Another Frontier Online

Absolute Order

An airship carrying Jolt from Bandit landed in front of the Hayats.

As for Hayato, I'm afraid he's already arrived.Because I thought I could monopolize this island in the sky for a while.

Bandit's clan is the top attack clan in virtual reality.The number of people on the airship will not be that different from Hayato's, but they will continue to attack with fury.

Nevertheless, we can't let that get in the way.I managed to attack two buildings today and want to get to the lake center building one step ahead.

Hayato was thinking about it when Jolt, the leader of Bandit, came down from the tarap of the airship.

I just wonder.

Jolt usually smiles lightly in front of Hayato and doesn't break his spare attitude.Sometimes when Jolt gives information he doesn't know, he becomes serious, but now he's serious from the beginning.

The jolt stood in front of Hayato and Esha.Then he sighs a little.

"Hi, Hayato. I knew you were here."

"Surprisingly, you came early.I thought it might take a little longer. "

"There's a lot going on.Personally, I wanted to come back a little bit more carefully.... "

It is unusual, or rather unusual, Jolt wrinkles between his eyebrows, making it difficult to say anything.Hayato wondered if there was something wrong with the sigh earlier.

Jolt exhaled even more and stared at Hayato.

"First of all, I'll apologize.I'm sorry, I didn't want to do this, but I couldn't refuse because of the circumstances. "

"What are you talking about?

"There are people who want to see Hayato.I brought him in. "

"You want to see me?

Hayato thinks.

In the first place, most of Hayato's acquaintances are on this island.Some of my acquaintances are on the ground, but I don't think they need to come here in the first place because of the voice chat and Jolt can't say no.

"I don't plan to attack this island just by bringing him here this time.I came because of this and I'm going to investigate a little.I can't wait till Hayato and the others come back. "

The way Jolt said it was quite unintentional.But Jolt kept his voice down and told Hayato that he saw someone approaching.

"Just keep your mouth shut.I'll tell you something later to apologize for. "

When Jolt said so, he shifted to the side.

And I see someone I couldn't see behind Jolt.The person approached with a smile.

(Initial equipment or no equipment?And I saw it for the first time. Who the hell is that?

In this game, if you do not equip yourself with armor, robes, etc., you will become regular clothes instead of underwear.The man approaching came in plain clothes.Just after logging into the game for the first time.

Brown hair is divided into seventy-three young people, who are in their early thirties.Hayato's impression is that he's an intelligent man.Although it is a smile, it also has the impression of a creation, and it can be described as a cold gaze.

"Hello, is that Mr. Hayato?

"Yes, that's right."

Jolt answers the man's extremely bright voice with a serious voice.I felt something strange about the power relationship.

The man lowers his head to Hayato.

"Hi, nice to meet you, Mr. Hayato.Hey, I missed you. "

"Ha, ha. Nice to meet you.Excuse me, who is it?

At least the man is a player and not an NPC.I also thought about the Holy Magic Ten Swords because I came to see you, but that didn't seem to be the case.

The man shook his head sideways with his hands out of exaggeration.

"Oops.I am very impatient.First of all, I had to name it.My name is Daine. I'll see you later. "

The man named Daine lowers his head again without smiling.

You're Mr. Dayne.As you know, I am Hayato.Next door is... "

"No, I don't need an NPC referral.I'm only interested in Mr. Hayato.Anyway, is there somewhere to settle down?I wonder if it's okay to stand up and talk. "

I can feel something like an order to do so without saying the words.Even if you seem to be handling it politely, you don't respect the other person.It feels natural.

Hayato is a pretty bad category.Sometimes before I quit my job, I started selling to people like that.It is a race that comes forward poorly and enjoys the reaction of its opponents, even though it knows that its position is superior.

Anything that makes the opponent nervous here will be counterattacked with a polite tone.I don't know what the position is, but as Hayato, I'd like to avoid it.

If you were to ask how well the title of reality works in a place called virtual reality, it would not work at all.However, if the opponent can command a top class clan in this game, they can't say so.

Hayato named Dayne as someone who was born on Earth and works in Central.

"Well, then, come here.There's a conference room in the base, so what if it's there?

"Please - oh, that's enough for Jolt.You'll be exploring the island, right?Please be at your disposal.Yes, please don't go home yet.I'd like to ask you to leave. "

"I see. Please tell me when you leave."

Jolt pointed his gesture, "I'm sorry," at Hayato from an invisible position, and then headed back towards the airship.

Hayat takes Dayne to the conference room where he is in the leader's meeting, wondering what will happen.

While on the move, Dayne didn't talk to Hayato in particular, but he looked at the base building and said, "Well," or "I see."

Bringing Dayne to the conference room prompted her to sit in the chair before serving coffee.Then Hayato sandwiches the table and sits face to face.Asha stood behind Hayato without sitting.

"Oh, I'm so glad about this.I didn't think I could drink coffee in virtual reality. "

"If you're happy with it, I appreciate it.By the way, you came to see me... "

"Could you hold on a second?I want to try the coffee. "

Daine drinks Hayato's coffee.And he looked surprised.

"That's great. The taste, smell, touch of the tongue, and the surface of the coffee are shaken. I feel the warmth from the cup and the hot air comes out.Virtual reality doesn't change reality. "

That's right.

I don't know what the purpose is, so I don't have to say anything extra to match them.

"But don't you think it would be a good idea to monopolize so much technology?

"What do you mean?

"No, no, it's a technology that delivers this much virtual reality.Don't you think it would be a waste just to play games?

Well, maybe.

Virtual reality technology will be good for everything.In the first place, it is not just a technology used in games.

Having come this far, Hayato will somehow understand the situation.Ban, a disciple of Relic and Sonia, said something similar.

The Dayne in front of me is a so-called tissue person.I guess that means you've been directly into virtual reality.

Does Hayato think so too?Well, then, it seems like we've finished talking quickly.As a matter of fact, I looked into Mr. Hayato a lot.It seems to be quite famous in this world. "

"I don't know myself."

"Please be modest. You did a pretty good job at the in-game event and even got a huge prize.No, no, no, I want to be fuzzy. "

"Yes, I was lucky enough to win."

"Well, is that really luck?

Daine's face is laughing.But your eyes aren't laughing, they're rather close to the threat of knowing everything.To put it bluntly, it's like the police are gathering evidence to interrogate the killer.It will be difficult to lie in front of you.

"It doesn't matter if you think it's a strength.It's not my strength, it's the strength of NPCs. "

This is the truth of Hayato.There are no lies there.It would be lucky to have a good ally in your clan, but I sincerely believe it was thanks to everyone that you won the Clan War.

Daine stared at Hayato, but lost sight and drank coffee again.And exhale.

"It's hard to get your tail out.Then we can't help it.Let's step in a bit more. Even here, I can't go home by hand. "

"I didn't get the gist from earlier.You wanted to see me. Can you tell me what you need me for?

"That seems to be faster.Then I gave Hayato an order from the foundation Scorpion.Please provide the technology of virtual reality here, as well as the identity of a woman called Sonia.You don't have to explain what that means, do you?

Hayato's body became stiff and unable to move.Order to give the name of the foundation.Because it is the same absolute order for Hayato from Factory.