Another Frontier Online

Explore Control Facilities

Hayato and the others began exploring the building in the center of the lake.

Since it is a dungeon with a limited time, Cecil and the Dragon Busters will take precedence first.It's a maneuver to defeat monsters in the dungeon as much as possible, but it basically strives for the lowest level and doesn't stop there.

After that, Lunaria, Black Rose and Sonia's team start exploring.Basically, it's a monster sweep, but I'm supposed to collect the treasure as soon as I find it.But it's just something that's easy to get.

Finally, Neighbors Black Dragon and Hayato search for treasures in the hierarchy where the monsters are gone.Sonia contacts us about the treasure that the advance team missed, so Relic unlocks and traps it.

According to Ney and the others, this is a rainfall - now a waterfall, but a facility that controls the water.Because it is broken, it cannot be stopped.The Olga Doms Falls would have stopped even if it had.It is an act of buying the rebellion of spirits, so even if it is done, it will not be done.

(But is it a control facility?Do you have a treasure?

In terms of setting up this island, it is possible that there are items that do not match the world view, but it is unlikely that there are financial items.Hayato thought it would be nice if there were items that would convince the members.

Enough time after Cecil and the others entered, they contacted us that the passage to the next level had been cleared of monsters.

Now Lunaria and the others are entering.The Lunarians will crush the monsters indoors and collect the treasure.Though Sonia is accompanying him, he is supposed to retrieve only simple items without taking care of the treasure that may have a trap.

A few minutes later, I was contacted that the first tier was almost exhaustive.And I've been contacted about where the treasure was left untouched.

The exact shape of the building is not known because it is sunk in the lake.As long as Ney and the others looked at the structure here, it was a cylindrical tower.The place where Hayato and the others came in was on the roof, and from there they went down the tower.

Come on, let's go.

Everyone enters Hayato's voice.And we started exploring.

About an hour passed and the exploration was somewhat complete.

Classic maneuvers have worked and are progressing well.The building consisted of ten floors, and Cecil and the others were already on the bottom floor.

However, there is not something at the bottom of the structure of the building.The lowest floor is a normal building, and since it is the first floor, it is the original entrance.

Cecil told me that the first floor was mostly submerged in water.

"Hayato had a ring that increased his diving skills, didn't he?Why don't you go inside instead?I can't get a ring or anything. "

Cecil is equipped with a weapon by crushing the frame of the ring and bracelet, so the ring and bracelet system cannot be equipped.Exploring underwater with that status will immediately reduce your HP and knock you down.

"There are monsters in the water, or dinosaurs?It doesn't make any sense to me.I'm about to be defeated. "

"Well, ask Nay and Esha.If you ask Lunaria, Rosalie will do it. "

"Okay. I'll ask."

There's a reason why we have to explore the ground floor.

There was a locked room on the fifth floor of this building.

It's not like Sonia or Relics can be unlocked with their unlocking skills, but they need some kind of card key.It also requires multiple cards.

We've found some, but we probably have the last card key on the ground floor, so we need to find it.

When all were gathered upstairs, Hayat told Nay and Esha.

"Mm-hmm. I don't know how to do that.But isn't it tough when you're shabby?

"That's right. Belzeve can shoot in the water, but his water resistance prevents him from attacking at his natural speed.Wouldn't it be better if somebody could have a melee fight?I don't want to get into the water with my maid's clothes. "

I wonder if the last word is true.But I can take that request for granted.The rosary of Godzillari clothes jumped in when Lunaria woke up, but only in exceptional cases.

"I can't help it.I have water underneath - well, it's fine because it's good to get wet.But being alone is a bit harsh.Can somebody follow me?

Sonia raised her hand to Nay's words.

"Then I'll go.Because it's a knife, it's strong for melee fights.And you might need to unlock it, so that's a good point, right?

Sonia, if you go, I'll...

"Relics should stay until the end.What if there's an amazing treasure at the end?Just leave it to me.Ney, can I help you?

