Another Frontier Online

Airship Completion

Hayato and Relic were preparing to go to the shipbuilding dock, and Rose came down from upstairs.

Rose, unlike Noat, is not a pyjama, but a proper outfit-made outfit.According to Esha and Rose, it seems that the maid's clothes are the maid's combat clothes.If I wear it in the garbage, should I get iron fist sanctions from the maid chief?

Since Rose was living in the form of Hayato's escort, she offered a room on the second floor as Rose's room.I'm just getting off because it's time for work.

"Good morning, Hayato and Relic.I'm busy, what's the matter?

Good morning, Mr. Rose.

"Good morning, Mr. Rose.Actually... "

After an exchange of greetings, explain what has happened.

"The airship is finally finished.I'd like to see it too, but I have work to do, so, by the way, are you expecting someone to attack your base because you have an airship?

"... I don't think so."

"I'm sorry...."

(I guess I feel the same way....)

Nevertheless, Rose is quite a capable maid, unlike Esha.It seems to be cleaning during free time, and the furniture at the base is always in brand new condition, and information such as sales and trends is well compiled, which is very valuable for Hayato.

But unfortunately, he's a fighter freak.I feel like I can't say something like this when I'm practicing my weapon skills with a swing on the third floor during my lunch break.

Leaving the base to Rose, Hayato and the others headed for the shipbuilding dock.

I wanted to wait for Esha if possible, but I don't know what I'd see if I went late with that Rosalie tension.I decided to hurry.

Five minutes later, I arrived at the shipbuilding dock in the port of King's Landing.

There was a Rosary near the shipbuilding dock, but all the members of the Black Rose were there.As far as I can tell, Ney and Sonia are not here yet.

"Hayato, it's too late."

"I came in quite a hurry.You must have been in the Demon King Castle of the Devil Kingdom, right?Why are you getting here earlier than us?

"I have a child who can summon a riding animal.I rarely use it, but I got on it. "

"Oh, really?

"It doesn't matter.I'll give you this for now. "

Rosalie gives Hayato Gravity Stones.It was a fairly large black spherical stone, but after checking the item's name, Hayato left it in the item bag.

"Thank you. Thank you."

Thank you very much.However, as I've said before, there's a place for you to fly.

"Oh, yeah. I don't think so.I don't think I'm going to go to an island that is suddenly floating in the sky.By the way, where... "

"Hey, Hayato!

I heard Ney interrupting the question.When Hayato looks at you, he sees a member of the Black Dragon, Sonia, and some members of the Trehan Guild running toward us.

When Ney came close, he said, "They found us!?"and this was again stuck in Hayato with high tension.

"Oh, Rosalie has prepared it for me."

"Oh, that's right, Rosalie!I thought it would take more time, but thank God!

"... it doesn't matter.Rather than build an airship at once.There's a place to get on it. "

"Really?Uh, Sonia, you mind?

"Of course. You can't keep it here, can you?Now, Hayato, make it quick. "

Hayato nods and removes his favorite saw from the item bag.

Then I checked the menu for "airship" information.The odds of success are 100%. The odds of success are 100% for the same five stars.

"Ah, Rosalie and the others should leave.Because the water splashes fly. "

Hayato thinks it's an airship and it doesn't always float in the air.I predicted that the splash would strike the sea once it fell, just as it did when it was a large ship.

And the rosaries followed Hayat's word, and took a little distance from the sea.

Hayato checked it out and then chose "Create" using "World Tree Wood" as the material for the airship.

Immediately above the surface of the sea, a huge iridescent effect unfolds.

Recently, there have been more players building large ships, so the players around have become less concerned.It is also a perception that someone may have built a large ship.

However, the players who saw the ship and saw it round their eyes.

The shape of the ship is that of a Galleon ship, but it has five masts and a huge propeller ahead of it.The propeller height is divided so that the propellers do not collide with each other, and the fantasy color is quite strong.Also, there are no balloons attached, just like a ship flying on a propeller.

(Because I'm using Gravity Stones, I wonder if that propeller is decorative...And the bottom of the ship is flat.It's a shipbuilding dock to build, but it looks like it's okay to get off the ground.We need to check later)

Hayato was thinking about it, and the finished ship fell in line with gravity and landed with a big splash.

"Oh, that's good!I wonder if this will take us to Olga Doms Falls!?

The players around you react to Sonia's voice.And I rushed toward Hayato and the others.

And I'm going to ask you a question.There will be a lot of questions about how to get it.Next is a request for a ride.

Although there were few players early in the morning, the shipbuilding dock was a little panicked.

"Sonia, what are you talking about?You knew this would happen. "

"Oh, no, I'm sorry.But you're excited!Besides, it was only a matter of time before I had to say it because it was so flashy. "

"That's right - Master Hayato, it may be a little dangerous here.Shouldn't we get on the boat and move somewhere?

"That's right. Let's get on the boat and escape to the sky first.Everybody on the boat!

Hayat said so, and everyone boarded the ship.It seemed that there were no players trying to force themselves in, shouting for information at the pier.

Well then, let's fly.

When Sonia says so, he takes the wheel to the location.There is a simple manual and the mechanism is to press the button in the middle of the steering wheel to raise it.

"Then I'll fly!Be careful not to be dropped!

Sonia pushes the button.

Then the propeller went around, and the boat rose up, making a noise.The ship leaves the sea and rises gradually.

Hayato's ears heard exclamation from the players in the harbor.

(Yeah, I feel good.It was the same at the exchange, but I'm a little glad to hear that fewer people know what to do.I seem to have a lot of problems.)

"Okay, let's go for a trial run.Is there somewhere you want to go?

Sonia says that in a good mood.And Rosalie was the first to react.

"Let us share our opinions based on our contribution."

"Hey, where do you want to go?

Well, let's go to the Demon King Castle.

Except for the members of the Black Rose, who were surprised at the words.

"Uh, Mr. Rosalie?Why are you here? I'm telling you, I can't give you an airship.

"If you say you want it, you don't need it."

"Then why?

"We are going to rescue Lunaria, who is looking for help on the top floor of the Demon King Castle.The airship will get closer to the windows on the top floor, so let Lunaria escape.I'll tell you what, Ney and the others can help you, right?

(I thought you said it was a trial run....)

Hayato and the others were integrated into the members of the operation to rescue Lunaria the Demon King, with or without mention.