Another Frontier Online

The Future of the Two

When Hayato logged in again at night, it seemed that Nay and the others had already completed their exploration and returned to the campsite.

Knowing that Nay's tension was still decaying, he made a scene with the Black Dragon, the Black Rose, and members of the Dragonbusters.

Hayato wondered if she could log in all day while maintaining that tension, but she thought it would have been that stressful and decided not to say anything in particular.

It was Relic and Sonia who looked at it with a smile.

"Do you two feel like you can't keep up with that tension?

Relic means Sonia sees Hayato.Sonia raised her right hand slightly and Relic lowered her head.

"It's nice to say you're young.Even if I knew it was a game, I could enjoy it that much.It feels so good to watch. "

"Could Sonia not have enjoyed it?

Sonia and Relic both regained their real memories.

It can be said that they have been exploring the world because they thought it was real.I don't know if they could have enjoyed it after recognizing it as a game.

Older people don't play games, but some people are reluctant to spend time on games regardless of their age.

Diete said they had no reason to live in virtual reality.Both of you will be staying with me on this expedition, but I don't know what will happen next.

As Hayato, I would be happy if you could enjoy this game in the future, but there is a possibility that you will stop.Hayat missed it a little.

Did you notice Hayato's idea? Sonia shook her head sideways with a smile.

"What are you talking about?If I had been younger, I would have been making noise with everyone.But I'm tired today because I recognized my body in reality.It's probably because of my mind, but even if it's virtual reality, I wonder if it affects my real body. "

"Somehow, I understand.I have my own experience. "

Realistic pain in virtual reality can affect the real body.Conversely, if you recall the state of your body in reality, your body in virtual reality may also be affected by it.

Relic and Sonia logged out and returned to reality, even though they were not tired of virtual reality at all, recalling their natural debilitating bodies.Hayat wonders if that is affecting it.

Hayato also hurt his leg in reality.It is completely healed now, but neither reality nor virtual reality can suddenly move well.I wonder if there is a relationship between mind and body that cannot be cut.

Hayato thought of it, but it was not about herself.

"Master Hayato, you don't have to worry about it.Basically, he was fighting with Nai and the others a while ago.I really want you to think about your age. "

"Why are you rosy?It's a little silver in here, isn't it?

He said, "What are you going to do with it?"

Hayato had a bit of a look.

They're both surprisingly bright.I thought I was worried about what to do in the future, but I don't feel that way at all.Rather, he behaved as usual.

Before the council began, it was a mysterious state of being able to talk, but it was also dusty.

"Are there any particular problems with you two?I thought it was going to be a lot of trouble getting my memory back. "

"Nothing in particular.I was surprised that 100 years had passed, but that's about it.In the first place, I'm lonely. After 1,000 years, there's nothing wrong with it.How's the relic?

"I'm similar.I am worried about what happened to Anne Reese, but I have Diet-sama look into it.That's enough to know. "

I'm surprised you're both here.

Relic smiled at Hayato's words.

"If the world has been better since then, there is no problem.If it gets worse, I have a different feeling, but the world seems distorted now, but it can be said that it has been rebuilt.It's good to have hope for the future. "

"I see. That's the way you think."

"However, we were in virtual reality at a difficult time.You feel guilty about the people back then.The warden who was in Prison at the time was a bad guy, but if he is now an organization that can be said to rule the world, he must have been involved in reconstruction in some way.I can't believe it. "

Hayato nodded.

It would be natural for ordinary people to feel that way.Run away at a difficult time and come back with nothing to eat when you calm down.If you do such a thing at work, you will definitely be hated, and if you do, you will want to be kicked out.

Nevertheless, there are no more human beings of the time when Relics were alive.And with all the other things going on, the Relics had to run away.

"I don't think you need guilt.They said they were mostly people back then, but they're probably gone. "

"You're absolutely right.Humans of that time are no longer alive.You don't have to feel guilty.It's just that I personally wonder if benefiting from what others have created without doing anything - that's not what hackers call a line. "

Relic laughs, but Hayato laughs bitterly when he asks for an answer.

