Another Frontier Online

[]/(n) person who misses/person who misses/

After breakfast with the demon kings Lunaria, Rose and Esha came to the dining room.

I told them the other day that Lunaria and the others lived there, and they greeted each other a little bit, but they seemed surprised to see the situation in the dining room.

Because if the situation is the only one, there is no doubt that this is the room of the Demon King Castle.

Last night, Lunaria said that she would make this the King's villa or a second base, but Hayat laughed and washed it away.My eyes weren't laughing at all.

After sighing, Esha turns her gaze toward Hayato.

"Sabato venue?

"That's what I thought."

"What does your husband want to do with this base, no matter what happens because of the circumstances?

"What do you want?

At the very least, I don't intend to make it Lunaria's villa or its second stronghold, New Demon King Castle.I definitely feel like stopping it.

"Isn't that all the girls?"

Hayat remembers the members who live in this base after being told that.

Hayat, of course, originally had Esha, Ash, Len, Noat, and Rose, and there were ten more members of Lunaria and Black Rose.Thinking carefully, only Hayato and Ash live here.

And Ash is too busy to log in.In essence, a man can only be called a hayato.

"No, it's force majeure.I never had a bad feeling about it - "

"I know, but I can hear rumors from my neighbors.Say it modestly, scumbag. "

"If someone who doesn't know what's going on sees it, isn't it unreasonable?What did I do in my last life?

"Instead, you're not doing anything in this world?

I would like to do something about Hayato, but for now there is nothing I can do about it.We can't kick them out, and we have to fight the islands that float in the sky.

When I thought I'd have to call the men to the base to avoid strange rumors, Relic came.

"Good morning... what a spectacular idea!"

I wonder if it was a choice of words.Relic has a soft smile.

It looks like a grandchild from Relic's point of view.There is nothing in particular to be afraid of.Hayato feels pink at the extra attitude.

"Good morning, Mr. Relic.Would you like Mr. Relic to live and work, too?No, I'd really like that. "

"No, I think an older person like me would be a lot more concerned."

Somehow.I thought it was a help. "

I'm in trouble.

During that conversation, Rose raised her right hand slightly and said, "Um."

"I'm sorry I'm talking to you.Hayato, come here a little bit.I forgot to tell you something. "


"A little here.Can you come to the store?

Rose takes Hayato to the store.And after making sure there was no one around, he stared straight at Hayato.

"Actually, I had a secret order."

"What's next for a maid and an assassin?

"A spy - well, it's similar.As a matter of fact, if a woman comes close to Relic, the maid told me to get rid of it. "

"What's he thinking?No, I know what you're thinking. "

"Even with me, I don't want to do that.I mean, I don't want to do that kind of intelligence.I think the possibility will increase if Relic lives in this base, and the target of the maid head may be suitable for me.I'd like to avoid that. "

"... it's okay because Mr. Relic doesn't seem to be very enthusiastic either.By the way, are there any women who might have been eliminated?

"Sonja is the best possibility, but as far as I can see, it's not a problem."

I think so myself.

Relic and Sonia will have the best relationship as partners.It is unlikely that a lover will feel like Sonia, which gives priority to emotions, and a cool relic, which makes it difficult for her to do so.It seems that there will be no future development.

It is possible that something has happened in the past, but as far as I can see, Hayato's guess is that there was nothing in that relationship for a long time.

"However, there is only one other person who seems to be in danger because of the information I have heard."

"What? Who?

I don't intend to listen to root digging, but Hayato is somewhat worried about such stories.It is a private relic, but if there is a woman who is likely to have a better relationship, I would like to know about it.

"Actually, I don't even know his name.However, I heard that Sonia and Relic were talking about such things at the base.It seems that Mr. Relic had someone in mind before.I felt Sonja was teasing me about that. "

"Oh, that's what I mean.Well, Mr. Relic is quite old, that's what happens sometimes.Don't you have to worry about that?

(That's what it used to be, isn't it?)

The reason Hayato told me not to worry was because I thought it would be a real story.

Relics NPC spent nearly seven years in virtual reality.It's been three and a half years since I entered virtual reality as a test player and erased my memory, and about three and a half years since the start of the game called "Analyzer Frontier Online".

There is also a period of complete cold sleep and there is an error in the actual physical age even when it comes to seven years because it is always in a special pod.But the problem is that the real world is almost a hundred years old.

Van, the head of the bandits, was shocked without knowing it.Hayato can't imagine how shocked it was.

(There's a chance that you won't be so shocked like Esha, but what would Relic think if he found out?Now that I've chosen to live in virtual reality, I'm sure I was prepared to never see him again... but before that, Relic was a criminal.Maybe we didn't meet in the first place.)

"Um, Hayato, are you listening?

"Oh, oh, sorry.Of course I'm listening.I was thinking a little bit. "

"By the way, do you know who Miss Relic thinks of?

"No, I don't know.I've never heard that story before. "

I see.I wanted you to tell me if you knew anything. "

"I'm not a maid guild spy, so I wouldn't tell you if I knew.Could you tell the maid chief not to do too much extra?Abuse of authority. "

"That's right.I don't think it's a good thing either, so I haven't reported it to the maid manager.However, I would like to advise you to be aware that living here may cause unnecessary problems. "

"There is a possibility that the maid chief will come aboard, so it certainly seems like it would lead to unwanted problems... yeah, it's too dangerous to put Relic in the house.Let's not do this. Thank you, thank you. "

Thank you for your help.

Rose smiled and said so, and proceeded to prepare the store.

Hayato also opens the door to the cafeteria to start work.I was surprised at the sight.

Somehow Relic acted like a butler, entertaining members of the Black Rose and Lunaria.Relic is the butler, so it's not a mistake, but Hayato was surprised because he hasn't seen much of it.

It's like tea time after meals, and the relic of pouring tea into the cup is pretty much the same.

"It's a cinnamon tea.Please, ladies. "

Relic said so with a smile, and the members of the black rose smiled at the cup.

"What are you doing, this?

Hayato asks Asha, who is stunned nearby.

"There was a black rose who looked at the relic of the butler and asked me to behave like a butler.If Relic responds to that, everyone says they want a favor, and it's like this. "

"The Black Roses seem happy.You have a good reputation?

"Isn't the young lady happy to taste it?I have absolutely no idea how your husband would feel if he wore a butler's clothes and did so.Make a butler garment with your sewing skills.Let's try it for about a year. "

"Definitely not."

Thereafter, the lady played for about 30 minutes, and the members of Lunaria and Black Rose seemed to be all satisfied.