Another Frontier Online

Demon King Rescue

The airship stopped over Demon King Castle.

It is impossible to stop what is floating in the universe, but this is virtual reality.Moreover, it is not a floating physical phenomenon, but a substitute for magic.It's not like hovering, it's fixed in the air.

The top floor of Demon King Castle is close to 300 meters from the ground.Since the altitude of the airship is 600 meters, the rope does not reach.We need to lower the altitude of the airship further from here.

Sonia manipulated the airship and gradually lowered its altitude.We're almost there.If an airship hits something, it's more likely to take damage.It's okay now, but if we get close to Demon King Castle, we'll need exquisite manipulation.

While doing so, Hayato prepares a lot.

The members going directly are Rosalie and Ney.Hayat made an item for the two.

Well then, let's give them a five-star potion.There is also a recovery potion for paralysis and poison, so please use it if necessary.And chocolate parfait. I think it will be a treasure because it restores HPMP to the ground. "

Thank you. Thank you.

"It feels a little dark to have the ingredients to make a chocolate parfait at all times."

"... for the time of need.Well, don't hesitate to eat. "

Everyone somehow understood what Hayato meant by "imperfection", but said nothing.Nay and Rosalie start eating chocolate parfait.

"I'd like you to listen while I eat, but for now, there are three ropes hanging from the airship.Ney, Rosalie, and Lunaria, if they grab the rope, they won't climb up, and the ship will move, so never let go of the rope.Well, even if Ney falls, he'll be back at the base, so it's okay. "

"If you fall from this sky, you're afraid you'll be resurrected at the base.Definitely a trauma.I don't care what you think. "

Hayato certainly thought so.

Hayato talked to Agnes in the real world, but he heard how he felt when he fell out of the world tree.

"I'll never climb the world tree again."

That's what Agnes always said after a moment of trembling.Mikazuki, who was listening to it a little closer, said similar thoughts.

"So never let go of the rope.For now, I'll give you the transfer ring so you can use it as soon as it falls off.That way we can get back to our base before they fall. "

Hayato said so and gave Nay the ring of transition.

"Keep it for Rosalie, too.The base will be Demon King Castle, but I think it's better than feeling the fear of falling.And Lunaria's.If it's transferred, it will return to the Demon King Castle, so rescue will fail. "

I'll take it for now.

When you do that kind of interaction, you say, "This is the limit!I heard the voice of Sonia.

Relics also saw Hayato from near the port side of the airship.

"Hayato, the rope is ready."

The rope was already tied to the port rail.

"Then be careful, both of you."

"I see.Let's go, Ney.Also, only Alondite replicas should be equipped.I don't think that Lunaria-sama will persist. "

"Even at this time, Lunaria is in trouble...."

Nay grabbed the rope in a disciplined manner with only the Alondite Replica.

"Then I'll go!

Nay and Rosalie slipped down the rope.I think he practiced somewhere like a ranger dropping from a helicopter.At least Hayato can't.

(Nay may have done it in real life, but Rosalie is a mystery.Where did you learn that?

Because it is a virtual reality, there is no pain due to friction and there is no reduction in HP, so it seems that there is no problem even holding the rope with bare hands.They both come down to the window in no time.And I opened the door and went inside.Even though there are some scaffolding, it is really a little bit.And yet they're both light.

The moment I thought it was going to be easy, the airship swayed.

Hayato, demon birds!They're targeting the airship from starboard!

Sonia's words were heard, and as soon as I saw you, there were quite a few giant birds surrounding me.A monster named Demon Bird, a demonic bird.

The strength on its own is not the same, but it is a nasty opponent who attacks magically from a distance with little approaching.Moreover, they attack in quite a few numbers rather than alone, so overall it is quite strong.

(I wish it was a cannon at a time like this - no, I can't help saying that.We need to hold out until we can rescue Lunaria.)

