Relic is forcing Hayato to stand and wrapping his left arm around his neck.And I put a knife on my abdomen.

Hayato's hands are free, but they cannot be shaken by the STR relationship.And the three of Asha, Nay, and Dite couldn't move.It is a distance that I can manage to get up from the chair and jump, but I can't do it.

Relic said he made Hayato feel painful.

This game is inherently painless.I don't feel pain whether I get stabbed or beaten.However, it is programmed to be painless simply because it is set to not feel pain.

Because virtual reality is too real when it comes to why you don't feel pain.Pain that seems too real affects the real body.

Touching a stone that is not hot, believing it is hot, causes burns.There are reports of lies or truths.It's a consideration because perfectly deceiving the brain can affect the real body.

And now Hayato's abdomen is hit with a knife.

Even if stabbed, it is a situation where there is no scratch on the real body, but if Relic is right and the virtual reality body has a sense of pain, the pain is real.And not just pain, but the real body can also be affected.

Everyone wants to avoid pain, even if it's not that bad.It's not just Hayato, it's everyone in this room.It's hard to ignore Hayato's pain and get him out.

In addition, it is unclear why Relic is doing this.Only Hayato, who received a voice chat from Lunaria, knows about the situation.

Relic and Sonia had a headache.Hayato knows what that means.

My memory is back.

But I have no idea why my memory came back at this time.I don't know what triggered my memory in the first place.

"Everybody, don't do anything extra.Leave Dite alone and get out of the room. "

A voice echoes in the room, including the excitement of relics.

"Okay. You want me to stay?Then get the knife off Hayato's stomach.You don't have to do that. I'll listen to you, Relic. "

"Rest assured. This knife will not sting Hayato if nothing happens.If you stay away from it, you could get stuck in a more dangerous place.Don't talk nonsense. Move quickly. "

"I'm fine, Asha and Nay go out.I think you can rest assured.Mr. Relic wouldn't do that. "

Relic stiffened Hayato's body a little.It would only have noticed the tight Hayato.

And Hayato began to wonder if Relic himself was surprised.I don't want to do it, but it's easy for me.I just don't have enough information.I hardly know what Relic is doing this for.

In terms of timing, this is a command from the scorpion.Diete told me that Relic and Sonia were prisoners of prisons.Then it is possible that the commander of the prisons of the time, the current scorpion, has ordered us to do the same as the van.

The van was returning to the real world, and the money was following the scorpion for the purpose.Then what is Relic following for?In view of the rigidity of the above, it is not the intention.Hayato's expectations are included, but I think there is no doubt about it first.

With that in mind, I heard footsteps heading towards the room in the same way as before.

It was Sonia who showed up.And I looked at the situation of Hayato and Relic and looked angry.

"Relic! Are you betraying us all!?Why do you listen to their orders?

"Shut up. Betray that?I'm not one of them in the first place - so are you.Don't confront your friends on your own.I was just using you.I just forgot that.I will live and will live alone. "

"Huh! You're going to live like they want you to?I'm not saying anything stupid.What the hell did they say?I can't believe you listened to them. "

Relic pressed the knife further against Hayato's abdomen.

Hayato still doesn't feel pain, but other members don't understand it.

"That's the end of the story.If you say anything else, I'll stab Hayato in the abdomen.It is said that as long as it is alive.Don't think I hesitate to inflict pain. "

Relic's real voice.Everyone stopped moving, but Hayato was the only one with a cool face.

"Dite, does Esha's gun hurt as much as real?


Everyone said, "What are you talking about?".

"Hayat, shut up. I'm saying I'll stab you if you say anything extra.You have a sense of pain.Pain is real, even if it's virtual reality.There is also the possibility that it will affect the real body.Leave me alone. "

"Relic is kind.However, no matter how loud your voice is, Relic can't do that.By the way, if you're Asha, you can smile.Asha, you can shoot me all, Relic.Ney, I need you and the Black Dragons at the resurrection site to secure Mr. Relic. "

Hayato said so, and Esha smiled and took out the belzeve.

Then Ney left the room at once.

Relic looks like a bitter bug.And Hayato is right, even in this situation, Relic won't stab Hayato.

"Please don't hurt too much."

"Trust my sniper skills - Relic, if you're taking hostages, you should have looked bad more often.It's like saying that nobody can stab you in the face.Besides, it's not good to be bad. "

Belzeve blows the fire.It hit Relic's forehead without hitting Hayato.The relic behind Hayato blew up to the wall and fell to the floor as he fell back.

Just before he was shot, Hayato heard Relic say someone's name in his ear.And an apology to that person.

There is only one thought that can be given to a woman's name.That's what Rose said at the base.

"Sonia, do you know someone named Annelise?

"Why did you name it....."

"You know, don't you?Mr. Relic said he was on the verge of falling.And I apologized to him. "

Is that so? That's the name of someone important to Relic.We haven't seen each other in years, but... oh, yeah.You were taken hostage.That's why relics... "

Hayato somehow understood a lot.

