Another Frontier Online

Gravity Stone

The next day, Nay took the third blueprint as declared.

It was early in the morning, but she must have been itchy to report it.Hayat was contacted by Nay at the same time he logged in.

Nay told Hayato the story of martial arts while showing him the blueprint.

The King's Ghost, who was collecting blueprints, had the blueprints in the form of a boss monster."I won't give you the blueprints!"and attacked Nay and the others, but basically it was only a magical attack of dark attributes, so Nay and the countermeasures were not very effective, and it took time, but it was a dangerous victory.

"The members of Nei and the Black Dragon were strong.Even though it's equipped to deal with it, it's hard to do that. "

"Sonia was amazing, too.Someday I was behind the enemy, and the weapon skills from there were effective. "

Everyone praises each other in the cafeteria where they are based.Hayat did not see the battle, but to some extent imagined it.The tension of the members is probably due to the gathering of blueprints.

Hayato was also tense and immediately checked the airship's blueprints to see what was needed.

(Of course, building an airship is a woodworking skill and the material is wood.This is good because it corresponds to the timber of the world tree.It's almost gone because it needs a good amount, but there's nothing wrong with that.The problem is...)

Items needed to build an airship.It wasn't just a cloth used for wood and sails like a large ship, but there was another thing I needed.

It is a "gravity stone" that allows you to manipulate the object's gravity through magic.The description of the item is written as a material for the airship, but there is only one problem.

(I don't know the item, but where do I get it?

Hayato wanted to build an airship today, but he doesn't have the item with him.On the contrary, I don't know how to get it.

As a precaution, I searched for items sold in stores, but such items were not sold.

"Excuse me, do you know an item called Gravity Stone?I need that item to build an airship?

The high-tensioned Neys tilt their necks.Nobody knew the item.It is also not written in the King's handbook that Sonia has.

"Isn't it a stone that you mine somewhere?

"Nay's right, but I don't know where to mine.I went to various places to dig up Adamantite's Ore in the first place, but you've never seen an item like that, have you?

"Why can't we build an airship without all the blueprints?

Everyone's tension dropped in Sonia's words.Nevertheless, we'll be able to make it in a little while.Hayat tried to inspire everyone, not if they were here.

"If you can find those gravity stones, you can build them right away, so let's split up and look for them.You're almost there. "

"You can think that way, too.Then I'll ask members of the Trehan Guild to look for it. "

"I'll ask someone I know.Maybe you do.I'll send you a voice chat when I get it. "

That's what Sonia and Ney said and left the base.

Only Hayato remains in the base cafeteria.

(If you ask Diete-chan, you will understand in one shot, but you can't do that.I also think I know Bandit's clan, but when I hear about it, I have to give him a replacement information, so I reject it.I wonder what's going on - well, it might be sold at auction)

I thought so, but I stopped again.Hayato is always told not to go out without an escort.

Asha hasn't logged in because it's early in the morning, and Relic hasn't come to the base yet.I reconsidered whether one of them would come or not.

I was about to get a cup of coffee, and Noat came down from the second floor.

I'm a little sorry about the blonde hair on the bed, but this kind of defenseless appearance is also attractive.The age is different, but because it is small like Len, it is inevitable that the desire for asylum will be aroused.Somewhat like a small animal.

Noat walks slowly like a zombie in his pajamas and reaches the dining room table.As soon as I sat in the chair, I fell down to the table.Then he turned to his side with his head on the table.A half-eyed person looks at Hayato as if he was asleep.

"Have you eaten yet?

Good morning before that.

"Good morning. Have you eaten yet?

"No, yeah. It's okay because I'm paid for accommodation and meals, but can you do something about it?And wipe it properly because there's someone coming out. "

"This is the advantage of dealing with God -- the disadvantage, so I can't help it."

Did you say "benefits"?

Noat sings songs to help his allies and disrupt his enemies.They call it a buffer or a debuffer.

Because I was in the same clan as Esha, Diete rewarded me as an outstanding clan, but that has its disadvantages.

Noat has broadened the range of songs, but it has the disadvantage of falling asleep except when singing songs.

According to what I've heard, there's no such thing as an obstacle.About after lunch on a nice day.Hayato thinks that if he does damage to his palm, he can endure drowsiness.

However, although the person says it is a disadvantage, it is not a situation that is very problematic, but rather actively enjoys the disadvantage in the welcome.Originally, sleeping was a hobby.

"It may be a benefit to be able to enjoy the plump state in the futon at any time.But I'm hungry.I'm glad it's five stars no matter what comes out. "

Hayato is also weak when told that.Hayato prepared simple dishes of bread, salad, milk, and then melon made in the vegetable garden as dessert.

When they were lined up at the table, Noat said, "I'll have them," and then he opened his little mouth and started eating ham.

I've never seen a real one, but it's like a squirrel or a hamster.

In the real world, animals such as dogs and cats are not on the colony.It's just an animal-only colony called "Zu".Although the admission fee is high and Hayato has never been there, the animals themselves have seen online videos.

When I saw a short Noat eating hard, I felt something similar.

"... this is mine.I won't give it to you. "

"No, don't worry, I won't take it - Oh, yeah, if you knew, could you tell me something about the gravity stone?I'm looking for it now. "

It's like I heard it for a diversion.I didn't ask you to expect me to know.

I thought I didn't know immediately, and Noat shook his whole body to the left and right with the bread wrapped around.

-What's that? Are you thinking of a pose?Instead of tilting your neck, are you shaking your body?

When Noat, who was moving like a metronome, stopped snapping, he ate the bread that was stuck with the mog, and then drank milk.

"I've heard of it in the Magic Land... like, no?


"Yeah. Maybe I heard that there's something like that in the treasure trove at Demon King Castle.I don't remember when I heard it from anybody, and I was asleep, so it's subtle, but I'm confident. "

I wonder why I am so confident, but there is no particular problem with that.Because there are people who know the treasure trove in Demon King Castle.I thanked Noat and then contacted him.

Voice chat makes you moody.

"Why do I have to hear Hayato's voice in the morning?You said breakfast was still needed.Good afternoon. "

"Gokigen...?Oh, hello. Good morning. Good morning.I'm sorry about the morning. But I need to make sure Rosalie hastily. "

"Ah, what is it?

"Is there a gravity stone in the treasure trove of the Demon King Castle?

"Gravity Stone...? I will ask the person in charge because I am not in charge of the treasury.I'll cut the chat once.I'll be in touch in about five minutes, so please wait a moment. "

"Thank you. Sorry, it's early in the morning.I'll make you some more sweets. "

"... it looks like you're being fed something, so you don't like it.Well, that's fine. "

The voice chat was disconnected from Rosalie and Hayat decided to wait for the call.

When Hayato tried to get in touch while drinking coffee, Noat stared at Hayato for some reason.

"What's wrong?

"There is no gratitude for providing information.Give me some sweets, too. "

"Is it a legitimate reward...?Okay, but what do you want?

"I'm in a donut mood today.Loop chocolate, strawberries and cinnamon.Ah, but strawberries are snakey.Meat, vegetables, meat, vegetables. "

"How much are you going to eat?

Hayato said that while waiting for Rosalie to contact him, he made donuts.