Another Frontier Online

Negotiation and betrayal

The members who were planning to attack the two buildings simultaneously on an island floating in the sky came back at Hayato's request.

Hayat didn't give a clear reason, but everyone moved to the base without being particularly reluctant that something might have happened.

Though different from the original problem, I saw Bandit's broken airship and voluntarily convinced him that there was a problem.

The NPCs then took a break from exploring and went out to collect dinosaurs in the woods and go to the lake.Only members of the Black Dragon and Esha remained at the base of the campsite.

This problem is influenced by the real world.There was also a suggestion that Hayato urged the NPC to do so because there was no point in talking to the NPC regardless of the circumstances.

And I decided to talk to Nay first.Because Hayato doesn't know if members of the Black Dragon know Nay is a member of the foundation in the first place.

Hayat, Esha, and Nay come to the conference room where Dayne was.And I sat in the chair.

Nay feels a little confused because she hasn't talked about the situation.

Hayato, you wanted to talk to me. What are you talking about?Looks like Bandit's airship is broken. Is that it?

"No, I'm not talking about that.Could you wait a little longer?I just called someone, so wait till they get here. "

"I don't know what it is, but I understand.That being said, this island is interesting.Dinosaurs, too, but this hub, the building we were going to explore, is a different place to enjoy. "

Nay talks about the adventure here with pleasure.

As Hayato, it hurts my heart.What I'm going to ask you about is this virtual reality, but reality is the main thing.Moreover, we rely on the power of the foundation.

Last time I asked Nay, I didn't know he was from the foundation.As a friend in the game, I asked Hayato for protection.But this time, I'm going to ask you to know Nay as a member of the foundation.

What does Ney think of that?

But you can't just say it.Only foundations can resist foundations.I can't get other people involved, anyway.At least I feel like I want my friends to do something about it.

"I'm sorry. It's getting late."

Dite came into the room.

Nay looks at it and leans her neck.

Dite? I thought you weren't on this island?Did you come aboard Bandit's airship?

"No, it's not.Let me explain a lot based on that.Before that, Hayato.I'm sorry I got you into this again.I... "

"No, it's okay.I don't have more time than that.Let's talk about it. "

Esha is a virtual reality, but she defeated Daine.You won't be able to come to the island, but you can go to a real coffee shop.With the authority of the foundation, you can take Hayato's identity in vain.I have to talk to you before that happens.We can't waste a second.

Dite nods and sits on the chair.

And Hayato stared at Nay with a serious face.

"Ney, don't be upset. Listen to me."

"Hmm? That's a pretty serious face, but what are you talking about?

"I want the help of Ney's foundation.I wouldn't be able to ask you to do this, but... "

Hayat gets stuck in words.

Because Nay has a completely different atmosphere.The usual emotional expression is a strange, faceless, emotionless expression.

Hayato felt unimaginable pressure from Nay.I don't think it's the same person I've been dealing with.

The nay slowly opens his mouth.

"Hayato, you know what the word foundation means, right?You can listen to me with a friend's friendship.But you can't lie or joke from here.And if you're asking me for a sweet thought because I'm your friend, you should keep your mouth shut. "

I feel a breathlessness that is not comparable to that of Daine earlier.Usually, I can't imagine at all, but Hayato thought this was Nay's true appearance.

Getting along with anyone, not knowing to doubt people, and doing anything for friends, Ney.But I don't feel it at all from Nay now.

After I took a big breath, I stared at Nay again.

"I know. I can't ask for such a thing.But I have to ask Nay, who has the power of the foundation. "

Nay also stares at Hayato.Her eyes were like seeing everything, but she nodded after a while.

"Okay. Let's hear it."

Hayato relieves himself a little.At least it's not a front payment.But I can't get out of here either.Negotiation with the Foundation. That's impossible enough to say.But Hayato had no choice but to do it.

Hayat told Nay about the situation so far.

Nay listens to Hayat in silence.It seemed like I was listening to Hayato's words, one by one, without getting in my mouth.

As for Hayato, if you think this is a ridiculous lie, it's the end of the book.I will explain carefully so that it does not happen.

And I took the time to finish telling the whole story.

"Ney, this may sound like a lie, but this is really..."

Nay slightly raises her right hand and poses to block Hayato's words.

"Somehow... really somehow, I was feeling that way.Esha and Ash were in Hayato's coffee shop in the first place.I remember when I first met Asha at the coffee shop, my thoughts stopped.At first, I thought it was an NPC that imitated the reality of Asha, and sometimes I wondered what Hayato would do to hire someone who looked like Asha. "

"If you don't know what's going on, you might look like a terrible person...."

