Another Frontier Online

Dinosaur Countermeasures

Hayato and Esha logged in again the night they went to the island that was floating in the sky.

Shortly after landing on the island, I developed a base campsite, but I was logged out because I had a coffee shop job in the afternoon.

Relics who didn't know the reality were there, but even if Hayato and Esha were temporarily gone, they would be aware that they were sleeping in the campsite's room, so there was no particular problem.

Incidentally, I was excited to explain that Ash had petranodone in reality.Len looked at his brother and looked at him with a smiling gaze, and he didn't know which of them was older.

Anyway, when Hayato and the others logged in, all the members were back at the base.Each room has been allocated and there is no problem there.There seems to have been a fierce jinken struggle, but it was generally allocated to the desired room.

The problem is exploring the island.

I was planning to circle the island by the end of the day if possible, but I couldn't.I decided to ask the leaders of each team about the information.

Hayat gathers his team leaders in the vacant room on the campsite.

The room has a circular table and coffee is placed in front of the gathered members.

The five participating members are Hayato, Nay, Rosalier, Cecil, and Sonia.Rosalie says Lunaria won't come because she's busy preparing for the pillow throwing tournament.

Hayato began to hear the details of the search mainly from Nay.And ask why exploration isn't going well.

"Are dinosaur monsters strong?

Nay nods to questions like Hayato's.

"This time I fought a dinosaur called Alosaurus and Raptor, but it was so defensive.I could defeat Lunaria, but it took too long to get to the back. "

"Dinosaurs are called dragons, so dragon Sp. Atk works.You think Cecil's Dragon Eater replica does less damage?

The idea that dinosaurs are also a kind of dragon is Hayato's.Ash's Dragon Eater deals 5x damage to Dragons, but his replica deals 3x more damage with his Special Attack ability.

I made it for Cecil and all the members of the current Dragonbusters during the stampede.The opponent of the dragon will be quite powerful.

Hayat gazed at Cecil, but Cecil shook his neck sideways.

"No, Dragon Sp. Atk is not working.I've tried so many times, I'm sure of it. "

Cecil attacked the dinosaur with a Dragon Eater Replica, but he didn't have the effect of increasing damage.A weapon that deals triple damage to dragon opponents means dinosaurs are meaningless.

Rosalie raised her right hand slightly to ask for a statement.

"Our members confirmed it with their monster knowledge skills, but apparently the dinosaur species is a dinosaur, and it won't work unless it's a special attack."

"Dinosaur Special Attacks... I've never seen anything like it."

Essentially, the performance of the Special Attack system is not random.It's like it's attached to a specific weapon.Hayato's weapon has never had such a special attack capability.

However, in some cases, special materials may be used to gain Special Attack performance.When making arrows, using silver arrows as a material can cause a Devil's Sp. Atk.Hayato thinks that using some kind of material may result in a Dinosaur Special Attack.

"Hey, Rosalie, if you knew, say it there.I've tried so many times. "

"Because you're going to attack again and again without listening.But there's no problem because we actually need to try it. "

"Well, relax, both of you.The question is what to do now.As expected, it is difficult to move forward while repeating that battle.I have to think about something. "

I don't think we're really going to fight, but Nay was good at it, and it was a cushioning material that got us there.

"Has Sonia noticed anything about dinosaurs?

Hayato shook his thoughts to Sonia.

Sonia broke her arms, then put her elbows around the table and twisted her fingers alternately.

"You realize, what's bothering you is that they attack each other."

"Attack each other?

"Oh, you don't usually fight monsters, do you?And then they start fighting if they have territory or if they have different types of dinosaurs. "

I wonder how many times this has happened.Ney nods at Sonia's words.

If so, why don't we run away while we're fighting each other instead of forcing them down?

"It's also ants, but that's not what I'm worried about, and their battles will soon be settled."

"Dinosaurs are highly aggressive, aren't they?

"The defense is also high.You should see that it has some sort of special attack capability. "

Special Attack for monsters?

"Well, it's possible.However, with that in mind, don't you think the dinosaurs will be able to do a Dinosaur Sp. Atk if they make equipment with dropped items?

Sonia smiles and retrieves the item.Skin, fangs, nails, bones.

"I don't know, but can certain production items be made simply by changing the materials?Hayato could use these as ingredients to make something.

"It's possible.I'll make it from now on. "

"Please. That's why it's possible so far.Yes, I put all the other members' dropped items in the shared warehouse.Please don't hesitate to use it. "

Hayato nods.

It is a material that may sell at a fairly high price, but it is not so.Hayato is going to be pretty stretched out.

Hayato, the sword!Make me a sword!Five! Cool guy!

"I don't know if I'll get better, but I'll make it for now.I don't know if I can make five. "

"Not for members of the Black Rose.I have a regular weapon and armor.Even if it doesn't help, I can't break this coordination. "

"Looks like you're obsessed with it.I wonder why all the clothes of the black roses are in a subtle different shape...?

I'll leave it to Hayato.

"Roger. I'll get everything from weapons to armor - well, that's it for today.I'll see you tomorrow. "

The information-sharing meeting was thus concluded.

Hayat quickly returned to the campsite's room and decided to make the equipment out of the materials everyone had acquired.

I don't know what kind of performance equipment I can make, but I also have the feeling that whatever I can make is fine.I began to prepare for production while suppressing a little noise.

(Cecil also wants me to make a sword first... Bone Sword?

Bone Sword is a bone sword as its name suggests.It is a sword that uses bones instead of metal, but this time, it uses dinosaur bones instead of ordinary bones.

(Dragon bones can be used instead of normal bones.Then we can use dinosaur bones... I look forward to seeing what performance it will be.)

Hayato puts what he needs in the item bag and removes the blacksmith hammer.And I chose Bone Sword from the menu.

An iridescent effect occurs in front of Hayato.

(Five stars? Fortunately)

The effect ends and a sword appears in Hayato's hand.

The item's name is definitely Bone Sword, but its performance is not normal.Slightly less durable than a regular weapon, but with higher base damage, as Sonia stared at it, the sword had the ability to perform a Dinosaur Special Attack.

(Double the damage done to the dinosaur opponent… This will make exploring from tomorrow a bit easier.The more dinosaurs you can defeat, the more drop items you will have.I can make more)

Hayato starts making more items.

The next morning, the campsite warehouse contained a large quantity of items made of dinosaur material.