Another Frontier Online

Operation Demon King Rescue

The airship is headed for the Devil's Land.

The altitude of the airship is about 600m.The weather is pleasant and can be described as a flight day.

Sonia is manipulating the airship, and there are plenty of Ney and Trehan Guild members.As I looked on the ground, it seemed like I was enjoying a journey through the sky.

There are just a few members with different vibes among them.Hayato, Relic, and the members of the Black Rose.

"What do you mean, rescue Mr. Lunaria?

"As I have said many times, Lunaria is currently confined on the top floor of the Demon King Castle.So I'm going to rescue you. This is a decision. "

"Surely Rosalie and the others imprisoned Mr. Lunaria?

Before, Lunaria, the demon king, set out to conquer the world.

During the Stampede event, Len ran off and started an invasion of the world, so that kind of information came out in the World Announcement.Lunaria tried to drag the members of the Demon King Castle along with the words "It's the role of the Demon King" and invade some country.

As a result, Lunaria was angry with everyone.

The Demon King may do that, but in the case of Lunaria, the motive for action is generally "good looking", so there is no big reason.You would certainly be angry if you started a war on another country for that reason.

Some members supported Lunaria, but the majority vote halted the war.Lunaria also had a strange confidence as a demon king, so she tried to force her to do so, but she stopped using Hayato's voice chat.

"Isn't it ugly to ride a dragon's stampede?I mean, I'm busy right now, so can you do it later?

Hayat didn't have time for Ash and the others to care about Lunaria.

As for Lunaria, she definitely stopped wearing bad clothes and the world conquest.However, the devils and rosaries who had been swinging around trapped Lunaria in the room with a sense of reflection.And I make cookies every day.Recently, Lunaria also saw the part where she was in a good mood as a demon king, so there was also meaning to hold back on it.

"We certainly did, but I didn't mean to keep you locked up for so long.And since the Black Knights have been holding Lunaria captive for so long... one day I'll beat her up. "

"For Rosalie and the others, the imprisonment is too long?

That's right.I thought it would be about a week, but it has already been more than a month.I got cookies in the meantime, but I can barely even see them.So I think it's time to force you to save me.Then we will negotiate with the Black Knights to win Lord Lunaria's freedom.I will return to the Demon King Castle when I can. "

"I was wondering if the black knights would hate us if we joined them.

"If you don't join us, we'll hate you.

"... well, I'm on Rosalie's side rather than the black knights who don't know anything about it, but lately I've got a lot of enemies in trouble... and I've solved some of them, but I don't want any more..."

Bandits and the Assassin's Guild have solved it, but the hacking organization and the Holy Magic Ten Swords are targeting us.Hayato's honest intention is to not be targeted by any organization or group.

"Well, it's okay.Lunaria and we will be staying at Hayato's base for a while, so I'll leave the defense to you. "

"... this is my first time hearing about it."

"I've never said that before."

"I'll wait until you get permission."

"Without permission?

"... no, I'm gonna cum."

(I don't know if we have enough rooms... the black roses have one room for two - no, it's still not enough.There are only four available rooms)

There are twelve rooms on the second floor of the base, but one is a warehouse and one is an indoor garden, and there are ten rooms for sleeping.

Hayat, Esha, Ash, Ren, Rose, Noat are filled with six rooms, and the remaining four rooms.We will have to divide it between Lunaria and the ten of the black roses.

"Um, can you divide the four rooms between Renaria and Black Rose?Three, three, three, two.It's going to be pretty cramped, but there's only four rooms I can rent. "

The words of Hayat shine in the eyes of the members of Rosary and Black Rose.

"So you want me to sleep in the same room as Lunaria?

"The dining room is the dining room, but the only place to sleep is in the same room.The beds are brand-new. Why did everybody put up their weapons?

It's a war of war.

"Don't reduce your strength to help Mr. Lunaria from now on - yes, it's not a room, but we'll have a bed in the hall, so why don't we all stay there?Then we can all be in the same room, and I don't think we need to have a barren fight. "

I nodded after taking a pose that everyone thought about.

Well, that's the plan.

"I'm glad we solved this peacefully.Well, can you tell me what kind of operation you're going on?I don't know, but those black knights are in the way, right?

"Okay, then I'll explain the situation."

Ney and the others who were there also called to outline the Lunaria rescue operation.

In Rosalie's story, it is the Black Knights who stand in the way - known as the Ten Knights of Darkness.

The Ten Knights of Darkness, like the Ten Saints of the Black Rose, were the top eight clans in the previous Clan War, and now they serve Lunaria the Demon King.

The members who serve Lunaria are divided into factions that want to free Lunaria like a Demon King, and factions that should hold Den in Demon King Castle like a Demon King.Both seem to be demon kings, but the ideal is the opposite.

The Black Rose Ten is the former faction, and the Dark Ten is the latter faction.

"The demons don't say anything, but you're all free, so it's kind of like us."

"That's fine, but what is the Magus who asks occasionally?

"Hayato, those were the parties we were at before Lunaria woke up as the Devil King."

