Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: council

After all, Daine was forgiven by Nay.

However, even if I were allowed to, I would have to work for Nay in the future.It's like a so-called spy.It is difficult to judge whether it was really allowed.

There's no point in spying if you think it won't help the scorpion.Then Nay will abandon me too.

And if Nay doesn't think it's helpful, we can use the evidence we just gave to beat up the scorpion.At that time, everyone will know what kind of retaliation the scorpion will take.

Daine had to straddle a rope that was about to break.Would that be better than being sent to a dead-end feed, which would make you want to bow your neck?

But that's the punishment for using the name of the foundation.I may have been instructed to do so by a scorpion, but I also decided not to use the name of the foundation.Daine tried to steal the technology in the simplest way.That would be the reward.

And the situation is that the status quo is maintained until the next council day.

Ney is on the council, and Aphrodite says she owns the company, and warns her not to do anything anymore.Until then, Ney was too busy to attack the islands that floated in the sky.It would have been a pretty stressful day for Ney.

But such a busy day is over.Tomorrow is the Council.

Central on Earth.The council will be held at the conference hall there.

It is a meeting in which only relatives of the foundation can participate, but even though it is called a council, the content of the decision has absolute authority and cannot be overridden by anything other than the foundation.

Having said that, there is not a futile decision.It's a decent meeting to always get a majority vote and discuss it until it's satisfactory if the vote is broken.

A car headed for the venue.Nay and her father are in the car.

Naturally, Nay was not wearing the usual fantasy coloured armor and looked like a black suit with pants look.My hair doesn't have the usual ponytail and I just tie it around the back.In the real world, it will be taken for granted.

Two people sitting opposite each other in the rear seat of the car.Nay's father asked Nay about the materials given to him by other foundations.

"It's an agenda or a report from Ney, but is this true?I didn't ask you anything, but you're okay, right?Surprisingly delicate, isn't it?

"Yes, no problem.And I have an excellent assistant. "

That's what Ney said, showing her small earbuds.

It is possible to obtain information from outside during the meeting.There are restrictions on the use of communications equipment designated by the council, but the opposite can be said to be the case.

"Are you sure it was Dite?I talked to him on the phone once, but he certainly seemed good.Well, okay, you're an adult too.From now on, we will have to entrust the operation and management of the foundation little by little.Think of today as the debut and do not be afraid to fail.Follow me no matter what happens. "

"Yes, thank you.Speaking of which, I heard my father has an agenda. "

"Ah, the construction of a new colony is about to begin, but let's talk about the relationship.It's just a report that it's started this time, but it's a lot of rooting. "

Sure, rooting is tough.

The two went to Central in a flying car while having such a conversation.

There were already several members in the council room.

Ney and his father move to their usual places.

Ney explains at this meeting that Aphrodite is a company she owns.I set up roots and traps for it.It wasn't what Nay did, it was mainly what Diete did.

Diete would not do such a thing if it were her.Since she is an AI that lives only for virtual reality, the reality is basically untouched.

But not this time.The spaceship Aphrodite, or virtual reality, can protect itself, but not the players or the NPCs.Protecting those people requires real power.Diete lends a hand to Nay for it.

As Diete herself, I'm not asking for help, but because Nay values virtual reality in Nay, she can be said to be a co-owner whose interests coincide.

Nay asked Dite through her earphones.An earphone with a built-in microphone that picks up just a few voices.Since no other voices are picked up, it is possible to communicate with the outside world with just whispering voices.

It's about time, but are you okay?

"No problem. Don't worry, I'll follow you as best as I can."

Nay laughs bitterly when her father says the same thing.They think it's going to cause some kind of problem.It's a little sad, but I can't help it.

Foundation blood relatives gather in a circular hall venue.Nay is new because she's just grown up.There are no new faces since Nay, and it is always the face that gathers.

Nay caught Scorpion's foundation with her eyes.

Not the top of the foundation, the son.Although in his late thirties, the top of the scorpion is sick, and although he is a surrogate, he may be said to be a substantial top of the scorpion.

A flashy piece of jewelry that can be considered a bit vulgar with a slightly loose body.From Ney's point of view, it was a type I didn't like.

Today's chairman, the Aquarius Foundation, declares the meeting open.

A monthly council of foundations began.

The council proceeds lightly.

Originally, each foundation provided the agenda as a resource.It's like tracing it.I would like to ask you some questions on this occasion, present the problem, and proceed while talking.There is no particular problem.

And before moving on to the last piece of material, Ney's Aphrodite, a scorpion representative raised his hand.

Are you sure?

The chairman, with a strange face, urges the speaker to speak.

"Allow scorpion to speak"

In this case, it is called not the name of the individual, but the name of the foundation.No matter how many people participate, the word is influenced by the fact that it will be the word of the foundation.

"Actually, I want to give you an agenda."

Focus on the Scorpion with expectations from Foundation members.

Members here like these sudden troubles.Most of them have time to spare, so if you're experiencing a fire powder, you're more than welcome to get in trouble around you.

"The virtual reality you all know," Analyzer Frontier Online. "I want to adopt a resolution to suspend Aphrodite, the company that manages and operates this. "

The scorpion's representative does not have a particularly emotional expression.I just said that indifferently.