Relic must have thought Anne Reese was being held hostage.

Hayato approached Relic, lying still.The fact that you can't disappear while you're down doesn't mean you haven't chosen to be resurrected.I don't suppose there's any point in doing anything.

"Mr. Relic, can you hear me?

Characters can't say their HP is at 0, but they can listen to their surroundings.

Hayato looked at Sonia and spoke to Relic.

"I'm telling you something terrible, but it's been about 100 years since Relic and the others lived.The woman Relic wants to protect is no longer alive. "

Sonia trembles at Hayato's words.Relic didn't move, but he would have understood.

Same as the van. Neither Relic nor Sonia thought it would be 100 years from now.It is unclear what the scorpion said and manipulated the relic, but at least it is likely that he manipulated the relic for the reason that he managed Anne Reese.

So just before Esha shot him, Relic apologized to Anne Reese for not fulfilling her orders.

Diete-chan, give Relic the magic of resurrection.I don't think we're going to be resurrected at the base because of Ney and the others. "


When Diete used the magic of resurrection, there was light from the ceiling and the wings fell into relics.When it hit the relic, I woke up slowly.

But he sat still without getting up.I don't think he's physically exhausted, but he must have taken moral damage.He leaned against the wall and extended his legs.Both hands are on the floor without strength, and the back of the cat is lying face down.

"Is it true that 100 years have passed since then..."

Relic said that in a mosquito-like voice.The voice is different from the previous one, and the voice has no power.

"Yes, definitely.Diete-chan, who was in the same position and was the manager, will prove it. "

"Really... I betrayed everyone for someone who's gone... I've done a boring thing."

"Well, no one's betrayed Relic.Hey, guys? Did something happen?

Hayat said so brightly.It's not too rude, but Hayato doesn't really think Relic betrayed him.Because I know the painful reason Relic acted that way.

I might betray my people for someone I care about.I feel like who can blame it.

I'm sure everyone here thought so.

"No, I don't think there was anything in particular.Something's wrong with my memory lately.I don't remember because the records are vague. "

"Relic, isn't it too early to bother you when you're old?

"I just shot Relic and his husband because they were flirting.If you want to flirt, please ask Ash-sama.Of course, Master. "

As for Hayato, I just wanted to put one in, but I went through.It's more relic than that.

"That's why I didn't betray anyone.Isn't it tiring to think like that because you've been exploring all over the place?

Relic didn't raise his head even though he said so, but he gradually trembled.You must be laughing.

Then he exhaled and slowly stood up.I stared at Hayato once and then lowered my head.

"I'm sorry, Hayato.And so are you. I... "

"You don't have to apologize.Mr. Relic just got shot.Nobody's hurt. "


"We're friends, aren't we?


"No, I think Relic said we weren't friends.It doesn't matter if you tell me that you didn't mean it or that you were wrong. "

Relic's face smelled like trouble.Relic lowered his head again.

"Of course, thank you.You are my precious companions.I hope you thought I was just a little lost. "

"Of course I'm in it, too, right?

Sonia smiles and asks Relic.

Relic had more wrinkles between his eyebrows, but he exhaled a little and then opened his mouth again.

"I can't play chess alone."

"I'm glad to hear that, but tell me something more clever.I don't know if you're my important partner.You're not old enough to be illuminated, are you?

"No, well, that's right...."

Sonia chases after an unusual panic relic.Whether it worked or not, the atmosphere became brighter.

Nay came back there.

"Relics aren't coming back.Are you okay now?

Relic looked serious and bowed his head to Nay.

"I'm sorry, Nei-sama.I apologize for any inconvenience. "

"Great, you're back.No, it's okay, it's not a nuisance.But what happened?I want you to explain... "

Hayato and the others sat on the chairs in the conference room again.

And Hayat tells the story just now.And they told me what happened to Relic and Sonia.

Nay, who was listening to it, gradually became steeper.The Hayats here are putting enough pressure on their lives.

At the end of the conversation, Nay looked over at everyone.

"For the record, what we were talking about before Relic arrived is still valid, right?I'm the owner of a company called Aphrodite, right?

Diete looks at Hayato.

Hayato nodded in the sense that there was no problem, thinking that he might have confirmed it to himself.

It's not a sanctuary for foundations, but it's hard for other foundations to get involved if their blood relative, Nay, becomes an investor.And if it were Ney, I wouldn't have asked Dieter so rudely.

Nay nodded as Hayato nodded.

"Okay. Then I will declare Aphrodite my company at the next council meeting.Let's get this done right away.That's what it is.Diete is in charge of this world, so you can do anything?

"That's right. There are many limitations, but I can do anything to some extent."

"Then can you bring Daine here?

"If they're logged in, that's all they can do.But what are you going to do?

"I can't allow you to use the name of the foundation to impersonate Hayato, but even if it was a lie, I can't allow you to take hostages and manipulate Relics.The man, once a scorpion, sticks a nail in it. "

Hayato sympathized slightly with Daine, saying that it was probably quite a huge nail.