Hayat raised the airship further to see the whole island.

I'd like to get off to the island soon, but there's also the petranodon that attacked earlier.We know that the island is dangerous, so we first gathered information and checked the whole island.

There is a lake in the middle of the island, so it can be called a perforated donut.The island itself is about 30 km in diameter and the lake is about 15 km in diameter.The water from that lake is turning into Olga Doms Falls and flowing out of the island- it seems to have simply fallen.

As far as I can see, I don't know where the water is coming from.It's like a small island and a building in the middle of a lake, to say the least.I guess that's where the cause is.

It seemed impossible to get off the island of the lake by airship.Thin glass covers the entire lake and is like a barrier.Trying to bump into it would be gambling too much.

With the exception of the lake, which is covered in forests, a small plain on the southern side of the island is a good place to land.It's a game idea, but that's the starting point for exploring the island.

(I can see some buildings where there is no forest in the south.I wonder if it's possible that people are living there... or landing anyway)

Hayat thinks so and communicates it to everyone.There was no particular disagreement, so I moved the airship carefully.

A few minutes later, we landed the airship in a lookout.

Some members seemed impressed when everyone got off the airship.New field, and probably the first person to come.It's a leap of heart.

Some people don't read air in such situations.

"We will make this a magical country."

"Mr. Lunaria, don't try to raise a flag.Why do you have it? "

"Unopened land belongs to the first person found.I mean, it's mine.Oh, my God, I'm the Devil King.The First Step to World Conquest "

"You've been locked up until recently trying to do that, haven't you?And there's the building, right?Because there may be indigenous people. "

"Then I will take it by strength as a demon king.You can trade them for cookies. "

"Nobody trades cookies for islands."

Lunaria's runaway or normal operation was left alone, and Hayato thought he had to build a campsite first.

It takes a lot of time to get here and there's nothing like a transfer device.We will need to sleep and act on this island for a while.

At that time, it's the campsite that matters.

The campsite can be treated like a temporary base, allowing for temporary registration of the resurrection site and safe logout.Even if a monster hits, it's safe because the border blocks it.

Of course, you can't build a campsite anywhere, but you can build a campsite by installing tents, cottages, or using vacant homes.

There are also places in the dungeon called safety zones, and they can also be used as campsites, so they are essential for long term adventures.

Hayato first walks out to see what kind of building people live in.It would be easier to use an empty house than to set up a tent on a plain.

But Relic stopped Hayato.

"Hayato, it's dangerous.If there were indigenous people, I don't know if it would be friendly.Let the Sonia do something reprehensible here. "

"That's right. It's mostly dungeon technology, but it's the same here.We'll go first, so wait a minute.However, when I was with a monster, he would come running away, so I left the fight to him. "

"I see. Please be careful.I haven't built a campsite yet, so there's no place to come back. "

Sonia said, "Leave it to me," and moved towards the building with several members of the Trehan Guild.

Esha took out Belzeve to escort her when she returned.Then peek at the scope.

"Do you live with indigenous people?

I don't think so.

Hayato answered that, but I don't know.

However, as far as the buildings are concerned, they are covered in greenery and have no sense of life.Hayato's idea is that at least Sonia and the others aren't in the building where they were headed for the investigation because of the atmosphere that was abandoned a long time ago.

But that building is made of iron-- some kind of metal, isn't it?I think this world building is a stone or a tree....?

Buildings tend to have their own country.

The buildings of King Anhemdal and Imperial Grand Morato are stones, bricks, elves in the kingdom of spirits, etc., and wooden homes in the eastern kingdom.

Dwarfs might be able to build houses with metal exterior walls, but I didn't know the country where Hayato built metal houses with his knowledge.

A few minutes later, you will receive a voice chat from Sonia.

"Looks like nobody's here.It's a big building, so why don't we make it a campsite? "

"I see. I'm on my way, so please wait a moment."

With Sonia's permission, Hayato and all the members approach the building.

The closer we get, the more we'll see the situation.The detailed material of the building is unknown, but it is made of metal, not stone or wood.From Hayato's point of view, it can be said to be modern.

(It is not similar to the world of swords and magic, but is this it?Will we be able to build the super ancient civilizations that were destroyed in the past?Maybe we can make a gun like Esha's Belzeve.)

Hayato and the others enter the building and join Sonia and the others.

Sonia and the others looked into it, it wasn't dangerous, it was like a private house.There were similar buildings nearby, but there was no one and there were no condoms.

"Nobody seems to have used it for a long time.So, what is this place?There are only similar rooms, so it's not interesting. "

(Probably a condominium.It's not a bad place to camp here, but there's no furniture, so we have to prepare.)

"Well, let's make this a campsite and investigate the island.I will prepare beds in each room, so you are free.Just set up your base.You can come back here. "

I started talking about what everyone would do to Hayat's words.Explore them all, or explore them in pieces.

During those discussions, only Esha and Relic stayed here with Hayato.

"Protect Hayato with me and Esha.And if you're moving to a nearby location, I'll come with you. "

"Thank you. I needed wood to make a bed or something, so I thought I'd cut the tree there."

The ingredients have been brought in quite a bit, but if they can be sourced locally, they will never go beyond that.You can ask other members, but Hayato might want to take some adventures and discover something interesting.

(Fishing in the lake is also an ant.You may be able to catch strange fish or cook with it.But what about that glass-like barrier?We need to check that too.)

Imagine materials and adventures that haven't been seen yet, and Hayato is having fun.To do this, we first need to develop the campsite, and we will make the necessary items.

The rest of the group decided to explore today as a result of the discussion.Because I don't know the monsters that come out.First, I checked the strength of the monsters, and then gradually expanded their range of action.

Sonia also says to draw a map, so the goal is to circle the island for everyone first.Even if there is something interesting, it will be investigated separately.

Such an expedition led by Sonia left the base as he looked clockwise at the island.

It would be quite a distance in nature, but not tired of virtual reality.I can go around for a day.

Hayato and the others set out to make the campsite comfortable after dropping it off.