Another Frontier Online

Power Balance

"That's why I managed.There's no extra time for this. "

I see. Good day.Looks like it's been tough, huh?

"What, it's not that hard.Diete and Relic did a lot for me.Well, I didn't think I'd do enough to stop all the prisons. "

An island campsite that floats in the sky.In the conference room at the base, Hayat heard from Nay about the end of the council.

In the real world, it was largely announced that the young blood family of the foundation Libra was the founder of the famous "Analyzer Frontier Online".

Some organizations have been playing a little game with Aphrodite until now, but starting with scorpions, there was no unauthorized access at all.Because even kids know what happens when they do something to a company that's breathing the foundation.

And even if the prize came out, many people said that they would not play the game of the mysterious company, but it seemed that more people started the game on this occasion, and Diete said so with joy.

Hayat asks Nay a lot after hearing about it at the council.

"Still, you've done a lot of setting, haven't you?Is the developer dead or is it a black box?I'm not wrong. "

"I didn't have to say anything that looked like that.It doesn't matter if it's all a lie. "


"I only asked Diete later, but after all, on that occasion, Aphrodite was the property of Libra, and Scorpion was doing something to Aphrodite, something was done in retaliation, so it would have been nice to show other foundations that Scorpion gave in.So the content of the settings was fine.I can't prove the truth to a scorpion in the first place. "

Hayat somehow understood when he heard it.

In other words, the scorpion was disguised.

When I reach out to Aphrodite, I don't know exactly what I'm going to do, but I'm going to get enough retaliation from the foundation to give in.I showed that to other foundations.

Simply declare Aphrodite to be the property of Libra, or the foundation can make a little noise without knowing it.We need to show some kind of force to stop it.

I used a scorpion to show it this time.

Of course, other foundations will gather information about it, but they won't bother Aphrodite.The unknown fear of not knowing what to do is in any position.I don't go out of my way to poke my head.

It is also a thankful situation for Nay.Only the colony "Prison" can succumb to the foundation, a trump card that works only on scorpions.

Relic had a trick in his prisons before embarking on the spaceship Aphrodite.It's like a rebuke.

Wearing sins that no one cares about, and even using relics and sonia as well.Someday they were trying to retaliate.

However, the spaceship Aphrodite fled Earth with its crew.Relic will never come back.

It was the Scorpion who did the extra thing.

To catch Hayato, the scorpion recaptured the relics' memories.

There are many people sent in from the prisons.They tried to recapture the memory of Relic and Sonia, who were closest to Hayato.Of course, it was an order after threatening with the information of the time.

After that, Relic had a conversation with Hayato and noticed that the current scorpion was managing the colony "Prison".

Maybe the warden's bloodline in Prison was a scorpion at the time.Then it is possible that if it leaks outside, the problematic information will be left in the prisons.So Relic suggested that the prisoner be completely naked.

We did it in the Council.

It would have been possible to succumb to the scorpion in various ways, even if it had not been for the trick, but Relics would have put me under more threat than I needed.

However, there is also the aspect that it was done too much.I gave a lot of information to other foundations.

Actually, I was a little angry with my father.

"Huh? Are you okay?

"Oh, no problem.I've been taught a lot about the power balance of the foundation. "

"Power balance...?

"Simply put, if some foundation gains extraordinary power, it can eliminate it.Since Libra defeated the Scorpion this time, foundations will emerge that don't feel comfortable with it.Foundations are only equal.We're close to a complete victory for Libra this time anyway.Is it frightening to other foundations that they don't know where the Ribra is going?

Well, sure.

"As I said before, the Foundation's blood relatives are timid.I will not forgive anyone who threatens my position.It would be the same with other foundations.If Libra has enough power to succumb to other foundations, other foundations will try to unite and crush Libra. "

"Hey, are you sure you're okay?

"Oh, it's okay.My father is following me a lot.Besides, the foundation's blood relatives are also pinkiri, but there is no incompetence or idiot who doesn't know what to do if he does such a thing.We're not actually going to crush Libra, we're not going to shred her.Just think about what happens when you do that. "

"I don't know, but is that what it is?

"I don't think Hayato understands it because it's about foundations.Yes, Libra has actively intervened in events with other foundations to adjust for each other's dropouts.If the libra were to disappear, the triviality could develop into a battle between foundations.No one wants it, and there are parts of the foundation that are playing tricks on other foundations because there is Libra. "

"Is that what it is?It's a lot of trouble. "

"That's true, but power balance is like that.That's why foundations are each raising their own value to prevent them from being attacked.The same goes for that scorpion, of course.However, this time it is the name of the cause, or the scorpion is the first one to make a call.No one fully understands what was going on there, but I'm sure they do. "

Hayat is convinced that something similar happened at the company he used to work for.

Neither companies nor employees speak directly to each other, but if we do, we will present this situation in a way that is easy to understand.Doing so avoids the opponent's rush.

"It's a political rush."

"Well, yes.That's why you have to pretend to be close to the scorpion.If it stays this way, it will leave a tragedy in the future.My father decided to ask a scorpion for some of the new colonies.Our interests in the colony will be diminished, but this will be hands-on.Besides, Daine needs to work hard if she does it a little bit well.I'll let you work like a horse for a while, but I don't know what to do if I push you too far.Taken together, it was my father's assessment of pain in this case.It's tough. "

"... I'm sorry."

"Why would Hayato apologize?

"No, I'm just saying it's going to be less profitable, but it's going to be a lot of money, right?I'm sorry I got Ney into this. "

"Hey, what's Hayato saying?I've become an investor in Aphrodite for this.I'm the owner, owner. "

Hayato leans his neck.I don't know what that means.

"From now on, I will receive a portion of my sales every month.If Dite showed me the price, the profits of the colony could be recovered in six months.That's what my father did because he had it. "

"Oh, is that so?So, what's the problem?

"It's not that there's no problem at all, but it's not a problem at all when it comes to money.Instead, it's too many. "

Although it is an enviable story, Hayato strokes his chest to say that it would have been nice if Nay had something in return.

"Well, it's more than that."

When Nay stood up from the chair, he made a fist in his chest to save power in both hands.

"I couldn't play games all the time, so I couldn't help it!Start exploring again today!

"Oh, wow. Everyone seems to have enjoyed a vacation in the lake, but it's time to get bored."

"... that's sad.I also wanted to take a vacation in the lake.Poseidon's swimsuit... ah, nothing.Make sure you didn't ask. "

(I don't think it's something to hide, but are you embarrassed...?

"No, I didn't hear anything.

"That's good. All right, then I'll invite everybody to that building!Today is the day to attack!

Nay said that and jumped out of the conference room cheerfully.

I don't think it's a relative of the foundation, but Hayato was a little happy about it as usual.