Putting someone who looks like a virtual reality character next to you in reality is no matter how much you think you like it from the side.As for Hayato, I don't want to know the details of what Nay thought.

"There were a lot of things that convinced me.This virtual reality often comes up in councils, and we often talk about NPCs or AI. "

"Talking about AI?

"Yes, virtual reality technology, but how much technology do we need to make this advanced AI?And that's thousands of people.But are you really human?That would convince me. It's just... "

Nay saw Dite.

It's not a jirojiro, but it's a gaze that looks at the diet sitting in the chair from the top of your head to the toes.

"Is Dite the only real AI?We didn't act together that much, but we're not like normal people.Instead, I can't believe one of them. "

"I'm happy to say, but I'm really an AI.I've studied human beings for nearly a hundred years, so they'll look more human. "

"Even so, I can't hide my surprise.Nevertheless, I don't think there's any point in lying just like that, so let's believe Hayato's words. "

Thank you, Ney.

"Hayato, it's too early to thank you.I only believed in the circumstances.Let's also believe that the Foundation Scorpion is targeting technology here.That foundation could do it.But I didn't say I'd protect Hayato. "

Hayat is shocked by the words.

Because I thought if Ney believed me, he would protect me from other foundations without saying anything.That's why I told them about Dite and the secrets of the NPC with Dite's permission.

"Everybody, don't look like that.I have a situation. "

Hayato notices when Ney says so.Escha and Diete also looked sad.

"I'm not talking about never protecting you.That means there are conditions. "


"Yes, I am related to the Libra Foundation.Someday it will be time for me to be at the top of the foundation, but not now.My father and mother are alive. "

Foundation Libra. A foundation that shows Libra.It is famous for valuing fairness and harmony.This Libra manages police agencies and courts around the globe and colonies.

Nay didn't say she would protect Hayato, but Hayato's anxiety was relieved.I didn't know where Nay's foundation was in the first place.Worst of all, it could have been Scorpion's blood.

However, in that case, I also thought that I would not do this kind of roundabout.Ney can talk directly to Hayato.

Hayato listens to Nay's words.

"I'm not the only one who decides the policy of the foundation.Personally, I want to protect this virtual reality and everyone, but if I do that, I will be ready to work with the scorpion.I can't do that without something that convinces my relatives. "

"Something just to convince you...?

"It would be profitable if it were simple.Hayato and the Black Dragon are all friends to me.But for Libra, it's not a friend or anything.You need a good reason to move the libra.Money would be quick. "


"That's right. Even if I asked you to, it wouldn't do me any good, but it wouldn't do me any good against the Scorpion.As a foundation, Scorpion doesn't have much of a feeling, but he doesn't even like to fight. "

That there is no good story about such insects.

There must be something more than moving the foundation to convince the foundation.It's impossible to protect me from other foundations because I know my relatives.

"Nei, how much money will it cost?I can pay about five billion yen a month. "

Hayato is about to burst out.

Sure, given the Player Frontier Online population and billing situation, you can pay about that monthly.

In the first place, the game is developed and operated by AI Dite and the program Infinity alone without labor costs.All you need is the cost of making headgear and repairing your spaceship.It is unclear how it is maintained, but it is not a problem to provide 80% to 90% of the profits.

But Ney shook his head sideways.

"Are you willing to pay for the future robbery?What if I can't pay?Are you sure you want to abandon me?

"That's the time.If I can't protect you, Hayato, I'll get you on a spaceship and go somewhere else than Earth. "

"I've just been taught that spaceships alone can be like colonies.But the metal deteriorates.Is that why you're back?Are you going to get cold sleep and come back in a hundred years?It's possible, but it's easier than that. "

Ney cut out his words there and looked at Hayato and the others.

"Bring virtual reality technology to Libra.It's the only way to convince the foundation. "

"Ney, that's..."

It's just that the technology provider is replacing Libra from Scorpion.I didn't want to provide technology, so I asked Nay for protection.It would definitely be better to provide it to Nay's foundation, and Hayato and the others will be guaranteed to be safe, but nothing will change.

"Hayat, I'm not such a good person in the foundation.But I still know. If not only Hayato's protection, but also this virtual reality - the spaceship Aphrodite - is subject to protection, the Foundation's people will definitely look at its feet.We'll catch up on the terms until we provide the technology. "

"That may be true, but..."

"To be honest, I don't want to say this either, and I'm not being ridiculous.I think I can do something with my power if I just protect Hayato and the others.But when it comes to Aphrodite, it's the only way.Besides, you should stop retaliating against the scorpion.Dieter was looking for information on the organization that was triggering the hack, wasn't he?

