Another Frontier Online

The best maid.

Daine drinks coffee slowly in front of Hayato.

The figure seemed to be laughing at Hayato's rigidity.

It is very rare for most people to be ordered by foundations.It is rare to name the foundation in the first place.It is the name of the constellation, so it is sometimes used normally, but when the word "foundation" is added, it becomes a word that no one can ignore.

Hayato is a working class from a colony called Factory.

Factory is a colony that is mainly a computer-related production plant and is managed by the Foundation Capricorn.Nevertheless, Hayat was never ordered from there.The foundation orders people of higher rank.

And now Hayat is ordered by a foundation that has nothing to do with it.It was almost impossible.

I don't know if the person in front of me is really related to the Foundation Scorpion.But it seems more real than just giving me a name.

It will be difficult to prove what you say in virtual reality, but the risk of lying is too high to know where to find logs and audio recordings on the game.It's not a lie or a joke.

Hayato finds it difficult to breathe.Because it is a virtual reality, the act of breathing does not make sense in itself, but this is a situation where the real Hayato's body is having difficulty breathing.

I've said "calm down" to myself many times, but it still doesn't work.I tried to do something about it, but it was too unexpected for my body to move well.

Her hands were placed on Hayato's back, which was not on her face but looked painful.

I can't see it directly from Hayato, but my warm palm is slowly rubbing my back.

Hayato thought that Esha was rubbing her back.

That's how I finally exhaled slowly.And thoughts also recover from confusion to a certain extent.

When he was ready to breathe, Hayato looked at Esha and said, "Thank you."Esha answered nothing and laughed a little.

Hayato took a deep breath before seeing Daine.

"I'm surprised. Mr Dayne is also a bad person.If they give you that name, a working class like yourself will stop breathing. "

"... no, no, you recovered right away.I usually go to the hospital because I have trouble breathing. "

"I guess. It was good in virtual reality.It would have been worse if it had been real. "

Hayato was the one who asked me what kind of business it was, but I wanted to complain in advance about giving out the name of the foundation.However, because of Esha, Hayato thinks there is a lot of room.

Perhaps the organization that hacked or manipulated the van was the foundation scorpion.While not supporting that, he recalled that it was the scorpion who was in charge of the colony "Prison".

The van said it came from Prison.At that time, there was no foundation called Scorpion, it was probably its predecessor.

The spaceship Aphrodite escaped from Earth and returned.It was supposed to be an irregular thing, not an appointment.Hayato speculated that the hijacking of van technology was also frozen a hundred years ago.

Hayato heard from Esha that it was a contract for her to decline to participate as a test player or erase her memory if something went wrong.It is reasonable to assume that the van was equipped with machinery to counteract this.

And for some reason, Scorpion found that the spaceship Aphrodite was back and there was a van.Once again, he is using a van to rob the technology.

The van is now quarantined in another space.Diete has been able to exchange information to find out who she is, so she will still be in touch.But the result is not good.Someone close to the scorpion came directly there.

Actually, I have no idea, but Hayato thought so.

That being said, the question is what to do.

Hayato pretends not to know that it is bad to say nothing.

"By the way, why did you do that to yourself?I can't provide technology. "

Is that so?But I told you that you don't have to explain the meaning, right?I know where you stand.I don't hate talking, but I don't want to explain what I understand. "

(That's a good way to put it.I don't think it's to make you realize what you know and what you don't know, but if they give you the name of the foundation and say it, it's definitely impossible to forget it first.Nevertheless, do you just do it?)

"To tell you the truth, I have nothing to do with Aphrodite's company.I can't program it. "

I don't know how much they know about me.So as Hayato, I explained that I am not an employee of Aphrodite, a company that operates and manages this game.

To determine how far they know about themselves with this explanation.

I don't even know how much information is being conveyed from the van, so I have to try to get rid of it as much as possible.

The van may not have given you all the information.Rare information adds value to people you know.The van must have hidden important information to increase his value.Hayat bet on it.

"I don't think I work there.Besides, I have checked Mr. Hayato's background and I know it has nothing to do with it.I don't suppose the employees of that company will do the coffee shop. "

"... you checked my reality?

"Don't make me sick.This is also my job.But coffee shops are quite a gambler in the colony. "

"He was a strong better."

"I'm flattered. Yes, yes, I went to that coffee shop once.I wasn't here at that time, so I wasted my time. "

Hayato opens a coffee shop every day.There was only one day without me.

The day Salvage came back from, the day Rose was taken by the van and rescued.Perhaps, but it was the role of the van to capture Hayato in virtual reality and of Daine in real life.

