Another Frontier Online

Lake Building

Hayat, together with Esha and Relic, was aiming for a lake in the middle of the island.

Sonia and the others are exploring the whole island, but the lake is not yet exploring.I want to feel adventurous even as a hayato, so I don't think it's as good as an untouched lake.

Relic explored the woods around the campsite yesterday afternoon.

There were no dinosaurs around here and Hayato was able to pick them easily, so Hayato was also acting casually.I don't know what happens when I go near the lake, but there is no problem because there are shampoos and relics.

In the first place, you can use the transfer ring to escape to the campsite.I don't need an escort, but I miss it.And since there were restrictions on item bags, the three of us were also working together to bring back a lot of the items we had collected.

Collect coconuts as you move and walk north to your destination, the lake.

In the meantime, I drank some of the coconut juice that Esha would like to drink today.Hayato made it while collecting it.

"Coconut juice is not bad, but melon juice is no match for it."

"That's how you feel when you're drinking that much?Don't drink too much, Miss Rosalie.

"This is because dinosaurs come out.Dinosaur Special Attacks cannot be cut. "

"That's why there are no dinosaurs around here.I mean, you have 30 minutes, right?

Drinking coconut juice from this island will give you a special attack against dinosaurs.It is unclear what the setting is, but Hayato wonders if there are rules on this island.

(Because it's about Diete-chan, it's possible that for some reason... it might just be a gaming convenience.)

"As usual, Esha likes to eat and drink.Didn't you eat Hayato-sama's steak before you left?

"Steak and hamburger made with dinosaur meat.I wondered from the morning, but I thought it was peroli.Didn't you eat relics?

"I'm not eating it because I'm about to lose my stomach just by watching it eat plenty of sha."

"It's rude to look at people and lose your stomach.Then I'll give you more stomach drainage.Master, could I have a refill, please? "

"No, you don't have to eat it anymore, because I found that it also has a dinosaur's Special Attack capability.Basically, it only raises physical attack power, so it doesn't make any sense to Esha. "

Steak increases Attack, but this is an increase in Physical Attacks and does not increase Magic Attacks.Esha's Belzeve attacks are magical, so increasing her Physical Attack is meaningless.

"It means something to eat."

"There's a limit to the amount, so just hang in there.Even so, we were all pretty tense today, so they might be able to bring back some of the monster materials.It was just that much tension. "

Sonia and the others were forming a circle before going on an expedition, but they were quite excited.Today I had the temper to circle the island.

Yesterday's exploration took half a day to explore a quarter of the island, and there was a bit of a depression.Hayato's equipment must have made you feel like you could do this.

"Sonia was also quite old.I hope you're not being reckless. "

"I think it's okay.Everyone has a Dinosaur Sp. Atk, so we can't lose first. "

"If you say so, you're absolutely right.As long as there are no such powerful dinosaurs, there will be no problem. "

Demon King and his nearby Black Rose, Black Dragon who reached Rank A in Clan Wars, and a member of the Trehan Alliance who is strong in Dragon Busters and Exploration for dragon hunting.

Simply put, there is no place to explore.If you lose and come back, I can tell you that an irrational monster has appeared.

Hayato walked further north, thinking it looked a little like a flag.

Enough time later, through the forest, a huge lake was spreading.

I didn't think it was that big when I saw it from above the airship, but it was a pretty big lake when I saw it up close.

The water is fairly clear and the whole lake sparkles with the sunlight.Hayato thought it would be the best holiday to relax here on a nice day like today, as if it were some sort of resort.

Nevertheless, I'm not here to look for a resort.I went this far to see if there was anything interesting.

The three broke up to see if there was anything around them.

And a few minutes later, I realized there was nothing in particular.

Relic shakes a bottle of water from the lake and looks at Hayato.

"Especially ordinary water with no aberration.I feel a little cold. "

"That's right. And I saw from the airship that the whole lake was covered in domed glass, but it didn't seem to be."

The glass covered the lake side about 100 meters from the water side, and it was not like it covered the entire lake.

"But, Hayato, what kind of glass is that?From what I've seen, it looks like something that might stop the intrusion. "

Does Relic think so too?I think that's all I have, but it seemed like there were islands and buildings inside.I'd love to go, but how?Don't tell me you're diving...?

"Maybe there's something that controls the glass somewhere.Let's hope for Sonia and the rest of you. "

"Isn't that right... Esha?What the hell are you doing?

Esha was holding Belzeve and peering into the scope.The direction you are looking at is the center of the lake.I'm looking at a building in the middle.

"It's a building, but it's not an island."

"What do you mean?

"Well, take a peek - hey, why do you want to peek with me?"

I can't equip Belzeve.

"You can peek at the scope even if you can't equip it.I'll give it to you. Please look at it alone. "

Hayato peeks at the scope by pressing Belzeve from a slightly rushed shade.I can't equip it because it's a weapon exclusively for Asha, but I can use it that way.

"I don't know, but is that part of the building coming out of the lake?Does it look like an island part of the building...?

A circular white building looks like an island, with a black building on top of it.Instead of the island floating in the lake, it's a situation that protrudes from the lake.

"That's what I thought.Isn't the building sunk in this lake?

"That feels romantic.Maybe if we run out of water in this lake, we'll put it in the building?

"That black building looks like an entrance, so you might want to go in there and head downwards.If there's nothing like glass, we can go by boat. "

"A ship... I think I can build a small ship anywhere, so I think I can go there.Either way, I have to take care of that glass. "

(I hope that Sonia and the others will find something.All right, I'll leave the glass to you.There's so much else to do.)

Hayato returns the Belzeve he borrowed to Esha.

At that time, Hayato found Relic trembling his shoulders with his mouth pressed against him.I don't know the expression because I'm pointing my back, but it feels like I'm getting a laugh.

"Mr. Relic? What's going on?

"No, I thought I saw something unusual."

"Unusual? What is it?Did you find any items?

Relic takes a deep breath and then looks at Hayato.That face smiles more than usual.

"No, it's not.Esha was in a lot of a hurry, so something unusual happened, and it was a little fun. "

"Relic, don't say anything extra.Now that I'm full of MP, I can shoot Destroy anytime, so you better watch your mouth. "

Esha says such a thing while holding Belzeve.

"This is scary.Well, I'm confident. "

"Would you like to try?

After that, the conversation continued between Asha and Relic, but I didn't really know what to say to Hayato.

As it seemed to have settled down, Hayato took the fishing rod out of the item bag.

"Um, do you mind if we both go?Okay, here we go. "

"Master, what is this?

"A fishing rod. I can see fish shadows in the lake, so let's try fishing a lot.Maybe we can catch some interesting fish.We can both fish, right?

Relic nodded with a smile.

"Leave it to me. You are quite good at fishing.I liked to focus on one thing only. "

"That's good.Where's Esha? "

"I don't like or dislike it - oh, I like eating the fish I caught"

"I know enough not to like it.I'll cook fish, please. "

"I see. But how picturesque is it when there are three butlers, a maid and a normal person fishing side by side?

"I'm just a normal person... no, that doesn't matter, but it doesn't matter because there's nobody else.Okay, let's go get some guns. "

Hayato said that, equipping himself with a fishing rod, he threw a fishing hook into the lake.Both Asha and Relic throw in the same way.

The three spent a relaxing time fishing.