"Hmm! I'm relieved that Sonia will come.Hayato, lend me your diving gear. "

Hayato took out two sets of rings and bracelets from the item bag.

"These are the rings and bracelets with diving skills.Don't be overconfident that your skills will only increase to 40 if you equip them together.Watch out for the rest of your HP and retreat as soon as you're in danger. "

Hayato said so and gave Nay and Sonia the ring and bracelet.

Thereafter, the men left the scene behind.

This is like manners.Because I decided I didn't want a man to see me in a wet state.

Lunaria, who fought the Mosasaurus, didn't seem to care at all, but the exception was because she was either the Demon King or Lunaria.When Rosalie went back to the ship instead, she must have been a little embarrassed.

Besides, there's nothing men can do here.Moving is the right choice.

Hayato, who had moved to the stairs leading to the third floor, said to Relic that it would take time.

"Surprisingly, there was a treasure.Most of them are ingots. "

"Perhaps the people who built this facility were using Ingots as a substitute for money.If it meant leaving, did it mean that he ran away in a hurry? "

"That's how it's going to be.I have no idea what caused it. "

There were no treasure chests in this building, but there were many boxes called containers.Rather than being a treasure, it would be more appropriate to assume that the inhabitants here left it behind.

Naturally, there was no money used in the game, but there were many ingots made of gold.There are other high-performance equipment, new cooking recipes that Hayato wanted, and how to manufacture equipment. Overall, it is quite profitable.

And even though it's only for players, treasure coins are quite a few.From almost nothing, it's almost a thousand pieces.

However, as this is a time-limited dungeon, I can't say I owned it unless I took it outside.Once out, we can't go back, so we need to tackle it all at once.If you destroy everything at this point, everything you have will be gone.That's all I want to avoid.

(I will definitely take it home.Treasure coins are a real prize, but when they're a thousand, they can be exchanged for a winemaking kit.Mr. Relic seems to like alcohol, and it would be nice to make a five-star wine.Speaking of which, did Mr. Mist say he likes wine?This should never be exchanged)

As I was blowing my dreams about items that I had not yet acquired, Nay and the others came back from behind in no time.

"I got the card!Now I'm going into the room on the fifth floor!

"Good day, Ney, Sonia. Would you like a cup of coffee?It'll warm you up.

"I can't stand it.Is Ney okay?

"I'm fine.I've been hot since yesterday!

It would mean that the tension is high.Did you use the magic of the black roses to dry it? Ney and Sonia are not wet.Hayato gave Sonia the coffee.

Sonia looked relieved when she drank it.

"It's warm. Now, let's go to our real room.The climax of exploration. "

Some members speak Sonia's language with a voice of temper.Inspired by Nay, it seemed like the tension was rising.

Hayato and the others moved to a locked room on the fifth floor.

Everyone came in front of the huge door on the fifth floor.

The rest of the search is over.Once you have investigated this room, your exploration of this dungeon will be over.

The remaining time is just an hour.I feel a little anxious about Diete smiling, but it is likely that there is a Las Bosch dinosaur inside that is protecting the treasure.

Hayato had five card keys, so he put all the cards through the card reader.Then, a huge door opens to the left and right.

Although it was dark and hard to see inside, Hayato and the others stepped in and walked to the center of the room, and the room was lit.And the door that came in closes.

Apparently in some kind of lab, there was a giant cylindrical tank in the back of the room with dinosaurs in it.

It's a Tyrannosaurus that I didn't know to tell you.

The eyes of the Tyrannosaurus open.And I saw Giroli and Hayato.

Immediately thereafter, the tank cracked, and as the water flowed out to the floor, the Tyrannosaurus also slipped out of the tank.

Tyrannosaurus stood up dextrously and barked with an indescribable voice.Then they rushed towards Hayato and the others.

Of course, there are no creepy members here.Nay and the others started attacking Tyrannosaurus with an unbeatable voice.