Another Frontier Online

Back menu and foundation

It took about three days, but with the help of Hayato, Nay and Sonia were able to get access to the Great Prison.

They were already on their way to the Great Prison and were breathing as soon as they found the blueprints.

On the other hand, Hayato thinks it's reliable, and I think it's a little calm. I actually said that, but they're not the kind of people who listen to it."Don't worry," he said confidently, buying the items he needed to explore the hub and heading straight for it.

Anyway, Nay thought it would be okay if Sonia was there, and Hayato dropped them off.

After that, Hayato prepared all the items for sale at the base and then handed them over to Rose, heading to a place where Asha and the two of them were together.

The destination is a clearing house for Treasure Coins and Items.

Nay and the others told me that there were some interesting items, but things happened and I was slow to carry my feet.

I finally had time to go and have a look.

But this time, we'll see how it goes.I got a few of them on a ghost ship, salvage, etc., but I don't think I can trade them for what I want.I don't know if I want anything in the first place, so I thought I'd take a look at the lineup.

"What kind of items would your husband like?

"I hope there are more ways to manufacture production items.I wouldn't be able to use it with high-performance gear - oh, but it's also good gear that might work when making production items. "

"I want an item that makes a chocolate parfait every day.Five stars, of course. "

If there is such an item, I protest against Diete-chan.

"Is that it? I'm the only one who makes chocolate parfaits to feed Asha.I see. I eat a parfait made by your husband in the morning, noon and evening. "

"That's not true."

Hayato really doesn't think that way.I just don't like to make parfaits with the five stars easily.I struggled to improve my skills.It's just a parfait that matches it, but I just wish I could make it without any trouble.

However, Hayato thinks only a little.If Asha eats a parfait made by someone other than herself and makes it look delicious, there is a possibility that it will be dented.I walked shabbily to avoid putting it on my face.

What Hayato wants most is a recipe to increase the number of items he can produce.The next thing you want is equipment that improves the chances of success and quality at the time of production.

Hayato has items that are effective during production such as "Adamantite's Knife Pole" and "Crystal Dragon Pendant".I basically have the highest level of pharmaceutical and cooking items, so I want another production skill relationship.

Blacksmithing, sewing, craftsmanship, woodworking, cultivation.Even with production skills, I don't have the equipment that would be so convenient for them.If you have the equipment to compensate for these success rates, you want it to be as good as it gets out of your throat.

Hayato went to the exchange in anticipation of it.

The exchange in King's Landing is a small shop.

It was a crowd of people just after the event started, but not many people these days.To some extent, players decide what they want and try to get treasure coins to get them.

Hayato confirms what can be exchanged with the NPC that is hosting the clearing house.

(... I knew I had a lot of equipment.Fighters would have a pretty useful effect, but it doesn't really matter to me.)

They were all good equipment, but they were all within the range of what could be made with production skills.That's right. Esha doesn't have any unique equipment like Belzeve or Evan's Excalibur.

In some cases, equipment to improve production skills existed, but only up to a total of 50 could be improved by them, and Hayato had no point in exceeding the upper limit.

"I wonder if there's anything in particular I want.With this kind of equipment, we can build it over time. "

"I can't make it normally.And there was no chocolate parfait machine.It was a waste of time. "

They must have listened to the conversation.The eyes of the woman who was at the reception of the exchange were sparkling.

"There's a back menu for both of you."

Hayato and Esha were all of a sudden surprised, but even more so were the players they heard about.It's the first time I've learned that there's a back menu for items that can be exchanged.They come closer to what the players are.

"Um, can I see the menu behind that?

The receptionist shows the menu to Hayato.There were certainly only items that weren't on the menu in the front.The menu seemed to be visible in the surroundings, and exclaimed.

(It feels kind of good.I think this is the flavor of online games.Whatever it is, how many coins have you exchanged for this?More than a thousand of them.Nothing can be exchanged)

All the items written there were rare items to drop when destroying so-called Rare Monsters.Includes that Poseidon swimsuit.

All the equipment had appearance and performance that could not be made with production skills. It would be worth replacing in a combat position, but Hayato had little to do with it.There's just one item I'm curious about.Obviously for production jobs.

It's a "winemaking kit".

The contents of the item stated that this would allow you to make wine with your cooking skills.

