Another Frontier Online

a battle that cannot be won

Hayato and Nay, and Esha, Relic, and Sonia were waiting for Dite in the conference room.

Diete is on her way to pick up Daine.Dayne was contacted through Jolt in Bandit, and Diete headed for the ground.

Originally, it was possible to transfer it, but now Dite has a variety of limited functions, so I can't do that.So they're supposed to fly in the sky physically.

While I was waiting, Hayato thought a lot.

Relic and Sonia said they were instructed to hold Hayato's identity shortly after his memory returned.It wasn't a command from the scorpion, it was an order from Prison.

Neither Relic nor Sonia intended to hear such an order at first, but Relic had other instructions.It means that if you don't, someone important will get hurt.I didn't say the name of the important person, but I thought Relic was Anne Reese.

Relic doesn't know it's been a hundred years since then.It's hard to betray Hayato, but being caught as a criminal or following a prisoner is all because of Anne Reese.Then I decided to live for it until the end.

Sonia notices a relic with such an idea and argues.

Then Relic used the transfer ring to escape and returned to his base to restrain Hayat.

Hayat has sorted out these stories, but is worried that Scorpion still doesn't know how much information he has.

Nevertheless, there was a feeling that it would be okay.Because I have Ney here.

In card games, the more you can intervene in the rules of the game itself, not the level of a joker.No matter how strong a trump card you have, you can unilaterally create rules that can nullify it.

Ney didn't tell the members of the Black Dragon Foundation that he didn't like the situation.That's probably why I lied about being a Bali career woman.

And Nay is not usually in a position to be lied to.If you do that, they will be sentenced to the ultimate penalty.He trusted the opponent too much when he was robbed of his sword, or when he was about to be robbed of his base by bait.It's only natural for Nay to be real.

Hayato still thinks that Nai was in virtual reality and that it was influenced by it.

Hayato's guilt toward Nay swelled up.Perhaps, Nay didn't want to bring the power of the foundation into the world.Because it's like Hayato is forcing me to use it.

"Hayato? What have you been doing?Is there something on my face?

"No, it's not.I've been talking so much, and now I think I've done something bad to Ney. "

"What's wrong with you?

"I'm sorry I had to rely on Nay's help."

"What, is that so?It's not something Hayato cares about.It's probably not Hayato's fault, is it?Either way, Hayato was just involved.And even if I hadn't known Hayato, if the foundation would have intervened in this virtual reality, I personally would have helped. "

"... is that so?

"I just told Diete that I like this world.I'm not talking about technology.It's the same shape, but I think I can play a completely different self, and I like that.I can behave like me here. "

Once he exhaled, Nay became serious.

"Virtual reality and reality are inextricably linked.Hayato was busy with reality, so he could only log in in in the morning and at night.I don't think that can be helped.But no matter how inseparable from reality, what the scorpion is doing is too futile.Words such as scratching around the world with real power for their own benefit. "

I see.

"Incidentally, there's a bit of personal grievance.It was such an important day to attack those buildings simultaneously... I can't forgive you at all!

(I don't know if I'm serious or not, but maybe you're taking care of me because it's about Nay....)

Hayato thought so, and Diete came in through the entrance to the room.

"You're going to say something nice.It's worth the event - well, I brought you Dayne.Let's talk about it. "

"I didn't expect to fly in the sky like this, but it was a pretty good experience to be shot earlier... oh, it looks like a lot more people, but is this Hayato's measure?

"Yeah, well. I called someone who could negotiate about technology."

"Excellent. Did you bring someone who can provide the technology?Are you sure you have already negotiated?It's easier for me. "

I refuse to negotiate or anything, but from Dayne's point of view, Hayato is broken.It already looks funny at this point, but nobody laughs.Because I know there's no room for that from now on.Rather, Daine has no choice but to sympathize.

"Please sit down first. Uh, I've got an Aphrodite investor and administrator here.Please negotiate directly. "

Hayato serves coffee while being nice.I gave the same to Nay and Dite.

At a circular table about two metres in diameter, I arrived at my seat in a clockwise arrangement of Ney, Hayato, Daine and Dite.Nay is in the upper seat, and Esha, Relic, and Sonia are standing by the wall behind Nay.

