Another Frontier Online

two buildings

When Hayato and Esha logged in at night, the members of the expedition returned to the campsite.

Looking forward to Hayato, I decided to join Relic at the Leaders' Meeting - a meeting that was to have been said some time ago.

Six members participated, including relics, in the same membership as yesterday.By the way, Esha was taken to Lunaria.She said she's having a love banana at a girls' party tonight.

Somehow, isn't Lunaria here more than usual?I did something a little impossible yesterday. "

It's not normal to throw pillows with a pillowcase on an Alondite.It is sad to think that it is possible in the case of Lunaria, but as for Hayato, I am a little worried.

It's not a problem to some extent, but it can be too hasty and cause a lot of trouble.

"That would have been Hayato's advice - well, I can't help it.It's like being trapped in the Demon King Castle until recently, and I'm closer than usual to sleeping in places like this for the first time. "

"Is it more than usual?"

"Don't tell me it's a trick.I'm sure that's lovely. "

Hayato doesn't say anything to Rosalie, even though she thinks that when it comes to Lunaria, it becomes a trick.You could be cut off as soon as you say that.

"So, ladies and gentlemen, was there a problem with me today?

Sonia nodded when Relic asked her to change the subject.

"I know you're guarding Hayato, but I need you to come to Relic tomorrow.I would like to request that as part of today's report.Then I'll explain what happened. Just listen to me. "

Sonia explains the situation today by saying so.

Sonia and the others circled the island from morning to evening.

Two buildings were discovered there.I barely explored it after a little research.A little investigation just revealed that it seemed pretty wide.He wants to look into the building after tomorrow.

"It's more like an entrance to the basement than a building.The first floor was like a jam, but there was an elevator in the back that went to the basement. "


Hayato was wondering if the power was electricity or magic, but I'll leave it there for now.The question is what is in the basement.

"I know what happened.So you're talking about asking Mr. Relick to investigate?

"That's right, but actually, we talked about splitting the team in two and investigating both at once.One of them is with me, so I'd like to ask Relic for the other. "

The reason for splitting the team in two was Hayato's production items.

Today, as I circled the island, Hayato's equipment and coconut juice made it easy to defeat dinosaurs.If we all act together, we will be overpowered, so it is a conclusion that we should split the team in two and attack the building at the same time.

"I'm going with the Demon King team, so can Relic go with Cecil and Ney's ladies?Of course, the members of the Trehan Guild will be split in half. "

"Hmm... can I help you, Hayato?

"I think so.The lake investigation is almost over, so you don't have to go anymore, and there are no dinosaurs nearby. "

Hayato fished in the lake in the morning.

The fish caught were Sherakans and ammonites, and there seemed to be some ancient creatures in the lake.

It can be used for cooking ingredients, but the sha said "I don't want it" with his face.Hayato and Relic didn't have the courage to eat the dishes they used, and they were a little hesitant to put them in their item bags, so they released them to the lake without cooking.

After all, I fished, but I just found out what I could fish for, and it turned out to be useless for nothing.

(The collector of the item may buy it for a high price, but it is also a bit difficult to take it home.Instead, I've been picking a lot of coconut, so let's produce a lot of juice.I need to see if I can use anything else for sweets.

"How's Relic?Isn't it boring waiting all the time in the campsite?

"That's true.There won't be any dinosaurs around here, and you won't need Hayato's escort... okay.Tomorrow I'll go with Ney and Cecil to the building. "

"I have to!Maybe one of the buildings has a hint to get to the island in the middle of the lake.If you attack at the same time, you'll be there soon. "

"Oh, yeah.I have just a little information about the lake building, so I'll share it with you.And the fishing results. "

Hayato explains what happened today to Sonia and the others.

When it was over, it was dissolved.

As everyone leaves the room, Sonia and the others are having fun talking.After that, he said he would attend a girls' meeting hosted by Lunaria.

When I heard that, Relic looked at Sonia with a pretty stunned face.

"Are you going to join a girls' party at that age?

"How much do you sell that fight?Let's buy it for the price.In general, women like bananas no matter how old they are.Besides, I've never had that experience before, so I'd like to participate as a souvenir of the underworld. "

"I feel a little dizzy just hearing about love bananas from your mouth, but be modest as an elderly person if you want to participate.And don't say "underground souvenirs."

Having heard such a conversation, Nay nodded forcefully with his arms together.

"Hmm! Sonia, it doesn't matter how old you are.Let's have a good time together.Actually, I don't have that kind of experience, so I'm looking forward to it. "

"Really?I don't think so. You're going to be like me.You should keep talking about love when you're young. "

"It's not bad to be like Sonia, but I'd like to keep a love banana... Hayato, please drink and cook to boost the venue!

"Well, I can't make very elaborate stuff.I don't have many ingredients, so coconut dishes are the main thing. "

"Of course!

Regardless of Nay, who is looking forward to it a long time ago, Cecil has a less ridiculous atmosphere.

"Is it good to be so in love with bananas?As for me, I'm talking about the sword. "

"Even if the man tells me, I can't answer.I don't know about girls as much as the mystery of the universe. "

In reality, Len often holds feminine study groups with Hayato and Ash, but they still don't understand.Rather, the mystery is only deepening.

"Hmm. Well, it might be useful, so I'll join you.I just wonder, is this member in love with bananas in the first place?Are you with someone with a boyfriend?I'm not here. "

Silence dominates the scene.Speaking of which here, you will not forget the robbery in the future.

A few seconds later, thankfully, Hayato and Relic opened their mouths.

"Well, I don't think you've ever heard of love bananas being more interesting than when we were dating, before or when we were just thinking about each other...?

Is that so? Sort of.When Ivan confessed to Lunaria, he was in love with Bana, right?If you don't have anything, you can listen to it. "

Ivan's name appears, and Rosalie openly distorts her face.

"If that is to be said as a love banana, I will also tell you about the tent bugs and butterflies that I am in Demon King Castle."

"Heh, a fae romance?Bugs are tough. "

"Fuck you. I mean, I don't care.That's enough. Let's go.I won't let you talk about the brave bastard, so give it up. "

The four women walked down the hallway in conversation.

Only Hayato and Relic remain on the spot.

"This is going to be the kind of meeting you don't want to see.I don't want to see it nine against one. "

"It's amazing just having one.With all due respect, I would definitely refuse if you asked me to attend that meeting.I refuse even if I have a lot of money. "

"Sure... now, do you want to cook for the girls' party?I don't know what I'd do if I didn't. "

I don't want to imagine what happens if there is no food.Hayato thought so and tried to work on it at once.

"Don't push it - oh, yeah.I told you not to force it, but I actually wanted to ask Hayato. "

"What is it?

"Yes, can you make some more gear for me?I have to deal with dinosaurs tomorrow, so I'd like to have a weapon with a special attack capability. "

"Oh, of course.I'll make a knuckle gear.If you use your teeth and nails, you'll be able to make a weapon that's quite powerful. "

I didn't make knuckle gear yesterday because I didn't have anyone else to fight in combat but Relics.If Relic is going to use it, he should prepare a new one from now on.

"Thank you very much. Thank you very much - well, it's getting late, so I'll be spending some time here."

It's already such a time.Good night, Relic. "

"Yes, good night."

Relic said so and lowered his head to Hayato before walking towards his room.

(Now, let's cook Relic's weapon and a girls' party.There are other tools that I want to try, so let's try them.)

Hayat thought so before heading to his room.