Relic answers Hayato's questions.Rosalie nodded at the answer.

"You're familiar with it.Everyone who fought with Lunaria has strength comparable to that of Lunaria.Ladies and gentlemen, you are too free to be in Demon King Castle. "

"Speaking of which, when we defeated Agnes Berion, there were people around Mr. Lunaria who seemed to be strong.Esha said they were at Renaria's party, but they were magicians too - oh, the Dark Ten Knights were with them.You mean people who were heavily armed and hardened with black armor. "

"That's right.They are hard-headed and inflexible if they are both defensive and rigid.I don't like it because it is covered in black.One day I will dye their armor even in light blue.You can call it the Blue Sky Ten Knights. "

"Oh, yeah, good luck.I know who they're dealing with, but what are we going to do, Ney?

Hayato is not in the fight in the first place.Stand by on this airship.Ney and the others will be working on it.

Here's what Rosalie's plan is.

Use an airship to approach the sky above Demon King Castle and hang the rope to the window of the room on the top floor.Open the window and enter Lunaria's room, rescue Lunaria and escape with an airship.

It's about the same thing as a plan.

"It's troublesome because I have to defeat all the Black Knights from the front.But if you go directly to the top floor room, only the Black Knight in that room... probably three of them.Then I think I can handle it myself or Ney.It would be troublesome if they called my friends. "

"If Rosalie trusts you so much, let's live up to that expectation!

"I look forward to it."

"If you're going to convey the rope, are you sure you can only go with two or three people?Just to be clear, what happens if you two fail?Are we going to help them?

I think it would be nice to think about when you fail before you do anything, but there are failures in the operation.With that in mind, it would be a triple-class operation.

"At that time, I want all the members of the Black Rose to attack.In the worst case, just let Lunaria escape, so just let Lunaria escape on the airship. "

"That's all I have left. Will the Ten Knights of Darkness chase me?I don't know if you came to the base, but what happened to the defense story?

"If you think about it, there are some Ashs and some Ashs at the base.There was also that runaway maid Rose.To be honest, I think I can say that it's tough. "

As far as combat power is concerned, I don't want to make enemies, and Ash and Len can't defend themselves.Nevertheless, you can't say you won't do it here.After all, I had no choice but to pray for the operation to succeed.

"Well then, I'll still help you make production items.Tell me anything you need.I didn't bring much ingredients. "

"Thank you. And can Hayato keep a voice chat with Lunaria?I'm going to help you.We're both black knights. We can't do this. "

"I knew I could do that in the first place, but I'll let you know first - Lunaria, can you hear me?

Hayato sends a voice chat to Lunaria.A few seconds later, there was a response.

"Hayato, just in time.Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something. "

"Surprisingly, you look fine.Well, I'll tell you about the consultation.What? "

"I quit Demon King and became a cookie shop.Learn management know-how, then introduce me to some good stores.It looks like I have 80 cooking skills and I have a resume.I wrote in my hobbies and stunts column, "World Conquest," but are you okay?Ah, please hire an ex-Demonic King. "

"Let's take a deep breath and calm down.I'll do the same. And I don't think they'll hire anyone for that hobby and career. "

(I didn't care because I haven't had a "help me" voice chat lately, but it looks like I'm being pushed.)

Hayato takes a deep breath and then sends another voice chat.

"Calm down?

"It's okay now. The hobbies section was for flower viewing.After that, the demon king with his work history disappeared.I'm the woman who abandoned my past. "

"That's not it, let's get away from the cookie shop and the resume.I'm going to help Lunaria, so get ready for that. "

"Are you coming to help?

"I'm not going directly, but I need you to keep the lock open, because Rosalie and Nay are going in through the window in that room."

"This is the top floor of Demon King Castle.I don't think it's possible to climb out here. "

"I actually built a ship called an airship that flies in the sky.I feel like I'm going to pick you up because I was able to do it today.It's not a white horse, so I can't fulfill a maiden's dream, but I think it's pretty rare because it's an airship made of wood from a world tree. "

I've been waiting a while, but I haven't heard back from Lunaria.

Um, Mr. Lunaria?I think I understand, so I need you to be ready to run. "

"Fufu, it's easy"

"Ah, are you feeling better?I'll be there in a few minutes, thank you. "

"Yeah, I'll make a cookie and wait."

"You don't have to make it.I told you to get ready to run, right?Why don't you just take her with you in your clothes?I want Rosalie and the others to stay at our base, but I won't be able to come back for a while, so I want you to be careful. "

"Understood. Then put my pillow and chopsticks in the item bag.I think it's better to set fire to your room when you run away, but what do you think?It seems like the production that escapes the burning room will remain in history. "

"In many ways, it will remain famous in history.And don't burn it because you have to come back one day.It's like a temporary evacuation, so never light it. "

"Okay. It's another time."

(... it's been a while since I've been tired)

"I can see the Demon King Castle!

Hayato looks at the direction of the airship in Sonia's voice.

Beyond my gaze, I saw a huge black castle.