Another Frontier Online

Departure Preparation and Thanksgiving

Hayato is steadily preparing to go to an island that floats in the sky.

The capacity of the airship is fifty, as is the case with the large ships in this game.Most members were decided, but each member of Daedalus was busy and difficult to attend.

Ash, Len is busy coping with reality and can't afford to practice as an actor except for the coffee shop job.I stopped participating as I did in salvage.

"Sorry. Hopefully we wanted to go, too, but I was playing a little while my dad and I were working hard.My dads tell me to stretch my wings once in a while, but I want to catch up with them as soon as possible. "

"Me too. Hopefully, I wanted to explode the cursed power in a new field... but I think I'll be able to afford it when I finish filming, so I'll give it to you then!

"Roger that. Now we'll both do it again.I'll let you know when I find something interesting. "

Mist seemed to have a lot of problems with his previous clan and could not participate this time.

"The previous clan member got sick and I was full of your response.I will definitely go to the next opportunity. "

"Sick...? Well, that's right.Unfortunately, I think you are more important, so please don't worry.On the contrary, if there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to let me know. "

"I appreciate that.At that time, please. Then be careful. "

Maris is also busy with Tamer's work.

"I'm investigating illegal trade in rare animals and poaching.I can't forgive you at all!

"I was surprised by your thoughts and your serious answers."

"Besides my thoughts...?Well, that's why it's impossible to go there.I'm really interested in the animals on that island. "

"I think there will be many opportunities to go there, so please do me a favor."

"I see. Let me know later if you have any funny monsters!

And Dite couldn't come.

"I'd love to go with you, but I still can't."

"That's a shame.By the way, is hacking okay?

"We're almost there.I've located the general location, so if we have all the evidence we need, we'll be all right.I just have a few concerns. "

"Do you care?

"I started to look into a lot of things, but I think this level of hacking just helped me with the infinity.I don't know why it's taking so long. "

"I don't know, but that's what it is?

"That's right. But it's almost over.I'm sorry the timing wasn't right, but please enjoy it for me. "

"Then why don't you come with me next time?When everything's over, I'll go out with the stress. "

"I'll be looking forward to it."

There was such a conversation with the members of Daedalus, and as a result Hayato's clan consisted of only four members: Hayato, Esha, Relic, and Lunaria.

All nine of the members of the Black Dragon naturally participated, and the members of the Black Rose would naturally go if Lunaria went.And there are ten Dragonbusters led by Cecil, and ten members of the Trehan Guild led by Sonia.

He was basically the same member as Salvage, and Lunaria joined instead of Diete.The healer is down, but with more powerful attackers, the overall annihilation speed has increased, but the endurance has decreased.

After all, I invited Noat to help me with the brave Ivan and the song, but both refused.

"Lunaria's got black roses anyway.And it's gonna take a few days, right?I can't sleep at night because my life is in danger.I'm sorry, but I'm a pass. "

"I want to be a mess at home.More than that, you still have dinner?

Neither of them is a big reason, but I don't know if it will be useful to forcibly take them so I gave up.

Rose is in charge of the base that I will be away for a while.I also asked Noat to take care of the Black Knight who was trapped in the room.

"Regardless of Noat, would you rather let go of the Black Knight?It doesn't seem to have the benefit of being trapped here. "

"I thought it would be better if I told you that Lunaria would live here for a while, and she said it would be fine."

Hayato didn't hear about it directly, it was from Rosalie.I have no idea why this is happening.

"But isn't Lunaria going to an island floating in the sky?You're not coming back for a few days, are you?

"It seems that I talked about it, but if I came back, I would still have said it.So I'm sorry, but I wonder if the Black Knight could take care of you normally.I'm not a customer, but I work for Lunaria and I'm not an enemy. "

"Yes, if that's the case, I understand.I think there is no problem because Rosalier has written a note with precautions.By the way, I think it's a mistake to eat only bread ears, but do you like it?

"I think it's just harassment, so serve him a regular meal."

I was afraid.

There are these things, there are no problems with the members, and there are no concerns about the base.

Hayato will be ready if he prepares the items.

I don't know how long my stay will be, but I also make a lot of stuff to sell at the store, and I have a lot of stuff I need for my adventure.In addition, I don't know if I can get the ingredients for the production items from where I went, so I also prepare various ingredients.

Hayato checked the list of items to prepare and started making them.

The night before the departure, Hayato, Esha and Relic were each drinking in the dining room.

Until recently, I enjoyed a sumptuous dinner to cultivate my wisdom tomorrow.

Lunaria and the others have already returned to the third floor hall, where the Suroku Games are being held.Rose and Noat are already back in the room, and only three of them are here.

"--That's why your husband seems to want you to be stabbed modestly by a neighbor."

"I want to know what happens if I don't say it modestly...."

"It's very similar to the Harlem case, which was a maid's guild.Yet Hayato is safe.It would be an enviable situation for a man. "

"Isn't that unreasonable?Or do you think this is an enviable situation...?

"You must be jealous from the outside.It's a funny situation to see from the inside. "

"That's funny....?

The preparations for tomorrow and the checks have already been completed.I'm just having a chat right now because I can leave at any time.

It is usually time for Relic to return, but I am talking to Hayato and the others today.

At the end of some chat, Relic saw Hayato with a serious face.

"Actually, Hayato, I wanted to thank you.Thank you very much. "

"Um, what is it?

"It's about Sonia.Thank you for taking care of the case he brought without making a bad face.Nowadays, instead of bandit guilds, they have changed their name to Trehan Guilds and become a whole guild.Sonia also seems more enjoyable than before, and this is all thanks to Hayato "

"It stinks when you say that to the face.But don't worry about it.I enjoyed myself. "

"But sometimes the van will target you and cause you a lot of trouble..."

Hayato was targeted for another reason.There is no relic or sonia involved.Nevertheless, it's a real story.I can't say that.

"It's also part of the adventure.Never mind, it's not Relic or Sonia's fault.If you say so, you can give it back in your adventure tomorrow. "

Relic immediately smiles after he looks a little surprised.

"Thank you very much. I'll do my best and Sonia will deal with it from tomorrow - it's about time, so I'll be free."

"Okay, then be careful.Thank you again tomorrow. "

After carefully lowering his head to Hayato's words, Relic left the base.

Only Hayato and Esha are left in the cafeteria.

"Relics are discipline or something.I wish I could show my gratitude in an attitude instead of words. "

"Shah, can I use more words?

"Really? Well, thank you.My husband is so fat that he can eat many chocolate parfaits. "

"I'm not asking you to be thankful for what's not going to happen in the future. - You're kidding, right?Why did you lose your eyes?

"It's faster than that tomorrow, so it's time to log out.If you stay here, Lunaria and the others will get together.It's hard because it's a rule that I have to entertain Lunaria. "

"I guess. No, more about the chocolate parfait - okay, we'll talk about it after we log out.Anyway, if you're talking about virtual reality, if you're talking about reality, you're really mad. "

Hayato checked the chocolate parfait in the warehouse just in case, and then logged out of the room.