However, I didn't hear from the van to catch Hayato, so I guess he left without doing anything.Hayato guessed so.

"Well, Mr. Hayato.The coffee shop - was it definitely a coffee shop crown?It hasn't been a year since you started, has it?

Yes, I think it's only been six months or so.

"This is the most important time, isn't it?You want to keep the coffee shop going, right?

"... what does that mean?

"Isn't it a wilderness to hear that?I hate to say this, but you think you can work normally, ignoring orders from the foundation?But if you do what you're told, you can keep the coffee shop going, and you can get a big back.Maybe we could talk about relocating the coffee shop to Earth or changing the ranks.Or do you think life requires hardship or difficulty?

Hayato would like to say that this is a difficult situation.

Hayato assumes that Diete will provide virtual reality technology if she asks, even though she may be boastful.I'm proud to have built that kind of trust.

However, asking for it for your own peace should not seem like an act that betrays Diete's trust.

Diete has a verse that values this virtual reality technology.And there seemed to be resentment that the virtual reality was about to be abandoned.Giving it to Hayato for his own future is an act that could break his previous relationship with Dite.

"You've been thinking a lot about it.That alone means Hayato has the ability to provide technology. "

(Shit... am I stupid?I should have said I couldn't do that.You've been holding the pace for a while.)

"I don't know what you're conflicted with, but don't think so hard.I don't think Hayato is an employee or a developer of Aphrodite.However, we know that we are in a position to negotiate with those who can provide this technology.You just have to convince him. "

Hayato listens to Daine without answering anything.

"As I said earlier, the technology here is great.And it can be applied to everything.Wouldn't it be a waste to just use it for games?I want to use this in a variety of fields. "

Daine says that in an exaggerated action.Hayato's eyes looked rather seductive.I don't want to use it no matter what I think, but I feel like I want to use it for profit.

"The problem is that the technology is monopolized by companies that don't belong to any foundation.It doesn't matter if it belongs somewhere.But it's not.If many foundations are serious, they can destroy a company called Aphrodite socially, physically.That way the game will be over.Doesn't Mr. Hayato want that either?

That is true.Many companies do not belong to foundations, but the larger the company, the more sheltered it is.And the company that refused the asylum has been socially destroyed.

Since this virtual reality is realized by a computer on the spaceship Aphrodite, it cannot be eliminated physically or socially, but it can be done by headgear for login, stopping its circulation, etc.

It is possible for the foundation not to let anyone play the game.

Hayato puts things together.Then he sighed.

A relationship of trust between my future and Dite.It's like wearing it on a scale, but the answer was decided from the beginning.I managed to keep them both safe, but it was a sweet idea.It was a sigh to blow it out.

"Now, what does that sigh mean?You thought you couldn't escape anymore?

"Well, yeah. It seems to have been discovered a lot, so I thought I couldn't do any more."

"I see. So what do we do?I'd love to hear from Hayato. "

Daine looks at Hayato with a smile.I can't afford to laugh that the answer is certain.

Hayato takes a deep breath.

I don't have a solid way of life here to despair.I quit the company and fought for a prize in the game.If you were lucky enough to get it all, you might lose it all in misfortune.

I wasn't prepared for that, but it was only today that I was prepared.Then let's at least laugh at what we've decided to do wrong.That's better.

Hayato smiles at Daine with that feeling.

"I refuse. Unfortunately, we can't provide technology.Tell that to the foundation. "

For the first time here, Daine's face turns from a smile to a shock.But Daine will fix it soon.I went back to my previous smile and stared at Hayato.

"I'm surprised.I didn't expect anyone to disobey the foundation's orders.You know what happens when you do that, right?

"Yeah, well. You've been stripped of your working class, and you're going to the end of the colony, Dead End.I'll open a coffee shop there next time. "

The "dead end" of the colony furthest from Earth.This is where people who are not treated as human arrive.It's a dead end. The people who went here will never come back.

"Is that the answer, knowing that much?Looks like you've already given up your life.But, Mr. Hayato.That's not going to be forgiven, is it?

"He says he won't do it even if he's not allowed to?I hate to go to the dead end, but I can't help it. "

"Indeed. But what about Mr. Hayato's friends?Don't you hate dead ends with you?

"... not just me, but my friends?

"Yeah, that's right. Everyone who might be relevant to you, whether in the game or in reality, is dead-end.The foundation has enough power to do it.But it's strange. I don't know why you refuse to provide technology, no, persuade people who can. "

The answer is simple. Because I know how Diete feels about the technology here.And I can't trust the person in front of me.

