Another Frontier Online

Demon King and Black Rose Breakfast

When Hayato logged in early in the morning the day after seeing only the sentence "I rescued Demon King Lunaria from Demon King Castle", it was a lot of trouble in the base cafeteria.

Simply put, Lunaria and the members of the Black Rose Ten occupy the cafeteria.

The member of the black rose is dressed in black, as his name suggests.For some reason, it is an original design, and it is not the same form of clothing as one person.The member is sitting around the dining room table.

And there was Lunaria in the upper seat.

Hayato, who had come down from the second floor, was a little slow.

"Good morning, everyone... in the middle of something?

Sabato is said to be a gathering of witches.If there were ten beautiful women dressed in black gosloli and they felt like they worshipped Lunaria in red armor, they wouldn't even be Hayato.There is no doubt that it is the opinion of ordinary people that they do not want to be involved honestly.

Rosalie reacts to Hayato's words.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but we were all having dinner with Lunaria, so we were praying."

(I wonder why you offer your prayers... or does Lunaria hate it?I've just been sending you a "do something" gaze.I can't help it, I'll have breakfast to stop praying)

"I'll order dinner.Please don't hesitate to tell me because I'm a customer.But I hunt ingredients for dishes that use luxury ingredients.Ah, it doesn't mean you have to pay for it, but you have to take it down. "

"It doesn't matter what Lunaria wants."

Everyone nods at Rosalie's words.Lunaria is the only face that feels like, "Eh."

"So, what do you want to eat, Mr. Lunaria?

"... the dish the demon king is about to eat"

It's a hot cake.

Well then...

"I'll make enough for the number of people. Just a minute."

Hayato quickly removed the knife and made a hot cake.I didn't think the demon king was going to eat anything, and I did so because there were a lot of ingredients for the hot cake and it was easy to make.

Hot cake is a dish that can be made even with low skill, so Hayato's skill and gear correction make it all 5 stars.

After making the number of people, I put it in front of everyone.Then place multiple containers containing honey, water, orange juice, and milk on the table, and prepare cups.

"Honey is all-you-can-drink.You are free to drink.Call me when you run out.I'm at the store. "

You can't stay in this cafeteria.I'm trying to escape early.It could be called a strategic retreat.

Mr. Hayato was there.

"Um, wouldn't you be in the way if I were here?

"That's not true.Be sure to stay. You can lower your head as a demon king. "

Lunaria's desperate retention.I don't know why I'm so desperate, but I can't strongly refuse because I'm doing something a little pathetic with yesterday's salvage rescue.

Hayato sat at the end of the table and took out the coffee.I don't eat hot cakes, but I'm thinking of drinking coffee.

"I'll take it."

Lunaria, who confirmed that Hayato had sat down, began eating in harmony with the members of the black rose.

I am worried about the taste, but when I think about it carefully, it is decided to be delicious because it is a five-star hot cake.

Besides, the fact that the members of the Black Rose are eating with Lunaria doesn't matter what flavor it is.Everyone was smiling and eating satisfactorily.

In the meantime, Lunaria called out to Hayato.

"The bed Hayato provided yesterday was wonderful.Combined with the Demon King pillow, it's refreshing until morning. "

"That was good... it was a covered bed, but was that good?

"I'm a little restless, but I had a good night's sleep.Not bad is the size that doesn't fall off the bed.Take that home. "

(Are you taking the bed to the Demon King Castle?The ingredients are not that expensive, and I don't think it's okay.)

Lunaria's bed in the multi-purpose hall on the third floor is a gorgeous covered bed.It's something that royalty and nobility use.In other words, because Lunaria is the demon king, the Rosary and the others stretched out and asked Hayat to do it.

Hayato's woodworking skills allow him to make it without any problems.It is correct to say that it was made by the Rosary and others until it reached the fifth star, but since it was made at an early stage, it didn't take much time and effort.

"If you want to take it home, use it carefully... did Rosalie and the others get well?It was a normal bed. "

"I didn't have a problem, did I?I slept well.Anyone have a problem?

Everyone answers Rosalie's question.

(It was a normal bed that was everywhere, but I guess I could sleep well because it was 5 stars.Or did sleeping in the same room as Lunaria create a comfortable sleep in itself? - No, rather, I can't sleep with excitement...?Well, either way)

It's not a covered bed, but I've got ten regular beds for the Rosary.The odds of a five-star bed are high.I thought that if there was a difference between the members, the problem would arise, and it was all arranged with five stars.

Thanks to that, there seemed to be no particular problem within the Black Rose.