Hayato does not need to be defeated, so he instructs him to block the opponent's attack.The Ranged Attacker immediately started attacking the opponent.

Airships are made of wood from the world's trees, so they have a lot of health, but they also need wood from the world's trees to repair them.I've almost used it to build this airship, so I can't really expect it to be repaired.

Hayato makes more potions, melon juice, and restoration items.Give it to a member who can't Ranged and instruct them to use it on someone who seems to be severely damaged or has expired their MP.

At first, it was pushed, but the members of the Black Rose were pretty strong and shot down Demonbird.We have succeeded in getting rid of the other members, even without going to defeat them.

(I wonder if this is going to work.)

"Dear Hayato!

The relic beside him kicked Hayato.Hayato was stiff and unable to move, but soon afterwards he understood the meaning of Relic's actions.

Relic didn't target Hayato, he kicked something behind it.

Turning around, a person in black armor was on deck.Covered by armor, his face is completely invisible, with a black sword in his right hand, and a black shield and a black body in his left hand.

The black armor in front of you is probably one of the Ten Knights of Darkness, but it means that you've come to convey the rope more than just being here.

Hayat sent Nay a voice chat.

"Ney! Did you get knocked down!?

"No, we're at war with the Black Knights!Tell him I'm scared of Lunaria and he won't grab me by the rope!Wait a little longer!

The Black Knight in front of me must have climbed through the gap.If we do something about this airship, Lunaria will not be compromised.Hayato speculates whether that is the idea.

The Black Knight waved his sword without saying anything.Relic fights against it.

Relic attacks, and Black Knight gets hit with his shield.Neither of them has a clean hit, but relics would be a disadvantage.It's a matter of defense.

Relic originally deals less basic damage when attacking.Even if you hit the Black Knight, the damage would be insignificant.Conversely, the Black Knight's attacks can inflict lethal injuries on Relics.

If Ivan and Rose were able to twist their opponent down without being attacked at all, as they did when they fought, they would be able to defeat them, but asking Relics to do so would be terrible.

Only one person climbed up to it.You knew there were a lot of people here.Still, I'm confident I can win or manage the airship.

In such a dangerous situation, Hayato seemed a little strange about the relic movement.It's not being pushed particularly hard, but it's gradually moving to the center of the deck.

Then I noticed that Sonia was moving behind the Black Knight in a translucent state.

Hidden Skills?

Hayato's guess was correct, and Sonia was leaving the wheel sometime to take part in the Relic and Black Knight battles.Relic is performing a pushed show to create space behind the Black Knight.

The moment the Black Knight enters Sonia's attack range, Relic releases the Weapon skill "Low Kick" of the Combat skill.The Black Knight who received it was temporarily stunned.


Relic shouts, Sonia behind the Black Knight unleashes her Weapon Skill.

Although the weapon skill of the knife has low damage, it does apply Ascension Correction to damage from behind.In addition, there are many moves that cause a bud status, and the probability of occurrence is also corrected.

Sonia used a "hornet needle" to paralyze the opponent.The attack hits the Black Knight.

This is virtual reality. Causes Bud status, even if the attack is blocked by Armor.The Black Knight is paralyzed and unable to move.

"Well, let's tie it up with a rope."

In Hayat's words, Relic took out the rope and tied the Black Knight.

All you have to do is knock him out of the airship.But it's too pathetic.I think it is best to do this to avoid resentment later.

Demonbird seems to have taken care of it, and most of them managed to escape.The only remaining problem is Lunaria.That is also the biggest problem.

"Hasn't the Devil come yet?The demon birds are coming again.

"That's right... Sonja, can you pass the rope downstairs?

"I don't care, but what do we do?

"Hit Lunaria, the demon king, with a 'hornet needle' from behind.It looks like you can't climb because you're scared, so let's paralyze you.Pull it up in that state. "

"How dare you come up with such a terrible plan?Wouldn't my life be in danger?