Nevertheless, I definitely choose Dite for my future and my relationship with Dite, but if it includes the future of my friends, the story will be different.

Hayato was troubled again, but immediately afterwards Esha stepped forward.

"On behalf of the gentle master, I will answer.Listen carefully. "


Hayato and Dayne both shouted at the same time.

"I don't have the technology to give you.Please tell them to stop. "

That's what Esha said, holding Belzeve and pointing her gun at Daine.

"What about it?"

The moment Daine's face pulled, Esha pulled the trigger.And take down Dayne with just one basic attack.

Esha uttered a word against Daine, who fell to the floor.

"Even if you fall, you can hear it, right?This is a break in negotiations.Press the Revive button to revive somewhere.Yes, we will destroy Bandit's airship from now on, so we will not be here for a while, so we cannot renegotiate./(adv, adv-to) (on-mim) (on-mim) with all due respect/with all due respect/"

After saying that, Esha kicked open the conference room door with her feet and left.

Hayat saw Dayne for a moment, but immediately chased after Esha.

"Hey, hey, Esha!What the hell are you doing?

Esha was on her way to the exit while drinking melon juice.Don't stop walking, keep the bottle away from your mouth and look at Hayato.

"It's useless to be serious about that kind of relationship.I will do anything until my husband tells me to do it.It looks like we're negotiating, and I'm just enjoying your husband breaking it. "

"No, I didn't mean to drag everybody into this."

"If you act like you're going to crush that coffee shop, it's selling me a fight.I'm a little bit tired, so whoever gets involved is a thorough resistance.And you have to have power, and you have to have power. "

"No, what are you talking about?

"Your husband's friend has a powerful man, doesn't he?Even if the foundation tells you that you can't keep your thoughts together, don't forget that. "

"So, what...?"

Hayato remembers. If you're a foundation, you can certainly send your friends to the dead end.But there are people who can't.

It's a relative of the foundation, Ney.

Although shocked by the Foundation's orders, Hayat forgot to do so.

Hayato thinks it's not good to ask Nay.That's because it could break the relationship we've had.I don't think there are any other good ways.I don't mean to borrow the help of Nay's foundation, but I'm prepared to talk.

Speaking of virtual reality, I defeated the use from the foundation.There's nothing I can do about it.Regardless, I would at least like to ask for the protection of the members of the Black Dragon, Ash, and Esha.

Hayat left the building with Esha as he thought so.

Jolt stood near the airship and found Hayato and approached.

"Are we done here?You mean you're leaving already?What about him?

I was a little upset, so I knocked it down.

"... eh?No, that's a joke. Um, what's the maid doing?

"If you hear a voice chat from a guy named Dayne, tell him that the airship is broken and he can't get back to Earth."

"It's not broken?

"It will break now.Destroy "

Destroy is released from Esha's Belzeve.It hit Bandit's airship directly.There are big holes in the airship, and it's unlikely to fly in any way.

When Jolt, who was a Pocahontas, returns to me, he gets stuck in Esha.

"What are you doing!?

"Because Bandit doesn't hate me.I'll take the blame, so don't help that guy named Daine for a while.Basically, it's a shame that only that airship is responsible for bringing such a thing.Or do you like mass murder here?

Esha said she started taking melon juice out of the item bag and drinking it.And when I finished drinking, I gave Hayato instructions.

"Master, please call everyone back immediately.Let's talk to Nei about the situation and ask him for his help.Please also contact Mr. Diete.I run out of melon juice, so I'm going to the warehouse to get it. "

Eh, ah, yes.

Hayato replied and Esha headed to the building where Belzeve was based on her shoulders.

Hayato and Jolt remain here.

"I'm not sure why the NPC maid is angry.And shooting people from the foundation... is that a bug?

Escha is nothing but an NPC for Jolt, who doesn't know the circumstances.It seemed like he thought he had defeated Dayne with a bug.

Hayato laughs. It's the smile of the day.

"No way, it's not a bug, it's the best maid.100,000 G a month and a chocolate parfait every day is so cheap. "

"... if that's all right.Well, I don't know what to do then - oh, here comes the chat.Oh, yes. As a matter of fact, the maid destroyed the airship, and we can't get back to Earth.I can't pick you up for a while, sorry. "

The person Jolt was apologizing for in the voice chat seemed to be Dayne.

Dane can't come here for a while.You can tell Nay and Dite about the situation without doing anything extra.Hayato tried to make the most of his limited time by sending Nay and the others an audio chat.