Daine puts her feet together and hands around her knees with her fingers twisted.

"It's a negotiation, but we've already communicated our request.Are you an Afrodite investor?All you have to do is shake your neck vertically and give me the technology. "

Nay said nothing in particular and put his mouth on Hayato's coffee.The figure feels slower and more elegant than usual.

"Before that, may I confirm that the words that came out of your mouth are the general thrust of the Foundation?

For a moment, Daine narrowed her eyes, but soon she smiled.

"Yeah, I don't mind if you think so."

"Well, then, Dite, please keep the audio from here."

"Leave it to me.I will definitely leave a line. "

"Well, was it Mr. Dayne?I told you to give me the technology here, but I don't really understand another request.He asked for the identity of a woman named Sonia, but what does that mean?

When Hayato was asked by Dayne, she was told to hand over Sonia's identity.However, Hayato doesn't know what this means either.I talked to Nay and Dite, but nobody knew why.

"Oh, is that so?As you may know as investors and administrators, the NPCs here are hundreds of years old.You seem to have lost some of your memories. "

Daine looked a little proud."I don't think you know," Nay would have been surprised.But Nay is not particularly surprised and drinks her coffee gracefully.


Not to mention Ney, Hayato and the NPCs are not surprised.On the contrary, it behaves as if it were natural.

Daine narrowed her eyes again.Eyes like exploring Ney and Hayato.

Are you sure you're bluffing or are you really aware of it?However, if you can't take either of them, stop looking proud and turn into a normal expression.And I drank coffee to calm myself down.

"Apparently you knew.But I don't think I know this.A woman named Sonia is almost seventy years old, but she has a 30-year-old appearance.It's not immortality, but there are people who want to do research because it's a dream story. "

The surrounding air weighs heavily on Daine's words.Study the human body - because you can imagine what it's like.It will probably take the form of being trapped in a medical facility.It could get worse.

Even in an atmosphere where the air gets heavier, Daine doesn't break her attitude.

"Oh, yes, it is, but please also give me the identity of the maid.Speaking of virtual reality, shooting me is against the foundation.I'm not a relative, but at least it's the foundation.You'll have to be punished accordingly.Well, dead-end delivery. "

Hayato stood up vigorously to the words.That's enough momentum for the chair to fall back.

Hayato looks at Daine, but Daine has a cool face.

"Mr. Hayato, the chair has collapsed.Or can I get you a coffee?

Clearly provocative. Hayat clasped his right fist.

"Hayato, ask me for coffee."

With a calm, yet gentle voice, Nay asked Hayato for coffee.Nay faces Hayato with a soft smile and then shows the empty cup.

Hayato took a deep breath before serving Ney coffee.Then sit back on the chair that fell.

Nay enjoyed the scent of coffee before putting his mouth on the cup.

The slow movement must have irritated Daine a little.Until now, I have lost my spare attitude.

"So what's the answer?

"Is there any doubt that the provision of technology and the identity of Sonia and the maid are the demands of the Foundation Scorpion?

Daine wrinkled her eyebrows so easily that anyone could see them.It was Nay who said the word "Foundation Scorpion."That can't be normal.

Not only the working class, but even the higher-ranking people can say the word "foundation".In addition, it is common sense in this world that even saying the name of the foundation can cause problems, so it is only common sense to talk about it in such cases.

"Because it's virtual reality, it's not impressive to say the foundation and the name at the same time.And your supervisor has a record of everything that's happened?It's going to be a lot of trouble when it comes to trial.

"Trial. Sure is tough.There is work there as every day.Sometimes I help, but it's a lot of trouble. "

"Sometimes... I help...?

"I understand the request.Then let me answer. The answer is no.Um, I wonder... yes, I don't have the technology to give it to you.Did you come here the day before yesterday?The answer is the same as before. "

"Nei-sama, I said a little more politely.But the day before yesterday doesn't seem to be enough.Let's make it a hundred years ago. "

Nay and Esha smile when they say so.

In contrast, Daine has a face of anger.But you didn't think it would be good to get emotional, and you soon smiled.However, I know that my cheeks are pulled and I smile very hard.

"Apparently you don't understand the situation.Hayato is also a bad person.Didn't you explain what would happen if you did that?

