Another Frontier Online

Resume exploration and check status

Nay summoned the members at once.

Nei's tension was high, and the members of the Black Dragon and NPC were a little stunned, but I was inspired by Nei who behaved too pleasantly, and decided to attack each building at the same time with similar tension.

I have told the members of the Black Dragon about various circumstances.He also explained that Nay was a member of the foundation and shared the secrets of the game.I didn't particularly pursue Nay or the secrets of the game to the extent of "Oh, yeah."

And the conversation is over by saying, "I'll be happy to continue."

The members of the Black Dragon don't seem to be working in the first place, and they don't seem to be in trouble with money.Hayato thinks he's not as free as the foundation, but he's a class person who can live quite freely.I don't suppose you have a financial appetite because you didn't seem to need a prize.

However, the fact that the NPCs were humans had caused some problems.It's not a member of the Black Dragon, it's mainly caused by Ney.I became more familiar with NPCs, especially Rosalie.

"I haven't seen you for a while because you're not feeling well, but when you get better, you'll get a lot sticky.Please don't be a bit shy between women. "

"Well, that's good.Let's keep getting along!

"I didn't mean to get along with you, but occasionally you can party with me - I told you not to pull your clothes."

I'm sure Nay was happy that Rosalie was a human, not an AI.

Even if it were AI, the attitude would not change, but I thought NPC was only in the virtual reality world.No matter how close you get, the NPCs will be gone one day after the game's service ends.

Nay seemed to care more about Rosalie than usual, whether it was a recoil with no more grief.

(There were times when I thought that Esha and the others would disappear.I know how Ney feels.)

After such an exchange between Nay and Rosalie, each member of the camp set out to explore.Only Hayato, Esha, and Dite remained in the campsite.

Bandit's clan returned to Earth as soon as they fixed the airship.

Esha was showing flyers and Belzeve.Jolt, laughing bitterly, retreated to escape.

So there are only three people in the campsite.The three were sitting in a chair in the conference room and talking over a cup of coffee.

"Thanks to you, Ney, things have been cleared up.There are more people starting new games, and there's nothing wrong with handing over a portion of the sales.And now you can do a lot more maintenance on your spaceship.Until now, I've been hiding everything I need to get to the spaceship. "

"That's good.So, did you get rid of the stress?

Somewhat refreshed.Nevertheless, I was hoping to crush the scorpion, so there's something missing. "

"Don't say a word about the problem.It's bad for my heart. "

Even if Diete, who manages this virtual reality, says so, she won't find out anywhere, but I think that Hayato, who is stained with his body, will have a shorter lifespan if he says he shouldn't disobey the foundation.

"Oh, I'm sorry.But the real world is troublesome.No, the way the world works is troublesome.It is a strange value that blood muscles determine absolute values, not the person's abilities.I'm sure the foundation did pretty well in 100 years. "

Although there was a single scale 100 years ago, there was no foundation.On the contrary, we have built this system in just 100 years.The population of the planet has shrunk, and most of what can be called a country has sinked into the sea, but even in such a situation, it will be difficult to create and establish new mechanisms.

Twelve foundations now did it.

"Does that sound funny to me from Diete-chan?You might think so too much because you make NPCs for good people in certain fields.But don't you have any trouble with the value of not being good at it?Speaking of values, coffee disappears from our coffee shop..... "

"I don't like being said such a selfish thing.But it certainly is.Ney seems to value your foundation, but harmony is important. [M]It's a lot to learn. "

I don't know what I'm studying, but Hayato thinks Diete is learning a lot from humans.

That said, what Hayato wants to hear is Relic and Sonia.

The two of you are out exploring today.It was normal as usual, but my memory is back.I haven't heard from Hayato, but I want to know what he intends to do in the future.

I'm sure it's natural to ask directly, but Relics logged out yesterday.That's to hack into the "prisons".To activate exactly what was originally supplied.

After that, I logged in normally, but Relics didn't tell Hayato the details or what to do next.I said, "It's over."

I am a little concerned about Hayato.

Diete-chan, what happened to Relic and the others after they logged out?

"Both of you had a hard time moving your body at first.Sonia looks as old as Relic, and unlike virtual reality, her body doesn't move by will alone.It must have been difficult. "

"It was hard for me to move right after I logged out, so I think it would have been worse for Relics."

That's what Esha said.

Esha was also asleep in cold sleep a hundred years ago.There was no muscle weakness with special technology, but the body that moved for the first time in 100 years would not have listened.

"Was Esha the same way?

"Yes, I did my best to eat a real chocolate parfait."

(You want me to say that because you wanted to see me there - don't you think?If you think about it carefully, it is troublesome to be told)

Hayato is a virtual reality, but he coughs and cheats.

"Well, Relic and the others hacked well, so your body managed to handle it, right?

"That's right.I just hacked to make sure there was no problem, then I went back into the pod and logged in right away. "

Did he say anything about what he was going to do?

"Looks like we haven't decided yet.At least until we finished exploring this island.Yeah, I've arranged for a proper retrieval of the machines embedded in your body.At least you'll log out again. "

"I can't decide... do you have the idea of living as an NPC of virtual reality?

"I know you didn't ask, but I do.They're old.There will be no reason to live in reality now.As I said before, in reality, you can't move your body well, but in virtual reality, you can move without any problems.Virtual reality is more comfortable than reality when it comes to living.It's just... "


"Neither Relic nor Sonia wanted to live in virtual reality in despair of life.Somewhat close to escape from the prisons.There's no reason to live in virtual reality. "

Esha and Ash logged out of virtual reality because they were able to do what they wanted to do in real life.Without reality, we could live as virtual reality NPCs.

Hayato imagined that Relic and Sonia might want to do something real, but he couldn't think of it.

"I don't know what they're going to do about it... by the way, where's the van?

"That's easy.You want to get back to reality right away, so I'm gonna give you a little money and throw it out after I take out the machine that's embedded in you. "

"Is that okay?

"No problem. And erase some of my memories.I'll tell you what, this is what he wants.I guess I'm scared, because I don't know what I'd do if I remembered something weird. "

I'm scared of my face.

Diete's face is evil no matter how anyone looks at it.Rather, it's a bad face to do something.

Did Hayato stare at you and make you feel a little awkward? Diete returns her face to normal.

"Whoa, excuse me.And to tell you the truth, there are other members sent from the prisons of the time besides Van.I have to deal with it the same way, so I decided to leave everything to you. [M]Originally a criminal, he has a chance to live a straight life.After that, it's up to us.Of course, I won't forgive you if you work with some organization to get back to this virtual reality. "

I see. Well, I wonder if that's okay.If you didn't have as much knowledge as Relic and the others to hack, you wouldn't be in trouble at work. "

"No, you said you wanted to stop hacking.They don't want to touch the computer anymore.He said he wanted to work sweaty on his forehead, so I'm sending him to Farm, a colony with a lot of farming and livestock work. "

"... Dite, did you do something to the van?

"I can't believe it. Well, I won't deny it."

Please, deny it.

"Well, that's good.In the meantime, various things settled round.Let's enjoy the rest on this island.Ney, you guys were pretty tense, so I guess we can go to the lake building tomorrow. [M]I'm going with you then. "

Nay and her tension was high, but Dite was no less intense than her.

Even with AI, Hayato thought that if there was dissatisfaction and stress and it was resolved, the tension would increase.