Another Frontier Online

an island in the sky

Hayat and the others gathered in the kingdom of the Spirit.

Because airship stories are pretty widespread, and flying in places with lots of players can be a big deal.

Originally, many people knew it existed because they had a lot of chances of getting one of the blueprints, but only the players who were there actually saw the airship.Most players came to know from it.

There are many players who call for information, and the information itself is quite expensive.

As Hayato, I want to have exclusive control at least until the exploration of the island floating in the sky is complete.Even if there was a considerable price on the information, I would not tell you.

(Probably only Bandit can go to an island that floats in the sky.I have talked about getting one of the blueprints by salvage, so I think it is most likely.But you don't know about the prison, so it's our monopoly for a while.)

Hayato prepares the airship with that in mind.

Take out the miniature airship in a wide flat space and place it on the ground.And when I made it huge, an airship appeared in front of me.

The airship itself became the property of Hayato.

The reason is that the material of the airship is wood from the world trees.The wood of the world's trees is a fairly expensive and traded material.So I built an airship, and Sonia couldn't pay.

However, now that I was told that I wanted it to be made of regular wood, I was now asking Rose to procure wood.

(By the time we get back, we'll have all the ingredients… Let's try to imagine a business that builds airships.Some players say they will buy 100 million G now.)

Hayato boarded the airship after his adventure on the island that was floating in the sky.

Raise the airship with the members present.

The huge Olga Doms Falls can be seen from far away.However, I can't see the beginning of the water falling.Because it looks like it's covered in clouds and the water is falling from the clouds.

If the weather were nice, you could see things like islands, but Hayato didn't see anything like that when he saw them before.

"Now, is there really an island?

I wonder if there's anything more to it than Diete said she wanted you to enjoy.That's just what the King wrote in his handbook about the island.

Sonia laughs at Hayato's words.

"Well, there's something.I don't suppose it's nothing.If you don't, you just have to find something else.It's a big world. "

"Indeed. Sonia says good things."

"Don't fall in love with me.

Sonia says that while smiling, but as Hayato, it is difficult to answer.It is delicate to respond seriously or jokingly.

It would be good for Hayato to have Relic nearby.

"Don't shake things Hayato-sama doesn't want answers to.You're older than you look, so weigh yourself a little. "

"Recently, I feel younger because I often hang out with young children.Well, don't worry about it because it's a joke.Hayato is easy to tease, so her mouth gets lighter. "

(I don't know what to say again... or is it easy to tease, me?

"Are you... going to throw me out of the ship again, Hayato?

"I don't think that relic sounds like a joke, so stop it."

"I'm not kidding."

Relic and Sonia fly on each other.From the side, there are some things that make me nervous, but it doesn't seem to be a problem even if we trust each other or if it's quite radical.

In the meantime, the airship goes up in altitude.And it stopped just before it entered the clouds.

The tension of the members also rises every time it rises, and he looks as if it's still there or not, but since he doesn't know what to expect from here, Hayato thought about cooling it down for a while.

"It may be dangerous from here on out, so please be careful.Some people can use resurrection magic even if they are defeated, but if they fall, they won't be able to help.And be careful to evacuate and relocate to base. "

Everyone nods at Hayato's words.

Only three of the nearly forty members can use the magic of resurrection.Only two in the Black Dragon and one in the Black Rose.If these three were to be defeated simultaneously, it would be quite severe.You could say that you have to protect more members.

It is important to keep your mouth shut even if you know it somehow.Hayato thinks so and draws everyone's attention.and distribute equipment, items, etc.

After everyone checked that they were ready, Hayat entered the clouds with an airship.

There's no such thing as bad vision in the clouds.It could be described as a thin mist.It would have been a difficult place to breathe, but since it was virtual reality, there was no such thing, and the airship was rising altitude well.

You can hear the sound of water falling from nearby.If you get caught in a waterfall, it's the end of a roll, so you're flying up pretty far, but it's still pretty noisy.

"Master, can't you hear the sound of the water?

The words of Esha make the surrounding members hear.Hayato did the same, but the sound of the waterfall was too loud to hear anything.

"Uh, what's that noise?I can't hear you.

"I don't know what to say, the birds are noisy or winging.I think it's pretty huge.And multiple. "

"That might be a monster."

Hayat gives instructions to be vigilant of the surroundings without doubting Esha's words.

I don't know what it's like to have a good ear or a bad ear in virtual reality, but at least I think that Esha can be trusted more than I am.

Everyone on deck looks around.A few seconds later, someone said, "What is it?"

One of the Trehan members points to it.Everyone looked beyond the gaze, and there were some giant birds flying.But I don't know if I can call it a bird.You don't look like a normal bird.

"Isn't that petranodon?

Everyone agrees with Esha's words.It's a sort of so-called long-established winged dragon.When the wings are spread out, they are about five or six meters in size, and the face is elongated.The petranodon was coming towards us in a group.

And the one at the head spit out a ball of fire from his mouth.

"... but aren't you throwing up a fireball?As far as I know, Putellanodon has to throw up a fire, not if he says so!Ladies and gentlemen, intercept!

Everyone is happy with Hayato's words.And we started a ranged attack.No matter what you think, it's not friendly, it's attacking.

A fireball hits an airship and takes damage.It will not be destroyed to this extent, but it is dangerous if it continues to be eaten.

They say, "It's too hard!Why are you spitting on fire?"" It's not a dinosaur, it's a Winged Dragon - "I hear that voice.

In such a situation, Hayato said, "If you can remove materials such as skin, fangs, and nails, can you make new equipment?I can afford to think. "

That should be it. The combat power on this airship is unusual.Somewhat resistant to melee combat, but quite a distance.

Esha's Critical Shots, Black Rose members' Crossbows, Magic Attacks, and Trehan Guild members also do less damage but are good at Ranged Attacks.High defense is not enough to defeat.I'm dropping it again.

This Analyzer Frontier Online allows dropped items to appear in an item bag when you defeat a monster.Do not strip of defeated monsters.

Whenever Putellanodon was defeated, Hayato's item bag was filled with dropped items.

("Wing Dragon Skin", "Wing Dragon Claw"... just the first item I've seen.In the case of Wyburn, "Feilonghu's Skin", so if you use this material for existing production items, it seems like you can make equipment that has never existed before.Shit, this is already a treasure for me personally)

Hayat rejoices in his heart.

New items and new materials.As a Hayato in the production profession, it is driven by the urge to use it to make something.You can't do that during the battle, so watch everyone's battle from a safe place.

At first, I was surprised at the monsters I saw for the first time, so I was late, but once I got used to them, I was no different from other flying monsters.Defeat Pteranodon without getting pinched in particular.However, the attack and defense seemed to be high, and the battle took time.

Hayato thinks about this situation when he can afford more.

(Perhaps there are monsters like dinosaurs on the way?It feels romantic.)

I don't know if I want to go there, but if there's petranodone, there's a dinosaur.It's a fantastic dinosaur because it's blowing fire, but it's still romantic.

Hayato cheers when he thinks about it.Defeated all Pteranodons.

(No one has been knocked down.Besides, the airship's health hasn't dropped that much.Then you can go like this.)

Members who can use Healing Magic heal all before moving the airship again.

After a while, the clouds broke and the sun was seen.And everyone becomes a stick.

It's a spectacular view of the sea of clouds.And an island floating in the sea of clouds.

It looks like a donut island, mostly covered in forests.

Hayat looked across the island to see where the airship was likely to land.