"I don't care if you say it's your plan.And I'll have a winch for the salvage, so please hold it and attach it to Lunaria.I'll pull it up. "

"... Hayato seems more like a demon king.Nevertheless, we won't have much time, so we'll have to do it.I'll get a winch then.I'll take the hook. "

Hayato quickly made a winch and installed it on the deck.Then give Sonia the hook part.

Thank you very much.

"Why don't you explain Hayato's plan?

Sonia said so, holding the rope with one hand and descending brilliantly.

(That's like a bandit move.It's really a hacker.)

Sonia walked in through the window and a few seconds later she was told to pull the winch rope.Just like when the winch discovered the treasure, it moves to wind up the rope.

A tight lunaria stuck to the front of the hook.She must be paralyzed by Sonia's Weapon Skill.

If it is at least a pity to pull it up quickly, I can immediately pull it up and put it on the deck.And I gave him a potion to relieve the paralysis.

As soon as Lunaria got up, she pulled out the Alondite.

"This attack against the Demon King.I've never been humiliated like this before in my life.Hayat, write your will.And then Lunaria wrote, "I'm sorry."

"I don't think I want to write a will yet.And Lunaria-san, it was nice. "

Lunaria reacts to the words with a pimple.

"Where is it? I was treated like a thing no matter what I saw.Did you look like a good, feeding fish... and a good shark?

"I don't know what you're talking about, but you could bear to be scared.I can't, I'll never cry.I paralyzed it just in case, but maybe I didn't need it. "

Lunaria looked around after tilting her neck a little.

All the members of the Black Rose are nodding.The same goes for the Black Dragon and Trehan members.At the end, Relic smiled and said, "Well done."

Lunaria scabbed her sword and smiled with her nose.

"This much before breakfast. By the way, I really want something to eat before breakfast.I like sandwiches. "

(I wonder if people in the devil's country like this kind of thing.Anyway, I'd really cry.Besides, I think the more paralyzed the fear doubles.It's a virtual reality, but if I were you, I wouldn't be able to pull my hips out and move properly.Lunaria stood up right after the paralysis was resolved.....)

Hayato gave Lunaria a sandwich with that in mind.

"We're all on the rope!Move! Move!

Ney's voice chat arrives.Hayat replied and then moved to the wheel and moved the airship.Prioritize leaving Demon King Castle without increasing altitude.

While kicking away the demon bird in the direction of travel, he left Demon King Castle.Daemonbird followed us halfway, but as we left the territory of the Devil's Land, we turned back.

After a while, Nay, Rosalie and Sonia climbed the rope.Each member on deck helps raise the three.

After calming down a little, everyone finally exhaled a lot and relaxed their shoulders.Now we can say that the Demon King rescue operation was a success.

Hayato also exhaled a lot, but there was a woman who came closer with a lethal atmosphere.

"What are you doing to Lunaria, ahh!?

Rosalie approached with her weapon's natural skill, Madness.

"No, I had no choice.One of the Black Knights climbed up and said the plane itself was in danger as a result of a daemonbird attack.I didn't think it was bad, but you should take into account my situation. "

Rosalie closed her eyes and had wrinkles between her eyebrows, but when she exhaled loudly, she released the madness.

"I'm not convinced, but I understand the situation.But to paralyze Lunaria-sama and wind her up with a winch... Lunaria-sama must be in shock too... "

"I'll be fine if I tell her I was dressed up.Come on, you're eating sandwiches well. "

Rosalie glanced at Hayato half-eyed.

"... I realized you should be more vigilant than the brave."


"Well, that's good.But as an apology, treat Lunaria and us to the finest hospitality at Hayato's base!You deserve this!

"Of course. Lunaria is a clan member, but the Black Roses are customers.Besides, I've been taking care of everything about the blueprints, and I'll try my best to make it as comfortable as possible.But please return to the Demon King Castle as soon as possible. "

"I'll ruin it at the end...?

Having such a conversation, Hayat turned the airship toward his base.