry."

Afterwards, we talked to the logged in Asha and all went to the Imperial City of Glamorolato.

The Adventurers Guild in the Imperial City of Glamorotto is quite busy.

Adventurer Alliances are ubiquitous, but they are probably the biggest in the Imperial City of Grand Morato and King's City of Anhemdal.

The building on the third floor above ground and the first floor below ground is about 100 meters wide.

On the ground floor, there is a dining room with a large number of tables.And there are a lot of players and NPCs, and it's wide, but I don't feel idle.

There are various rooms on the training ground, the second floor and the third floor in the basement, but Hayato has never been there, so I don't know.I've never been to the Adventurer Alliance in the first place, and even if I did, I've never done many quests to gather information.

What Hayato knows is that the bulletin board on the wall has a piece of paper showing the quest, and if you take it to the reception, you can receive the quest.

Nay and the others got a quest at the reception at once.

Hayato looks at the items to be delivered and tells them what to collect.Nay and Sonia decided to share and get the item.

Hayato and Esha sit at a table nearby and ask for something to eat properly.I didn't do anything until Ney and the others gathered the ingredients, so I thought I'd spend some time eating.

Esha takes the menu seriously.

"How much can I ask?

"How much are you asking?

"I wonder if it was just before you were banned.Identification is important.Touching or not touching the line of the store owner - it's very difficult.This tension is unbearable. "

"Don't talk like a sport.So you're banned from all the dining rooms in King's Landing, right?

Simply put, they're all losing.Nothing to identify.

Speaking of which, is your husband going to jail?

"You've changed the subject openly.No, I'm not going.Sonia and Ney don't need production skills like they did in salvage, and they don't have the strength to fight.That's why the Empire hasn't taken any quests. "


In the case of Salvage, the ship was repaired, and Hayato was quite helpful.I followed him because of the romance.

The great prison also feels romantic in terms of location, but it is a bit harsh for Hayato because it is like a regular dungeon.It's an advantage to be able to cook and maintain your armor even while you're exploring, but it's not a place to spend that much time exploring.

Hayato is of little use because he is not fighting his boss like the labyrinth castle he went with Ash and the others before.

Besides, I would like to invest in enriching the sales of the base now.Though plain, it is fun to increase sales by collecting items from stores one by one.

These things prevented Hayat from going to the big prison from the beginning.

Nevertheless, there is something that Asha is talking about.I decided to confirm it.

"Maybe Esha wants to go?

"No, that's not it.And when I go, the monsters get violent and summon rare monsters. "

"Diete-chan says there's no such system."

Esha has the disadvantage of having monsters that don't normally attack her, but there is no system that makes her violent or summons Rare Monsters.If that's what Diete, the administrator of this world, says, there's no doubt about it.

"I mean, you call in rare monsters with vegetables?

"... there were a lot of people at that time.Someone other than Esha might have reacted. "

I mean, your husband is also a suspect.

"Suspect. Well, that doesn't matter, but is there a problem with me not going to the Grand Prison?

"No, nothing. However, I thought it would be boring to stay at the base all the time."

"I guess I'm okay because I'm an Indoer... I remember being an Indoer, but Mr. Noat, I haven't left my base in a week?The time to eat is over..... "

Noat of Primadonna. I hired a bandit to eat free for a week, but somehow I lived in the base and ate.Just a week has passed, but there is no sign of leaving the base at all.

Speaking of which, there was also Noat.Maybe, but isn't she going to leave in the first place?Well, you just have to pay for the accommodation and meals.You should be able to pay because you earn quite a bit. "

"I do shops, but I don't do lodging... oh, speaking of which..."

Hayato and Esha continued the conversation until Ney and the others came back.