"Dead-end sending, including friends?I told you.So this is the answer. "

"It's troublesome. I meant to be considerate, but my sincerity didn't seem to be conveyed at all."

As Hayato, I wanted to say what I considered, but I didn't say anything in particular.Because there is already a match.When I was told about Esha just now, I felt angry reflectively, but there was no need to be angry.

Scorpion has information about this virtual reality.It's possible that Relics can regain their memories, manipulate information from hundreds of years ago, or know more than Hayato.

But when I didn't have any information about the members here, it was a battle I couldn't win.

One is Diete, who manages virtual reality, and Nay, who is a relative of the foundation in the real world.By the time they hadn't noticed, Daine-Scorpion had already lost.

Daine, who doesn't realize that, still looks like she can afford it.

"I can't help it.At the next council meeting, Aphrodite will be ordered to stop business.And the scorpion will hold on to each of the spaceships.Get ready for that. "

"Do you even know about the spaceship?It's quite informative.But I don't think the council ordered a shutdown. "

"It's not funny, but can I ask why?

"Because the council says Aphrodite is a company that I invest in."

Daine stops at the words.I can say that only Daine stopped time.

In the meantime, Nay drinks coffee several times today.I don't know how the elegant way of drinking seemed to Daine.But Daine's body trembled because time moved.

The council may only be attended by relatives of the foundation.He said he would attend and speak.It's not like you can tell a lie or a joke.If you're lying or joking, it's just like going into space without equipment.

I'm sure Daine understood that.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, may I ask your name...?

Daine finally squeezed out all the words as she snapped her teeth and couldn't breathe properly.

"Oh, you didn't name it.It's Nay from the Libra Foundation.Thank you in advance. Well, I don't know if we'll see each other again. "

I thought everyone in this room might not have named it Waza, but I won't say it.

And the problem is Daine.

Dayne is in the same condition as Hayato when he was given an order from the foundation.You're having trouble breathing in the real world.

Hayato had difficulty breathing just because he was given the name of the foundation.Daine may be in the ranks to receive orders from the foundation, but she acts directly in the field.It's not so high class.

The Dayne was rude to the Foundation's relatives.It's not like I didn't know.Recalling the situation, Daine was already in a state of inconceivability.

"Well, Daine. The first thing you said was that it was a general idea of the Foundation Scorpion, right?Then the words will be the same as what Scorpion said to Libra.Let me put it on the agenda at the next council meeting. "

"Wait, wait! No, wait!Master Ney! "

"Is that asking the foundation to 'wait'?It's quite gorgeous. "

"No, no, no, no.Please don't...!

Nay narrows her eyes.And I looked like I was going to eject Daine.

"Daine, I've recorded all the conversations here.This is evidence. I could be a little more considerate if we negotiated more normally, but you can't use the backing of a foundation to threaten me. "

"Chi, no!This is an order from the foundation....!Besides, I don't think the foundation is the investor...!

"Say the excuse to Scorpion.He was rude to Libra by order, but he didn't know.If it's worth it to you, it'll help.Otherwise... it's a good dead end. "

That's what Ney said with a smile.

Daine is already unable to say anything and her body is trembling abnormally.

Hayato is beginning to feel sorry for himself.There's something wrong with Daine, but it's Scorpion's orders in the first place.I don't think this would have happened without an order.

And if you retaliate, you're a scorpion, not an individual named Daine.

I don't think Daine's doing it all by herself in the first place.We need outside interference if we're to order Hayato to be restrained, reminding Relics of their memories.I don't think Daine could have done that after she logged in.

"Nah, hey, Ney.Isn't that pathetic?

"... I don't hate Hayato.But there are people everywhere who make mistakes like this.Of course, I am similar.It's great just because you're related to the foundation, and you're mistaken.So thou shalt warn thyself.At least that's what my father taught me.And I've been taught that if you step off the road, you have to be punished. "

"I think that would be nice... but wouldn't it feel like this would end with Mr. Dayne lying to herself?

"Is it possible that Scorpion would say that Daine did it on her own?That certainly doesn't make any sense. "

Nei-sama, Hayato-san, may I have a moment?If the scorpion was the organization that managed the prisons, it might work. "

Relic, who had been silent until now, said such a thing with a smile.