But the surroundings are a little rough here.It's a question of why we're doing this right now.

"Is that really true?

Chairman Aquarius asks Scorpion.The face was quite puzzled, and the scorpion who saw it was so puzzled.

"Is there a problem?

"No, there's nothing wrong...."

The troubled Aquarius looks at Nay's Libra seat.

Nay raised her right hand slightly in place of her equally confused father.

I'd like permission to speak.

"Yes, please."

Allow Nay to speak as Aquarius was relieved.The scorpion was even more puzzled.It would have been unexpected for the newcomer, Nay, to speak.

Speaking of Libra, a foundation that values justice and harmony.The same is true of the administration of trials and police agencies, but it is also known as a foundation that coordinates the troubles between foundations.

As a scorpion, at this point in time, Libra would have said something, and she would not have been the head of the foundation, and her daughter would have felt uncomfortable speaking.

"Looks like there was a mistake here.It appears that Scorpion has not received any documentation.I'm sorry, but I'm going to send it again, so I want you to confirm it. "


As a scorpion, all the agendas are finished and a new agenda is put forward again.I suppose that's what I was going to do.However, we know that there is another agenda for foundations other than Scorpion.

Nay was supposed to report it, but the scorpion suddenly came up with a different agenda.Moreover, the agenda clearly sells fights to the final agenda.Other foundations would have had no choice but to be confused.

Nay manipulates the stereoscopic keyboard in front of her.I e-mailed the agenda item again.

The scorpion manipulated the stereoscopic keyboard in the same way.Then wrinkles appeared between the eyebrows.

"I'm sorry. I can't believe there was a delay in the e-mail.I just got a lot of emails.I want you to wait a moment. "

Email delays are unlikely in this era.But it's actually happening.

And a few seconds later, the scorpion wrinkled further between his eyebrows.

"About the right to invest in Aphrodite and technology…?

"Looks like you've arrived safely."

Here's what Ney sent as an agenda item.

It is Nay of Libra who invests in Aphrodite and all of its rights are owned by Nay.

I have been silent as a new member of the council, but recently I have decided to make a name for myself because of the many problems of being threatened or hacked with the provision of technology.

These two are mainly the main contents.

It is not a level of sleeping water for the scorpion, but a level of falling waterfalls.

"It seems that the submission was leaked because it was completed yesterday.I'm sorry, Scorpion. "

"Ah, ah. No, you don't have to apologize.Apparently the mailer was not feeling well and I got a lot of emails now.I got the e-mail yesterday.I'm sorry. "

Nay apologizes with a serious face, but that is a lie of course.I sent you an e-mail, but I've been working hard to keep it from reaching you.It was dealt with by Diete and Relic.

I knew that the scorpion would shut down Aphrodite as a new agenda item without creating an agenda item.To show it to other foundations in a bad way.

Nay didn't say anything, but he could have given the impression that Scorpion was doing something to Aphrodite.I was able to impress both.It will move in Nay's favor in the future.You can say you took the lead.

"Lord Aquarius. Do you mind if I move on to my agenda?

"Permission granted. Please continue."

After thanking him for his words, Nay began explaining the material.

"... so lately, there's been a lot of unauthorized access to virtual reality.So I want to declare that I am the owner and I want to stop doing these things. "

"If the foundation's relatives broadly disclose it to investors, will unauthorized access be eliminated?I'm sure you're right. "

"Some of them have been threatening to give us technology lately.This is a little easier.I didn't want to name the foundation and chase it away, so I handled it politely, but it was about time. "

Several of the members here nod in the words.

It is common for a foundation to carry out various activities under its name.Many foundations believe they should experience this primarily before they grow up.You must have had similar thoughts.

"That's why Aphrodite wants you to understand that I'm the investor."

This is not like taking a vote, it's just a report.This is just what I told the foundation not to do anymore.

Of course, there are others who cannot be withdrawn.

"But Libra.How about monopolizing that kind of technology?And he says he's an investor. Really?Aphrodite is also a mysterious company that doesn't know which colony it is.I don't know if what you're saying is true. "

"Does that mean I'm lying?

"No, but this material alone is not enough evidence.If we want to, we will be able to rewrite the official documents.I'm not saying I've done that, but I want more convincing evidence and explanations.Well, for example, which colony is the company in?Of course the investors know that, don't they?

Nay didn't tell Scorpion that she knew everything.

He told Daine that he was negotiating with the investors.That's why the scorpion was trying to get Nay out of jail.

"It's not in the colony.There's a server loaded on the spaceship, and that's the company.We're on Earth's moon in stealth.I wanted everything I was developing to be completely secure, so I let them. "

A member of the foundation exclaims in Nay's words.I don't know if it's true, but it's possible.And the scorpion knows it's right.

Scorpion is right to recognize that the spaceship that escaped a hundred years ago has returned.

But if we take it apart here, the Scorpion won't be able to monopolize the ship.It wasn't originally a scorpion.

In addition, it is difficult to respond even if you are told to provide evidence that it is a fleeing spaceship.It's the information I found in Prison, but if they say it's suspicious, it's over.

