On the third day after I came to the island in the sky, there were all the members in the square near the campsite.

Today, I will split my team into two teams and investigate the two buildings I discovered yesterday simultaneously.

If you take this circular island as a clock, there are six numbers to the south of the campsite and twenty and ten buildings to the south.There are buildings in the northeast and northwest respectively.I decided to split up quickly from this base.

The members going northeast to the building are Relic, Black Dragon, Dragonbusters, and five Trehan Guild members.To the northwest are Sonia, Lunaria and Black Roses, plus four members of the Trehan Guild.

Sonia is smaller in number, but since Lunaria is a thousand horses in the first place, it is supposed to be adjusted.

Sonia and Relic are naturally separated to unlock traps and unlock doors in the building.In artificial dungeons, not even crates, there are a lot of obstacles to getting there.

Trehan Guild members originally belonged to the Bandit Guild, so they have that kind of technology, but they don't have 100 skills like relics and sonia.

For these reasons, Relics also took part in the attack on each building.

"Well, Sonja, this is coconut juice, and steak and hamburger with dinosaur meat.Neither Lunaria nor the Black Rose have any Special Attack on their weapons, so please keep cooking.And the chemicals. "

"Yes. I'll manage it properly.And if anything else happens, I'll call you via voice chat.Let me know if anything happens to you. "

"I see. Then be careful."

Sonia said, "Leave it to me," and walked to where Lunaria and the others were.

Hayato then calls out to Relic.

"Relic, this is what you asked me to do.It looks like a regular knuckle, but it has a dinosaur's special attack capability. "

"Thank you. I don't think it's my turn because there are people like the Black Dragon and the Dragon Busters, but I think it would be better to have a little fighting power."

Relic said that while equipping Hayato's knuckles.He then punched and kicked his body like shadow boxing to check his movements.

All Relic teams are equipped with Special Attack equipped equipment, so cooking is not particularly necessary, but sometimes it is not necessary, so I give them the dish just in case.

"This is a dish made with coconut and dinosaur meat.And regular dishes.And it's also about drugs. "

"Thank you... yes, that's enough.I'll go now. "

"Be careful."

Relic headed for the Black Dragons.

A few minutes later, both teams celebrated each other's good fight before heading towards a building where each would attack.

Most of the island is surrounded by forests, so you'll soon lose sight of both teams.

(Now, shall I make an item with the materials I have now?I would also like to collect some coconut.I wonder if you'll wait for Asha.I don't need an escort, but I want to keep a lot)

Esha hasn't logged in yet.It looks like she had a girls' party quite late last night, and it's possible she hasn't woken up yet.

Nai and the girls who were in the girls' club likewise went on a journey of exploration, but Hayato wondered if there was a lot of difference.Besides, I felt a little suspicious looking at the hayato of the women.

I hate to ask you the details, but I wonder what happened at yesterday's girls' party.

However, Hayato was a Hayato and yesterday was a question attack.

When I was making the item, a male member invited me to a boys' meeting.Even if it was a boys' party, it was just a hustle and bustle between men, but Hayato also participated where the creation of production items was separated.

And when Hayato participated, the topic of who was good among women was very exciting.However, Hayato did not have the right to speak or vote, and after being asked various questions, everyone gave me the irrational word "get stabbed."

As a result, it wasn't a woman who was popular in Dantons, but it was good that everyone was popular in general.

(It is possible that they did similar things over there.Well, that's fine.It was strange to look at me, but did you have fun? Everyone looked fine.)

Love bananas cheer women up... I don't know if they did, but at least Hayato's eyes felt like they raised wisdom.That would be the same for men.I felt more motivated than usual when I wanted to dress up in front of women.

Today's exploration will have good results, and when I tried to get back to my room in the campsite with that in mind, there was Esha right behind me.

Hayato, who felt nothing, looked at Esha and said, "Ooh!"I was surprised. But soon I wonder.

Even though it was a virtual reality, it looked like it was shabby.I can guess how much trouble it was.Obviously the opposite of the female members.I can say I'm about to fall.

"Eh, Esha, if you're here, call me and I thought my heart might stop... by the way, what's wrong?You look kind of tired.

"... yeah, well.You're tired of asking all kinds of questions at yesterday's girls' party.May I shoot your husband in Destroy?It's okay, there's no pain. "

"... can't you hold hands at the chocolate parfait?

I don't know if it's my fault, but I can always make a chocolate parfait for times like this.We need luck to make the Five Stars, but we have a chance to survive.

After showing her how to think a little, Esha nodded, "Well then."

Hayato asks Asha while making a chocolate parfait.

"You said you had a question attack at yesterday's girls' meeting, but is that my fault?

"... no, that's not how it works."

"It's not my fault you tried to shoot me...?

I felt quite unreasonable, but the promise was made, so I gave Esha the five stars of chocolate parfait I made.I guess I was lucky to make it in one go.

Hayato felt that she was in a better mood while eating and returned to the usual shade.

"Um, have you settled down?

"Yeah, well. Can I have more chocolate parfait?

"I'd like to keep it until the next time.I can't make ingredients out of what's on this island. "

Chocolate parfait requires a lot of ingredients, but basically buys products sold by NPC.I don't sell it here, so it's hard to get the ingredients together.

I don't know when the next "irritation" will happen, but I would like to replace it with something else.

Did you know that the chocolate parfait was no longer coming out? Esha looked around as if she had switched her mind.

"You've already left.Did you login a little late? "

"Just now."

"Well, I wanted to destroy all the women."

"I don't know what happened, but will you stop talking about the mystery movie past?

Massacre on a deserted island. It is said to be a mystery as an old event.It's a virtual reality, so I'm not going to die, but Diete-chan thought she'd make a scenario out of it.

"Well, don't worry, it's just a joke..."

Esha cut off her words halfway through and placed Belzeve behind Hayato.However, even if it's the rear, the stance is higher.He pointed his gun at the sky.

Soon after I wondered if there were any petranodons in the sky, I heard a noise in Hayato's ear.It's the sound of the propeller moving.I heard it on the airship many times.

Turning slowly, I saw an airship flying.Of course it wasn't made by Hayato.It's coming down here.

I was able to see it because it came close.

On the deck of the airship, Jolt of Bandit raised his right hand to say hello.