Another Frontier Online

Morning of the second day of exploration

Hayato woke up in a campsite on an island floating in the sky.

It's like half asleep while logged in, but yesterday I didn't sleep enough because I was making a production item late.

It doesn't have much effect, but it stretches out just like reality does.And I took a deep breath.

And I don't know if this will work, but I take out the coffee and drink it when I wake up.It feels good to have a coffee that is almost painless around my body.

After exhaling slowly, I can finally see that the campsite is noisy.It is a voice that everyone enjoys, even though it is noisy.

No matter what happened, Hayat left the room and went out with a voice.

Most of the members were there, and it would have been nice if Hayato had arranged the items on the ground, and he seemed to be looking for them.

Have you noticed Hayato? Nay and Sonia are approaching.When I exchanged my morning greetings, Nay talked like she was excited.

"Hayato is as good as ever!I can't believe you made so many production items yesterday today!

"When I realized it, I made so much.Unfortunately, I don't have any materials left, so it would be helpful if you could bring them back. "

"Leave it to me! It has a Special Attack against dinosaurs and defensive defenses!I think that would be a pretty good fight against dinosaurs!

Dinosaur bones, teeth, nails, and other protective equipment are also resistant to reducing damage from dinosaurs.Hayato was making a lot of it because it would be an important piece of equipment for the avant-garde.

(It's not that strong outside of this island, but it's quite performing when you think about this island alone.I think future exploration will be easier.That way, the new materials... will swell your dreams.)

Sonia laughed as if she was stunned because Hayato's thoughts appeared on her face.

"Absolutely not.Didn't you make it late yesterday?

"Yeah, I realized it was pretty late.Well, this is like a hobby, so it's not impossible.By the way, what are you gonna do today?I think the equipment has improved, so I think we can go further back. "

"That's right. I'll take a clockwise tour of the island as planned.Even if you can't circle around, it's easy to come back with a transfer ring. "

Really? Then we'll be looking forward to new discoveries.I don't mind the materials. "

"I'll take care of both.Is Hayato okay to leave a message today?

"I'd like to go, but I'll wait until I have a full picture of the island."

Hayato login time is morning and night only.That's right, you don't go on an adventure at night, so the only real adventure is in the morning.It is more efficient to decide where to explore with pinpoints.

"Yes. Then I will complete the map of the island as soon as possible.Then leave a message with Relic and Esha.We'll go and explore as soon as we have the gear. "

"I understand."

As Ney and Sonia left, Rosalie came to replace them.There is Lunaria next door, but she is somehow tied up with ropes and looks at Hayato with resentment.

"Good morning, both of you... Do I have to ask you about Lunaria?

"Good afternoon, I'd like to know if Lunaria's words are true."

"What do you mean?

"Lunaria, please explain."

"Good morning, Mr. Hayato.I got angry when I did what I did yesterday.This is Hayato's trap, so take responsibility.And prove me innocent. "

"No, what the... ah, yesterday.Mr. Lunaria did that?

Last night, Lunaria visited Hayato's room.

The reason is "increase the attack power of the pillow."I didn't know what I was talking about at first, but it was about pillow throwing, so Hayato was properly decorated.That's the line at the time.

"Why don't you put a pillowcase on the Alondite and throw it?Alondite will change the class to the pillow. "

Hayato can always be increased when making production items.I wanted to restart production immediately, so I told Lunaria.

Hayat remembers it and explains to Rosalie the end of yesterday.

Rosalie held her head.

"Do you think you can win a trial anywhere?

Then in the Magic Land.Guilty under the authority of the Demon King. "

"Please stop."

Rosalie exhaled a lot when she said so.And I untied the rope that was holding Lunaria.

"In the meantime, let's just say nothing happened."

"It would be helpful if you could do that.Anyone hurt, by the way?Were you okay?

"You've been damaged by Lunaria-sama's suicide bombing.No damage done. "

"That's strange. There's more damage than I'm taking."

Lunaria's opinion was ignored.

"Yes, Rosalie and the others don't equip their products because they have their favorite equipment, right?

That's right.Unfortunately, we didn't have any better gear than the clothes we made ourselves, so we won't be wearing them.Cecil was the best thing to do. "

"I have a sewing skill in making my own - well, that's good.Would you mind drinking this coconut juice?

Hayato removes the juice from the item bag.It's not like there's a straw on the fruit, it's a juice in a bottle.I gave it to Rosalie.

"What is this?

"Juice made from coconut picked on this island.I drank it yesterday, so it's not dangerous.And since it's five stars, I guarantee the taste. "

Coconut is a fruit that can also be seen on the ground, but the juice Hayato takes out uses the coconut from the island.Yesterday, Relics picked it up in a nearby forest this afternoon.

"Ha, you want me to drink here?

"If possible. And I want you to check your status after drinking it.I don't think it's just me, but I'd like to try it with other people. "

"I mean, you want me to be an experimental bench?

"Put it plainly. However, I think it would be easier for Rosalie and the others to explore the island."

Rosalie looked at Hayato's words with suspicion, but she started drinking them normally because she had some trust in Hayato.

After drinking, Rosalie checks her status.

"This is... amazing.Do I have the ability to perform Dinosaur Special Attacks on myself?And the resistance to dinosaurs. "

"Ah, after all, it's not just me or a random effect.Rosalie and the others will be able to fight the dinosaurs as usual.However, juice has a time limit, so I have to take a lot of it. "

The effect of this juice is as good as 30 stars.If you say you're going to spend half a day exploring, you'll be drinking that much alone.

"That can't be helped.Then give me as much as you can.It's going to take a day to explore, so it's going to be quite a lot. "

"I'm in a shared warehouse, so take it all.I'll make it today, so don't hesitate to drink it. "

"Thank you. Then let's go, too, Lunaria.With this, Lunaria will be able to compete with dinosaurs. "

"I'm still unmatched, but I'll drink it if I can be even more unmatched.Thank you, Hayato. This means it wasn't yesterday. "

"It would be helpful if you could do that."

Rosalie called out the members of the Black Rose and walked to the shared warehouse with Lunaria.

Hayato is relieved that he will be able to find a way to explore.Originally, I had a lot of power in combat.If that's where we got our advantage over the dinosaurs, there won't be a problem.

And I started thinking about what to do today.

Hayato's original idea was to cook "meat of dinosaurs".Yesterday I focused on the production of armour, so I didn't cook meat at all.

Juice made from coconut on this island has a status effect on dinosaurs.Hayato speculated that the meat would be quite effective.

(Shall I cook various dishes?I think you can eat anything if it's shady.And I need to get some coconuts for the juice.We should look at the lake again.Let's have a little adventure when Asha and Relic arrive... Whoa, let's make a pole before we do that.Some have been made out of the world's trees, but we still have to try to make it out of the wood on this island.)

Hayato was prepared with a lot of thoughts.