Another Frontier Online

Nearly Correct Information

Hayat made several donuts in Noat while waiting for Rosalier to contact him.

After all, small animals eat from the soba noodles they make.You don't usually care when you cook, but you seem to be feeding somehow.

And Noat would like doughnuts.Humphun and his nose became rough and he was eating at the same age, but he looked younger.

(Same as Ren-chan.Even though you're hungry, aren't you going to be full...?

I've never heard what the NPCs will feel like, but Esha can eat infinitely in virtual reality, and Len can't beat Pudding.I'm not nutritious in the first place, I'm just enjoying the taste, so it won't affect the real body, but I'm sure you'll be worried about everything.

"Didn't you eat too much?

"It's okay. Sometimes it's not bad for Esha to act like her and eat too much."

"I think you should stop.

"Ah, Mr. Relic, good morning."

Relic came into the cafeteria through the door leading out.

I used to come in after knocking, but Hayato told me to do it like my own house.At first, Relic had a slightly averse face, but lately it has come in normally.

Noat also noticed Relic, but he greeted him with his eyes only with a donut.

Relic looks at it with a smile before lowering his head.

"Good morning, Hayato and Noat.You're eating rarely in the dining room today. "

"Sometimes it's not bad to change your mood."

Noat usually eats a meal in a flat room.It is unusual, to say the least.

(You must have been hungry enough to come to the cafeteria by yourself...)

"Mr. Relic, how about breakfast?

"No, I've been eating, so I'm fine.May I have some coffee, please?

"Of course. I'll be ready soon."

When Hayato was making coffee with his cooking skills, Noat surrounded the donuts on the table with both hands.

"I'm telling you, even relics don't give you doughnuts."

"Don't worry, it's not shady and I won't take it."

(You recognize that inside Relic, you take the shade...)

In that way, there was a voice chat from Rosalie.

"Hayato, are you sure?

Hayato plays a gesture of voice chatting with Relic and Noat before responding.

"It's okay. What do you got?

"Judging by the results, there is no item called Gravity Stone in the Treasury."

"What? Really?I heard that there are such items in the treasure trove of Demon King Castle. "

"I don't know who it came from, but the people who know about the treasure trove are the Black Roses or the Demons.Do you know anyone like that?

(That's right. I wonder who Noat heard that from... but what about the demons?No, is that an item anyway?Well, I'll be waiting to hear from Nay and the others. - I'll check the auction.

"Thank you, Rosalie.It was a shame, but it would be helpful if we just found out.I'll make sweets later. "

"You're being polite.But it's not good to rush too fast.There was more information. "


"There is a monster called Gravity Golem wandering around the treasure trove.Maybe it has something to do with it.Or is that information being conveyed incorrectly?

"Gravity Golem...?

"It's a rare golem that manipulates gravity.Maybe I'll drop the item you're looking for.It's very hard, so it's troublesome to take it down. "

Golem is like a fantasy world robot.It is a humanoid monster powered by magic, but basically its material is stone.It may be metal, and iron golems and adamant tight golems are also present.It will be said that it is strong enough.

(There is a good chance that the Golem will drop Gravity Stones.Golems are stones.)

"Thank you, then I'll try to defeat that golem."

"Good luck.By the way, why do you need an item called Gravity Stone?As an informant, I'd like that explanation, too.

"Oh, I see.Actually, I need that item to build an airship.With that, I can build it right away. "

"Say it first, Cora!

"Wow! What!?

Suddenly hearing Rosalie's loud voice, Hayato's heart moves quite fast.

"You have the blueprints!?

"Huh? Oh, yeah.Nay came along earlier and bragged about showing me the blueprint.Because there are only gravity stones that can be used as ingredients, we're all looking for them now. "

"Then let us handle the Gravity Golem!

"What? Are you sure?

"I don't mind!However, if you can fly the airship, you can follow my instructions!

"Well, that's it.You'll need a trial run, too. "

"Please wait while I wake up the members and respond!

"Uh, yes.Be careful. "

I'm out of voice chat with Rosalie.

As for Hayato, I had no idea why Rosalie was in such a hurry, but I was convinced by my own imagination that there were places I wanted to go by airship.

And it's pretty helpful that we don't have to send Ney and the others to the Magic Royal Castle.Basically, Demon King Castle is not an easy place to go.If you're going, you need to be prepared.

Except for the Rosaries who live in the Demon King Castle.Whoever the demonic monsters are, they say the Rosary will be attacked, but Hayato has heard that some monsters will not attack.

It would be a great advantage to be able to move Demon King Castle quite well, even if it does not go completely free.

(In the first place, Mr. Rosalier is a rare monster of Demon King Castle.Dropping Godzilli clothes when defeated... if it's real, I don't think the player will change to stripping)

Rosary and Black Rose members who are strong enough to fight multiple players won't lose no matter how strong the Gravity Golem is.

However, it is unclear whether the item is actually dropped.It will take time to defeat several times and check the situation.

So Hayato wanted to see if there were any gravity stones at the auction as originally planned.

"Did you get the gravity stone?

Noat doesn't seem to be very interested, but as an informant, he probably doesn't care.

"I didn't have any items, but it looks like a monster named Gravity Golem is near the treasure trove.Maybe that monster will drop the item, so Rosalie and the others are trying to take it down. "

Noat heard it and shook his body from side to side like a metronome.And it stops.

"I think it was pretty good information to say.Request additional donuts. "

"... well, it wasn't right, but maybe it didn't come off..."

Hayato gave him an extra donut and then looked at the relic.

"Mr. Relic, will you come with me to the auction room?

"That's fine, but why would you go at such a time?

Hayat explained the situation to date.

"That's why I thought I'd check the auction to see if there's a gravity stone."

"I see. It is possible that Rosalie and the others will not drop the item even if they defeat the monster.I understand. Then let's go. "

When Relic stood up, he stopped for a moment and looked towards Noat.

"Do you want to go with Noat?

"The bed is calling me.It's about time you went to bed again.I'm going to sleep four times today. "

"As usual. I'm going to the auction room with Hayato."

"Okay. If you sell something nice, buy it.I'll give you up to a million Gs.Bye. "

Noat put the doughnuts in his bag and walked up the stairs like a zombie again.

It's kind of strange, isn't it, Mr. Noat?

"I can't normally imagine, but when you're singing a song, it's pretty reliable.When I was at Clan War with Ivan and the others, I was helped by Noat's maneuvers, his singing skills, and his weakness. "

"I'm sure you specialize only in singing songs... Now, shall we go?"

"Yes, I will serve you."

Hayato and Relic leave the base.

Although I checked at the auction venue, Gravity Stones were not on sale and there was no sales history.

(I guess this is all I can expect from Rosalie....)

Hayato and Relic went back to their bases in King's Landing to buy the materials for the sale.

At the same time, Rosalie enters the audio chat.

"Hayato! You've got Gravity Stones!I'm on my way, so get ready to build it now!

"Really? Well, I'll prepare it for you - yes, the only ship you can build is a shipbuilding dock, so can you bring it to King's Landing?

"It's a shipbuilding dock in King's Landing!?I'm on my way!

Hayato contacts Nay and Sonia as he prepares.Both responded with joy.Then Hayat went with Relic to the Shipbuilding Dock in King's Landing.