Another Frontier Online

Lake Guardian

The day after Nay's tension rose too high, Hayato and the others came early in the morning to the lake of an island floating in the sky.

The reason is, of course, to enter the building in the middle of the lake.

By attacking buildings in the northwest and northeast, it was largely clear what the island was.Hayato has heard about it from Nay.

"A facility that can artificially rain?

"Well, there was a fairly advanced civilization a long time ago - is it easier to say terraforming?It seems that there were some people on this planet who made it possible for people to live there.One of the facilities used at the time was this island. "

To put it simply, terraforming a planet that cannot be inhabited by humans into an environment close to Earth.

Even in the reality of Hayato, there is such a plan, but the planet itself has not yet had enough technology to change the environment.If we could do that in the first place, we would be doing something about the Earth, so it would be a long time before such technology would emerge.

Anyway, the planet that is the stage of the game is set to be someone else's planet.

"But it seems that the people who were trying to do it were destroyed for some reason or escaped from this planet, and the island has been abandoned for tens of thousands of years.In the meantime, nobody was doing any maintenance, so it looks like it's broken. "

"Is it broken...?Oh, so it's not raining, it's like a waterfall. "

"Exactly. Olga Doms Falls doesn't seem to know if it's romantic."

It seems that there was no detailed explanation of how such a large quantity of water was made, as if it were an unknown technology.

Hayato wonders if it is a hybrid of magic and science because it is a world view where magic can be used.

"If the spirits in the Spirit Kingdom knew, it would be angry.It's not the power of the Spirit, it's the power of science that's causing the water to fall... By the way, why are the dinosaurs here?

"It seems that if I made it by genetic manipulation, it could not be controlled.It was written in a diary that I abandoned every island because of that. "


There's enough technology to terraform a planet, but I wonder what a civilization can defeat a dinosaur.Rather, the part about why we made dinosaurs on this island is more mysterious.

Hayato looks at Diete who is participating in this expedition.

Diete noticed that Hayato was looking at her, and she looked at her face.I'm sure you're confident in the settings you've made.

From Hayato's perspective, it seems to be a lot of clutter.However, only some of the settings I heard from Nay, and there may be other settings.I thought so and decided not to let Tsukomi in.

(At first, it may be the setting that it was fashionable to make dinosaurs habitable rather than humans, or to pet dinosaurs at that time.Maybe that's how monsters on the ground were made.Besides, it seems that there was a story that Ash and the others were called Genesis Dragons and that the dragon graves were originally dragons, and they might have been there before that.Is this the setting where the terraformers built the Ashes...?

It is a pleasant act to imagine such a contradiction to coincide, but it can be frustrating if it is not explained from one to ten.Whether or not Hayato could enjoy the contradiction depends on the person, but Hayato was more enjoyable.

I was imagining things, but I put them down for now.The purpose of today is to explore.

"I understand, but you know how to get into that building, don't you?

Nay said, "Of course," and showed Hayato the type of switch that pushed the button.There are two of them.

"These are the switches we found at the bottom of each building.This is a switch that eliminates the barrier that covers the building.The other is the switch that opens the entrance to the building. "

"Was there such a convenient thing?"

"It's handy, but it's like an emergency item and only works once.After using it once, I need to go and get it again.It was written in the instruction manual.Besides, the island's control system is broken.It seems that the barrier and entrance to the building will be restored over time.We need to get out of that building before that happens. "

Dungeons with limited time are common on the ground.If you have a similar system here, it is highly likely that if you do not go out in time, you will lose the items you acquired there.

If you don't act while calculating the time to go and come back, it's a waste of time.

Hayato told himself that he had to be too greedy.

And when I asked Nay further, he said that the barrier would be back in about a day and the entrance would be back in about three hours.

We need to break the barrier first, then take the boat to the entrance, find the treasure within three hours and escape.

As for Hayato, I was worried about whether there was a treasure in the building in the settings I just heard, but I felt like I had to come here and go home without anything.

Hayato and the others split into three teams, as usual when attacking a dungeon with a limited time.

Ney leads three teams: Black Dragon, Lunaria and Black Rose, Cecil and Dragonbusters.