And I think that the word "not to benefit" can be taken to mean "not to live in reality."

"Is Relic going to live with this virtual reality alone?

Straight in the middle without any change.Hayato heard directly that it was not a trick to ask.

Relic put his right hand on his chin.

"Actually, I haven't decided yet.I told Master Diete, but I will decide by the end of this quest.But either way, it won't erase my memory. "

"Really... Sonja too?

"I'm going to go with Relic's decision.At this age, I don't know what to do to stay here alone or live in reality.Either way, we're just playing relic chess. "

"Oh, my God, you mean the corrupt relationship is still going on?"

"Did you hear that, Hayato?Is that what you say to your partner you've been with for years?I don't know when I'll be able to say something smart... I can't help it when I'm just getting old for nothing. "

Relic is laughing bitterly at Sonia's counterattack.

(I will tell you from the same man that it only stinks.I just want you to think of it as an advanced tundelier.As a woman, I would like you to say it properly.)

Whether or not it can be practiced even if it is known is another story.Even Relics who are older than Hayato, I was just a little happy that it would be such a response.

Anyway, no matter what happens, you won't be able to see Relic or Sonia.If we could meet anytime, it wouldn't be a problem to choose to live by virtual reality alone.

Hayato thought so, and Ney came.

"Hayato, if you're here, call me!Let's make a scene together!

"Nay, let's drop some more tension.I'll tell you what I want to make a scene. "

"I don't understand! I've been through a lot in the last few days!And I can't play games. I'm stressed out!I'm sorry I couldn't take a vacation!So when you're done exploring here, we'll take a vacation in the lake!

"Well, good luck.By the way, did you manage to attack the two buildings?

"That's okay.I have attacked properly.Thanks to that, I can go to the lake building tomorrow, so make sure you're ready... okay!Make more noise on the eve of exploration!You should have more relics and more sonia!

Nay stormed toward Rosalie with her tension intact.

"Rosalie! What kind of swimsuit were you wearing on a vacation?!I heard it was amazing, let me see!

"Don't say it with a big voice!

Relic and Sonia are seeing such an exchange again with a smile.

"You've caused a lot of trouble to Nay's lady."

I see. And Hayato-sama.I'll give it back for the rest of my life. "

"It's too heavy. The person returning it is different.I didn't do anything, and I couldn't do anything, so don't worry.Well, I want Nay to give you back all kinds of things. "

All Hayato did this time was negotiate and talk.I haven't done anything to make you feel grateful.

Relic shook his neck and stared at Hayato.The gaze is gentle.

"Indeed, I don't think Hayato had the power to solve things directly.But didn't Hayato work with Nei and the others?I'm not saying I didn't do anything. "

Well, maybe, but I just asked Nay to do it.

"Just do me a favor. Do you think Nai will move?At Hayato's request, Nei was moved.In general, even if I or Sonia asked Nai to do it, this would not have been the result.Besides, Hayato didn't abandon us this time, even though he was involved.It's not enough to repay me for the rest of my life. "

"No, no, no, I'm afraid to say that.I just paid for my own fire powder..... "

While Hayato and Relic were talking to each other, Esha came.

"Are you two flirting again?I'm gonna shoot you in the forehead again.

The relic laughed a little when he heard the words.

Speaking of which, you've been defeated.I was proud that Esha never defeated me, but I can't be proud of my old clan members anymore. "

"I'm not proud of it.Rather, Ivan and Cecil were proud of how many times they were defeated.From now on, do your best to be proud of yourself?

"I'll stop.Two digits is not enough to beat those two. "

Hayato is amazed how much he was defeated, but I think it's possible for those two.

"Well, that's fine, Master, please cook more and more.The banquet is coming.I have to eat for the delay.A full course of sweetness, please. "

"That's fine, but I thought so.If you eat a lot in virtual reality, it may also affect the real body.And recently... "

"I see, Master wants to brag about how many times I've been knocked down."

"Don't point the gun at me because I don't want to brag.I'm sorry, I won't say anything anymore. "

Relic and Sonia laugh at the interaction between Hayato and Esha.

Hayato began cooking, trying not to say any more.