Another Frontier Online

Old bullshit.

Hayato and the others defeated Mosasaurus at the end of the fight.

The most powerful creature in the ocean had a considerable struggle, but Hayato and the others had the most powerful members, so they wouldn't lose.

However, the wear and tear is severe.

Hayato almost ran out of chemical-based production items.Furthermore, there is no timber to repair the ship.Originally, you should turn back once and rearrange the item.

The switch releases the barrier for one day.I have enough time to prepare it again even if I go back.It's designed to do the same systematically.

But it's for people who don't work or Sundays.

Today is a weekday, and Hayato and Esha have been working at the coffee shop since the afternoon.I don't have time to go back and gather items.

Therefore, we entered the lake building with few production items.

"Even with Lunaria and Esha-kun, it was quite a struggle.I wonder if we need to lower the Mosaurus' abilities a little bit. "

"Dite, we're not trying to adjust the game balance, are we?

"... that's not true.Well, even though it was here from the very beginning, Hayato was the first to come.I was expecting what would happen.I won't deny that I got good data. "

Didn't you say we could win?

According to Diete, fighting with cannons is the basic tactic in the first place, and it seems unexpected to fight in melee battles.Esha's Destroy, Lunaria's Black Swan, is the only way to win.

Sometimes, as usual, Lunaria was in good spirits.It's just a bit wet.A member of the Black Rose is drying around using flame-based magic.

"Is Lunaria okay?

I can afford it because I'm a demon king.A monster like that would be a tea boy. "

"No, that's not it. I was drowning, but are you okay?Mr. Rosalie helped you, didn't she?

When Lunaria was the last, she went on a rampage to engage in a melee battle in the sea.I jumped into the lake myself.

Although her health gradually decreased due to her lack of diving skills, she managed to survive with Diete's healing magic and eventually stabbed Mosaurus.

If everyone thought that Lunaria could swim, it seemed to be the effect of the Black Swan, and when the battle was over, it ran out of effect and Lunaria came out.

Rosalie saw it and jumped into the lake to save Lunaria.

"It's okay because I'm the Demon King.Rosalie... "

"I'm fine, too.But it's a little cold, so can I have a warm coffee?

"Then I can give you as much as you want.Where's Mr. Lunaria?

"Add plenty of milk and sugar.Request Lunaria Special "

"Yes, yes."

It's named for itself, but Lunaria can't drink coffee without a drink full of milk and sugar.Rather, the expression "coffee in milk containing sugar" is closer to a drink.

Hand them over to the two of you, then approach Esha.Lunaria stabbed him to death, but he must have contributed the most damage.

"Is Esha okay?

"I just let Destroy go, so it's okay.No damage.However, I can't shoot Destroy for a while, so it may be dangerous if we have a strong enemy next. "

"It's not enough, is it?Besides, there are strong enemies in that building, but I don't think it's a problem because we only want treasure without fighting. "

"It's definitely going to be before the last treasure.If possible, I'd like to take the treasure home... but let Cecil storm it.I'm going to shoot them all in Destroy from behind. "

"Asha, I can't hear you!"

I heard Cecil's voice quite far away.But I don't seem angry, so I guess it's like the usual light mouth.

Rather, I'm a little scared that even if I'm close, I can shoot from behind.

According to Ney and the others, there were also powerful dinosaurs at the bottom of the buildings in the northeast and northwest.Triceratops and Stegosaurus. Hayato heard that both were genetically modified and used magic instead of spitting on fire.

Given that, there is no doubt that there are boss characteristic dinosaurs in the buildings in the lake.

(It's the only one who's a dinosaur boss....)

As Hayato, I expect a little from this.A Tyrannosaurus that can be called a boy's dream.Hayato is no exception.Unfortunately, there may be a fantasy element to it, but there's nothing we can do about it.

The Mosasaurus defeated earlier also used ultrasonic attacks and "health spirals" that rotate and storm the body.In reality, it's probably not an attack.

I'm so scared that I'm looking forward to what Tyrannosaurus would do.

A few minutes later, the ship started to move because everyone was in good shape.

Sonia is steering towards the building.It's about half the way from land, so we're about three or four kilometers away.

On the move, the relic appears in Hayato's eyes.

I think I'm looking at the lake with my arms behind me on the port side of the ship, but there's nothing beyond my sight.

"Mr. Relic, what's wrong?Do you see anything?

"Oh, no, I can't see anything in particular."

"I felt like I was seriously looking at the lake."

"I wasn't looking at the lake.I was thinking about Mossaurus earlier. "

"It's unusual. May I ask what you were thinking?

Relic looked a little surprised and smiled at Hayato.

"The Mossaurus was pretty strong in the ocean."

"Yeah, you knew one of the Trehan members.Everything, as an underwater predator, was at the top. "

"I was embarrassed enough to say that I was at the top as a hacker.I liked the act of hacking and snuck in everywhere, and somehow it happened. "

Hayato also heard about it from Dite.The flame snake, the relic called Red Snake, was an incredible hacker at the time.

I got caught trying to help Annelise.It is Diete's view that he would not have been caught without it.

"That mosaurus was the culmination of the predator, and I was thinking about it."

In reality, the answer is that he wasn't intelligent enough to think of something, but that's not what Relic thinks.

Hayat waited for the next word without any particular answer.

"I didn't want to behave like a king, I didn't want to brag to anyone.If I had lived as I wanted, I would have.That's what I wanted to do with the power that I got. "

"Does Relic want to do something about that hackable force?

"You're sharp. Yeah, I've never thought about it before, but I've been greedy since I was 60 years old.If one day I could leave someone with this power even if I died, it would prove that I was alive.The van didn't work. "

Hayato thinks. Relic doesn't want to retain the power of hacking, he wants to leave evidence that he was alive.

But Hayato doesn't understand the thought well.

You're young, so you don't feel close to death, and you don't have enough power to leave anything behind.In other words, it would be like a coffee shop, but it would be different if it was proof of being alive.

I've never thought about what Relic is thinking as Hayato, because it can be the pain of someone who has gained something.

And Relic said he had never thought about it before.In other words, it's a desire that you don't even think you have since you're old.

"Uh, excuse me.I know what Relic was thinking, but I haven't reached that point, so let me tell you something. "

"Of course, thank you.Such a thing is an old bullshit.Hayato doesn't have some kind of answer for life to come.And I'm not asking you to answer anything, I'm asking you what I want to do. "

I'm sure that points to the future of relics.

Virtual reality alone or just reality, or a way of life that moves both virtual reality and reality like Hayato.Which one will it be?

Relics have no reason to live in virtual reality or to return to reality.Furthermore, there is no need for a life that goes back and forth between them.Hayato had no idea which one to choose.

Relic smiled at the thought of Hayato.

"It's not like Hayato-sama is worried.This is what I have to worry about.Rest assured, I will enjoy the world a little more with you before deciding. "

"It's not like I won't be able to see you in any way, but I've thought a lot about it - and if it comes back to reality, be sure to drink your own brewed coffee then.I'll have a treat. "

"I'm glad about that.It's an extra point for those who live in reality - speaking of Asha, is it a two-star flavor?

"Personally, I think there are about two or half stars..."

"Oh, so the point is negative?


"I'm kidding.I haven't made up my mind yet, but if I decided to return to reality, I would definitely - apparently - have arrived at my destination. "

Soon a boat arrived at the center of the lake.The surrounding members are getting ready to disembark.

(Perhaps this will be the last dungeon you can explore with Relic.We need to have a good time)

Hayato thought so and then slapped her cheeks with both hands.It didn't hurt, but it made me feel better.