On top of that, Hayato, Esha, Relic, and Diete were members of the Black Dragon.Sonia is with the Lunarians.The rest of the Trehan members were to work with the Dragonbusters.

The role is explored by the Black Dragon.The Lunarians are halfway through exploration and monster sweeping.And the Dragonbusters sweep monsters.

Dungeons with time limits often don't allow monsters to reappear.Because there is a time limit, it is said that such considerations are taken into account.

So divide it into a team that kills monsters whenever possible and a team that collects items from chests in the dungeon.Even the team that got the treasure can split the items by going out in a limited time.

Now that there was no problem, Nay retrieved the switch to release the barrier from the item bag.

"Then I'll push the switch!

When Ney pressed the switch, it began to sound like an echo, and the barrier that protected the building disappeared from the sky.

After confirming that, Sonia takes out the miniature of her large ship and floats it to the lake.

As soon as everyone boarded the huge ship, they headed for the center of the lake.

Since it is a lake about 15 kilometers in diameter, it is more than seven kilometers to its center.It's faster than walking, but it still takes a few minutes.

The weather is nice and the wind is mild.Hayato and the others were in a slightly relaxed situation.

But for some reason, Diete is tilting her neck.

"Diete-chan, what's wrong?

"No, when the barrier is lifted, the dinosaurs inside are unleashed and attacked, but I don't think they'll show up at all - oh, here they come.All right, everybody, good luck.If we don't have a cannon, we can handle it. "

"Why are you so happy..."

From a developer's point of view, I'm sure you'll be glad to see the monsters you've prepared.It's a good inconvenience, but Hayato has to be like a guardian to protect the treasure.

A huge shadow can be seen in the calm lake.It is only a visual observation, but it will be nearly fifteen meters long.It passed under the ship once.As soon as I thought the ship was rocking, a giant thing jumped out right next to it.

A giant crocodile, a whale, floats in space as if the giant ignored the laws of physics.And when I returned to the lake like slow-motion, a splash of water struck the ship.

One of the Trehan members speaks out.

It's a mosaurus! Oh, no!Cool! "

Mosasaurus. Hegemon of the sea.The apex of the food chain. It's the most powerful marine reptile in history, though, and the time I lived would have been a level I couldn't help but think of as a cheat bastard from around me.

It might be nice, but Hayato wants to tell me how to win such a thing.

Hayat made an immediate decision.

"I'll try my best to escape to the lake building.I can't deal with that kind of thing. "

"Hayato, wait.Shouldn't we keep this place down?That's awesome.I can't say it out loud, but Infinity made it quite impossible.We can win, so let's do our best. "

(You said you couldn't?

This may be the case from a developer's perspective, but not from a player's perspective.Hayat offered to run with all his might.

But there was no one on board to escape here.Especially Ney, Lunaria and Cecil.

"Let's fight together!

"Fufu, it's a bit big, so it's better not to get in the mood.I was lucky enough to attack the Demon King's ship. "

"Uh-oh! Big deal!Let's take it down! "

I don't suppose this member helps Hayato become a minority.I want to tell you what to do if you wear it out before exploring, but I can't stop it if this happens.

"Ha, well then, in the direction of knocking down.But the main thing is exploration, so don't push it. "

Hayat said so, and some members shouted.

Diete nodded many times with a full smile.I wonder if it's such a confident work.

In that situation, Relic laughed at Hayato.

You're going to have a hard time.

"Mr. Relic, please don't say it like any other HR.This member has a lot of blood on him. "

"Maybe, but think about it this way.You could get attacked on your way home, so you should knock it down. "

"I see. But the return is a ring of transition - no, a dungeon with a time limit doesn't mean we can't transfer.Besides, the treasure may have to be taken out of the lake.I guess we should just knock it down... and then it'll be easier mentally.Thank you, Mr. Relic. "

"No, but Hayato, the ship's durability has been reduced by the attack earlier.Wouldn't it be dangerous if it stayed that way?

"Shit, we have to fix it.Mr. Relic, I'm defenseless during the repairs, so could you keep an eye out for the surroundings? "

"Leave it to me. Don't worry, Hayato. Repair it."

Thus began the battle against Mosasaurus, the guardian of the lake.