"That's true.May I ask why?

"If a company that doesn't belong to any foundation turns to the foundation, the other foundations won't shut up.The people in the foundation, including me, are timid.If their current position or situation could change in a bad direction, we will crush it to the best of our ability.That's what I would do with any hand.And when that happens, I can't protect Hayato with my power alone. "

"The human world is such a hassle... Nei-kun, can I ask you one question?

"What is it?

"Do you like the world of virtual reality?

There are expressions of pigeons eating bean cannons.Hayato only wanted to watch a pigeon on video, but now Nay seemed exactly like that.

Nay changed from that face.Smile softly.

"Oh, I like it.Whatever I say with great power, reality is a lot of trouble.I think this world is the best where all kinds of clues disappear.This is the only place I can live as just Ney. "

Nay saw Hayato and Esha with a smile.

"Besides, I made a friend.The same goes for Hayato and the members of the Black Dragon, and their relationship with Esha is such that they can fall in love with the bananas in the middle of the night.And Rosalie is a friend - well, Rosalie is not an NPC, but a human being... Well, that's fine, I can hope for something I can't hope for in real life.This world is like a treasure to me. "

I don't know what Nai's grudges and desires are for Hayato.Somehow I can guess that in reality Ney didn't even have the opportunity to make friends.

Nay comes to the coffee shop quite often for an off-duty party.I can't imagine how happy that would be for Nay, but considering the high tension at the time of arrival, it would be a lot of fun.

Diete nodded as she gladly saw Nay saying that the world was a treasure.

"Nei-kun, I know how you feel about this world.Then I have a favor to ask. This virtual reality - Aphrodite as a company wants to come under your protection.Of course, I will provide the technology if you wish.And there's a lot of other information on the spaceship.I'll give you that too. "


Hayato shouts in surprise.But Diete smiles at Hayato to stop her voice.

Nay, who was equally surprised, stared seriously at Dite.

"Dite, did you think about it?You're going to give all the information to Libra?That's... "

"Don't get me wrong.I'm asking you, Nei, for your protection. [M]It's not a foundation called Libra. "

Three people except Dite here look strange.I don't know what that means.

"Ney, I don't know who you are at the foundation, but are you in a position to put the foundation together someday?I see you're in a pretty good position. Are you sure?

"Well, that's right.Someday I'll be the top of Lebra. "

"If anyone with that status finds out that they are the owner of this" Analyzer Frontier Online ", no one can do it.I don't know your parents, but I want you to do something about it. [M]Of course not for free. Ney, if you want, I'll give you all the technology and information. "

Nay thought a little, but smiled as if she had noticed something.

"If I became an individual investor rather than a foundation, would it be a disincentive to other foundations and Library?But only while I'm alive... "

"Enough. In the meantime, we will take measures.And if you tell me this world is a treasure, I don't care how you treat the information you give me. [M]You can use it to the benefit of the foundation.I like people who say they like this world.You can pass on the technology to such a person.Ney, you passed from my point of view. Is this disrespectful?

"... no, that's not true.If you're talking about this, I'm just Ney in this virtual reality world.You're an adventurer everywhere, so there's no disrespect!

As for Hayato, I understand that Diete did not take refuge in the foundation's Libra, but in Nay's personal shelter.

I try to organize in my head what is different, but there is a voice chat in Hayato's head.

"Mr. Hayato, can you hear me?It's a demon king. "

"Mr. Lunaria? Uh, what?I'm busy right now. "

"I'm in trouble too, so just listen.Mr. Relic and Mr. Sonia are kind of in pain with their heads, but do you have an elixir or something?


It hurts to hold my head.Hayat felt uneasy about the matter.That's because it's a sign of memory coming back.

"What? Are you okay now?But when Mr Relic and Mr Sonia argued - Ah, Mr Relic disappeared.Maybe it's a transfer ring?


I heard footsteps coming here at once.It's not like I'm running, but it's like I'm walking in a hurry with short intervals.It gets closer and closer.

Then the conference room door opened with momentum.

It is Relic standing there.But instead of the usual gentle face, everybody has sharp eyes that are likely to tremble.

Relics disappear at the next moment.And he appeared in front of Hayato's eyes, and in a flowing motion, he strangled Hayato's neck with his left arm, and turned his back.

Le, Leli...

"Don't say anything extra.I'm sorry, but let me restrain you.Don't move, either.Now Hayato is set to feel painful.The more you do, the more it hurts.Even in virtual reality, pain is real.I think he could die of shock. "

Relic said so and took out the knife with his free right hand and pressed it against Hayato's abdomen.