"I'll be at this base for a while, so let me know if you need anything.I'll prepare a lot of things. But I want you to settle with the Black Knights at the earliest opportunity - is it okay if you catch them?

One of the Black Knights who climbed onto the plane deck handed it over to Rosalie, but I don't know what happened.

He said he would dye his armor light blue, but Hayato couldn't do it because he didn't have any dye.I felt kind of pathetic.

"I rented a room upstairs and locked it in there.Lunaria told me not to go mad, so I'm very nervous. "

"That's right.I'll have to cook you a meal later. "

"You can have about two ears of bread.And a little rain water. "

"How much do you hate it?But when I get close, I'll leave it up to Rosalie. "

"Honestly, I need someone to take my place..."

All members of the Black Rose are blind.

"I don't know, but you don't like it that much?Have you ever done anything you shouldn't have done as a person?

"That must have been Hayato yesterday.Paralyzing and salvaging Lunaria-sama is the ultimate treasure, Kola - well, it's no exaggeration to say that Lunaria-sama is the best treasure. "

"I think it's a treasure."

"Don't say it yourself - everybody, put your weapons away.I don't have a problem with that, because it's a little cliché. "

It's a situation where you're eating with women in the same room, but you can't feel the pleasure at all, and on the contrary, you feel the danger to your life.Hayato has been tired since morning.

I didn't hear the answer about the Black Knight, but I stood up and said no more.I don't know, but I'm willing to convince myself that there's something definite about it.

"Well, it's time for me to get back to work, so make sure everything's all right."

"What's Hayato's job?

"Lunaria came here to fix the Alondite, right?Look, you're running a store in the next room, right?It's my job to make that sale.We need to get ready to go to the island that floats in the sky.You've been in your room for three days making items. "

An island floating in the sky is an unknown area that no one has ever visited.

I don't know what's in there.We have the strength, but we can't afford to let go.Hayato had a plan to get as many medicines and dishes as he could.

"An island in the sky?

"What? Didn't you say?Talking about taking an airship to the beginning of Olga Doms Falls.It's such a big waterfall that I think it would be quite large if there were an island. "

Olga Doms Falls, also known as 10 km in diameter.If the place where the water falls were an island, the island would be quite large.

It's impossible to go around everything in one day.We have no choice but to create a base somewhere on the island for adventure.It will be an adventure that will take a few days.

Hayato can only log in in in the morning and night and fight, but I look forward to such an adventure because it looks like a camp.Where no one has ever been in the first place.If it's the first time you step in there, it means you have a heartbeat.

I had such an adventure in mind, but I noticed Lunaria's gaze.

"What's wrong?

"I am the Devil."

"I know.

"Super strong"

I know that, too.

"... it's really helpful to take you on an adventure.Recommended "

"Of course, but what have you been doing?

Lunaria wrinkles a little between her eyebrows and then aligns her index fingers together.I haven't seen it lately, but it's a pose I used to play well.

"It's not good to be out of the group.I'll go, too. I will definitely go in the name of the Demon King.If the capacity is too high, defeat someone and go instead.Tell me who's going.It's a little dark. "

"Don't talk like a demon king.No, it's not. I'll take Lunaria first.Why aren't you going?

Everyone tilted their necks, including Hayat.

But Hayato noticed.I didn't think so naturally, so I didn't put it in words.

"Oh, I see.That's why you didn't even know about the island.I'm sorry, I didn't tell you, but Lunaria and the Black Roses are coming with us to the island in the sky, so be ready.Especially in unknown places, I am counting on Lunaria's Demon King.Maybe there are rare monsters. "

Lunaria was sitting down in her chair and trembling a little.

"Uh, what's wrong?

Lunaria looks up at Hayato's words.A full smile.

"I'll leave it to you to explore the island.Show me the power of the Demon King.I'll show you one or two of the islands. "

"No, don't chop it off. What are you talking about?"

"I'm really motivated.We need to get ready from today.If you think I'm just a cookie girl, you're wrong. "

"Good luck. If there is no problem, I will go in three days.Don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything.If possible, I would like to buy ingredients in King's Landing, but if you all go there, it will be a lot of trouble, so I'll buy them in pieces - Ah, did Rosalie and the others not intend to go to an island that floats in the sky...?

"I was wondering if it was going to flow somehow."

"That's good.Thank you again. "

"I didn't agree to it, but I can't go without Lunaria."

Hayato is glad that there is no particular problem.

Nevertheless, I became a little worried, so I contacted all the members I was going with.