(Wine. You liked Mr. Relic.I was glad to receive the wine I found on the ghost ship.There are more things I can make personally, and I would love to, but I can't afford 1000 coins...)

Hayato doesn't have many coins.You might be able to get a lot of them on an island floating in the sky, but for now there are only 10 or so.

It would be good to just know that there is such a thing.Thinking positively, Hayato and Esha left behind the exchange that was flourishing on the back menu.

"That's a shame.You wanted that winemaking kit?

"You know what I mean? I wanted it, but I didn't even have 1,000 coins."

"If it were Nai, you might have it.He seems to be enjoying this game to the fullest, so how much is he saving up?

"Even if I have it, I can't tell you to exchange it.Ney will have something for you too.Yes, I'll tell you about the back menu later.Let's go home. "

Hayato walks out with Asha.

"I remembered Nai-sama...."


"You know me, don't you?He said he was in reality. "

"You have the same name.Everyone in the Black Dragon must have noticed.I won't tell you anything. "

Esha is supposed to be NPC in virtual reality.The person is in reality.The members of the Black Dragon are regular members of Hayato's coffee shop.I've been face-to-face many times and I know the name.First of all, I know for sure.

However, I have never questioned Hayato about it.When everyone first met Asha, she looked a little surprised, but she didn't say anything after that.

The same goes for Ash and the others.When I first met him at the coffee shop, my eyes were on the bright spot, but I didn't particularly pursue it.

"You don't care about that kind of detail because you're the blood family of the foundation that controls the world?

"Esha, don't say that.It's dangerous. "

"Yes, sorry."

Esha apologized honestly.I was told this was a really problematic behavior.

Hayat once told Esha that Ney is the blood of the foundation.It's for caution.

Twelve foundations with constellation names.There is immense power there.The use of that name is capital punishment.If you say that you know the foundation, you will be sentenced to life imprisonment first.Even the word "foundation" was dangerous, so Hayat taught it to Esha and Ash.

Hayato and the others told him that it was not a hundred years ago, but there was a single scale from that time.

At that time, the bourgeoisie and the wealthy had great power.Because he made a huge contribution to building spaceships and colonies to live off the planet.

The Frontier Plan and the Anazar Frontier Plan were not national, but planetary plans called Earth, so the bourgeoisies had nothing to do with it, but it would still have had some impact.

(To be honest, I don't think it looks like that when I look at Ney, but I'm sure I see the hospital that arranged it for me.I didn't think I was hospitalized in a hospitality colony from Factory)

Hayato asked Nay to protect her body when she couldn't log out.When you log out and wake up, the hospital is the colony "Hospital", where you can get the latest treatment.Normally, it's not a place for working class people to use it.

At that time, Hayato thought that Nay was an earth-born daughter, but he didn't think that he was a family member of the foundation, and he became a little scared after the disturbances in virtual reality ended.I didn't know, but I asked for help from the Foundation's blood family.I don't know what will happen.

However, Nay had no particular problems with Hayato since then, and after opening the coffee shop, he had held many off-duty meetings.I can still say my best friend regardless of my position.

(As expected, I can't ask Nay for any more help in reality.That's no different from asking the foundation.I don't think it's a good idea.)

When I was thinking about that, I came back to the base sometime.

It was time to start the coffee shop, so when I entered the base to log out, Ney and the others were in the cafeteria.

"Good, you're still here!

"I'm in a lot of a hurry, but what's the matter?

"Hayato used to make a lot of Dura Hammer, right?Can you lend it to me before I log out?

"That's fine, but why again?

"I was investigating the suspicions of the Grand Prison with Sonia, and there was a ghost of the King who was collecting the blueprints.He's strong.We're going to launch a series of Dark Attribute attacks that we need to counter. "

"Is that so? Of course you can.I'll get it from the warehouse. Wait a minute.I'll bring you some equipment that will make everyone else more resistant to Dark Attacks. "

"Thank you! I'll get the blueprints by the end of the day, so stay tuned!

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it."

When Ney smiled, she turned to the store side with everyone.Hayato thinks that he is probably preparing medicines and the like.

Esha, who was watching a series of actions, leaned her neck.

"It doesn't seem like Nei has a lot of power."

"I think so, but there are people like that.Maybe. "

(This is a normal kid playing a game... Oops, hurry up.After that, I have a job at the coffee shop.(Not if I'm playing)

Hayat thought so and hurried to the warehouse.