The scorpion didn't show up on his face, but he had a moody vibe.

"I know where the company is.What about the monopoly on technology?That kind of technology is very rude, but it seems a little heavy to say that young people like you, not Libra, are investors and have all the rights. "

The aim is to monopolize technology, but first we need to cut off Aphrodite from the Ney in front of us.I suppose it was the idea of breaking down from there.I started attacking Nay's youth.

It's just a toy, but if you ask me if I can manage it well, it's definitely the age I want to cut my neck off.

"I am indeed a young man.There will be a lot of shortcomings. "

Well then...

"But don't worry.I leave the management of Aphrodite to others.I'm just paying, and the management is up to the Aphrodite owners.Just say you don't have to worry because you're a trustworthy person. "

Scorpion gets stuck in the answer.

If you say you can trust him here, it's because Libra says he doesn't have eyes on people.

Again Nay opened his mouth to the silent scorpion.

"Scorpion says he has a monopoly on technology, but to be honest, he can't give it to me if he wants to.The developer who made it is dead, and now it's turned into a black box.I am carefully analyzing it because it has a mechanism that is destroyed if I do it poorly.I think we can provide the technology by the end of the analysis.Unfortunately, it will take decades, so I have to ask you to wait. "

Black box. Simply put, I can't see the internal structure.In other words, I use virtual reality technology, but I don't know why it's working.

This is a setup that Diete has decided or a lie.

It is true that the developer is already dead and the infinity is expanding on its own, so there is no doubt that it is black boxed.At this point in time, I think you can analyze it as much as Esha.However, it will not be destroyed or analyzed.

I can't help it - it's the Scorpion.

"Then we can help with the analysis.It doesn't mean we need to increase the number of people, but it would be a waste to just use that technology for games, right?Let's set up an analysis team right away.That way, we can analyze it quickly. "

Now we've switched to a format that benefits all foundations.I wonder if he has the audacity to increase his allies.

And it had a certain effect.There are many foundations that want that technology.And if I could chew one, I would definitely agree with the scorpion first.

"You should stop that."

"... what's the reason?

"I think I know what happened to the person who played that game.That's not what a company called Aphrodite does.If you put your hand on the black box itself, you'll fight back automatically.That's why we analyze carefully.The more people you add, the more people you fight back.I want you to think that you are doing something because you have a small number of good employees. "

It's famous what happened to Aphrodite or someone who hacked into Anather Frontier Online.Any information is exposed and socially erased.

Other foundations said they shouldn't leave such dangerous things behind, but Nay said they shouldn't hack them in the first place.and add more.

"By the way, foundations are no exception.You should be careful because you don't look at people and think about retaliation.Yes, the story will change, but it's about time we found out who we hacked recently.Considering the amount of unauthorized access, there will be considerable retaliation.Unfortunately, I can't stop it. "

"... what?

At the same time as the scorpion spoke, he received some sort of email.Scorpion looks at it and opens his eyes.

Then Diete's earphones heard a voice.

"Relic stopped the colony with something you used to make prisons for.Of course the humans are safe.However, security is in a monkey state.No matter what you do now, you won't complain.If we have more than enough time, Prison's information will be sent all over the world.Tell Scorpion you're there. "

Diete contacted Nay with pleasure.

"This is only tentative, but if the foundation does that, it might do something to stop the colony from functioning.There will be no stopping everything as long as there are people, but it may be like disabling security and transferring all the information there in an irregular manner.If that happens, it's gonna be tough. "

Nay's timing is too good a word.And the cold eyes that I showed the scorpion for a moment.The scorpion pulled his face against a young woman who was ten years away.

But Nay smiled on the other hand.

"Scorpion, that's why I'm a little dangerous about that virtual reality technology.It's originally mine and I don't think it's a problem, but what do you think?

Nay is definitely asking the scorpion.But what happens if I say no?You won't have to imagine that.

"In that case, I'll leave the virtual reality to Master Libra.And apologize. I'm sorry, but I didn't know it was your company, so I stopped working.I want you to do what you didn't do. "

"Yes, of course.Oh, yeah. As a matter of fact, I was recently challenged to negotiate by someone named Daine, but when I looked into it, it was Lord Scorpion. "

"Well, did I do something rude?If there's anything I can tell you, I'll tell you. "

"No, I did a gentleman's job.If there is anything else in the future, please send him to me.It's easier for people who know it. "

"Okay, okay.If there's anything I can do, I'll send Daine.Are you okay now?

Most people here don't know what's okay.Only Nay will know that.

Nay smiled without answering anything.

And tell Chairman Aquarius that the speech is over.

"Well, there were a lot of things, but that's the end of the agenda.Do you have a new agenda?

There was no new agenda in particular, and the Council ended.

And then I hear Diete again in Nay's ear.

"What, did it break right away?Then let's stop this one too.For my part, I wanted you to do it thoroughly.I'll tell Relic to put it back.Well then, good work, Nei-kun. "

Nay laughs a little and takes a seat.

Other foundations gathered there.I'm sure you want to hear a lot about it.

Nay talked to the people who came together with a little dissatisfaction that she didn't have time to play games today.