Another Frontier Online

Last Treasure

A monster emerged saying that Las Boss is the only place where dinosaurs can be found, whether as expected or in harmony.

Tyrannosaurus, the most powerful carnivorous dinosaur, about 13 metres long.It's a famous category that I've heard of, even if I don't like dinosaurs.There are some theories that the body was feather-covered hairy, but Hayato and the men like the old type.

And the type in front of me is the old type.It's a type close to reptiles.

But it's just a fantasy dinosaur.It's closer to a dragon than a dinosaur.Spit out a giant fireball, generate electricity from your body, and shake your tail and somehow a pillar of ice will come at you.

Diete nodded well, but Hayato and the men were a little disappointed.

Hayato is going to ask Diete to be more normal, but now we have to fight this Tyrannosaurus.The less intrigued women had already started attacking first and foremost.

Fortunately, this floor is large.Hayato, Relic, and Sonia are fleeing Tyrannosaurus assault range and watching the battle.

"Las Boss and I have one abdominal pain instead of the Demon King.I'm going to teach you the real Ruth Boss. "

The most reliable Lunaria in combat is fighting Tyrannosaurus.Already activated Aron Dite's Weapon Skill, Black Swan, dealing considerable damage.

However, Tyrannosaurus recovered as soon as he saw how much HP was recovering naturally, and the battle was likely to be prolonged.

Nevertheless, Nay, Rosalie, and Cecil are also in the fight, and other members, including Esha, are also taking damage from ranged attacks such as bows and magic.It will take time, but you won't lose.

"Master Hayato, does Esha not shoot Destroy?

"It may be preserved because there is little melon juice.I didn't ask for anything in particular, but it might be a one-off operation at the end. "

Previously, when she salvaged the sea, Esha shot Destroy with the presence of Poseidon's head.Immediately afterwards, I experienced extensive magic.

That's what you always do when your HP drops to a certain level, and it's supposed to be a later attack.Simple AI is a well-established mechanism and Hayato thinks he won't shoot Destroy to avoid it.

Meanwhile, Diete said to Esha, "Still?"" Isn't that enough?- You think it's here?"because we want Tyrannosaurus to launch the next attack.

Does Esha know that too? It is appropriately decorated with "still", "a little bit" and "stay" for Dite.

Some of them have extra offensive defenses, but even if they can afford it, this member won't have a problem.

And when Tyrannosaurus' HP dropped to less than half, behavior changed.We started to push again and again.

As the type of attack, the damage is low, so it is said to have become weaker.It's just a rush, so it's easy to push.

-What? A rather monotonous attack.

Hayato notices.

Even as Tyrannosaurus rushes, it hits the walls of the building.Although the wall is made of metal, there are some cracks.Water was leaking from there.And before long, I was immersed in water until my ankle.

Tyrannosaurus became a motion when it emitted electricity from the body.

Get out of the water! You're going to be electrocuted!

As Hayato shouted, the surrounding members also noticed the situation and hurried up from the water.The floor is flooded, but it is not flooded where there are some steps.Some members, however, acted late.

Shortly afterwards, electricity is released from the body of the Tyrannosaurus, and electricity flows through the water.

The late runners took damage and several fell as-is.

(Wow, a blow when you have the lowest level of HP)

It was mainly members of the Trehan Guild who fell, and also the type of people who were good at magic with black roses.I guess I couldn't stand it because my HP was low.Hayato will also be killed if he is attacked.

For some reason, the Tyrannosaurus appears to be taking damage, but it seems to be healing quickly thanks to its natural healing.

Tyrannosaurus is not laughing, but somehow it looked like that.Everyone here was a little irritated.

And Tyrannosaurus was in the wrong order of defeat.Lunaria should be the first to be defeated.

The members of the fallen black rose become black particles and gather in Arondite, Lunaria's sword.The sword was wrapped in a black aura and the jewels in the pattern shined.

Lunaria wears a hidden helmet.Her eyes shined red behind her.

"Pay with death."

Lunaria approached the Tyrannosaurus at super high speeds, despite the fact that her feet were difficult to move with water.It's so fast that after Lunaria's passage, the water splashes up.

And Lunaria flashes Tyrannosaurus in Alondite.After the giant body blew up like a piece of paper, it rolled over the floor.

Rosalie shook her favorite scythe while everyone was gloomy.

"Go on, Lunaria!

When Rosalie said so, the surviving members of the Black Rose started their own attack.

"Let's go, you guys!Lunaria and the others won't get away with it!

"Uh-oh! It's burning!

Then Cecil and Ney shouted.Everyone resumed their attack on Tyrannosaurus with temper.

"Now, can I have the delicious part?"

Esha stood near Hayato and looked at the scope with Belzeve in her arms.

(I take delicious places when I eat and when I eat like this)

Esha sets her sights and releases Destroy.

Fired laser-like attacks split the water on the floor with wind pressure towards the Tyrannosaurus.

Tyrannosaurus blew up the walls like a piece of paper again.

Afterwards, I managed to get up, but my back leg was trembling, and I couldn't get up and fell to the front.

The member who confirmed it cheered.

Hayato and Relic were happy, but Esha said softly.

"It seems that the flooding won't stop.Shouldn't we get the contents of the container back quickly?


There is certainly more water in this room.My ankles came to my knees sometime.

Hayato sees Dite.

Diete was resuscitating the fallen member, but noticed Hayato's gaze and smiled.

Perhaps this is the last gimmick.Even if there is still time to escape, there is not much time left in this room.We need to retrieve the treasure from the container in that condition.

I was able to find some when everyone worked together to search for the container.You can take it back as it is, but you can't take it back just with the container you provided.

"Is this made of Hyirokane?"

Everyone except Dite was surprised by Relic's tweets.

There is a treasure chest rumored to exist - this time a container, but here it is.

"Relic, I left that to you.I'll open the other containers, so concentrate. "

When Relic nodded to Sonia, he pulled the gloves both left and right once, opening and closing his hands.Then start unlocking and untapping.

Chest unlocking and trap unlocking vary depending on the quality of the chest.Hiirokane is said to be higher than Adamantite, so the difficulty is probably the highest.

Even if the unlocking and trapping skills were 100, it would be quite difficult to solve the puzzle afterwards.It's just Hayato's guess, but since Relic has never unlocked or unlocked a trap with a chest made of Hyirokane, I thought it might be quite difficult this time.

And now the water is gradually increasing, and we can catch up mentally.There is a possibility that the relic can't be opened.

Concerned about Hayato, Relic is seriously trying to unlock and untap him.This is enough concentration to hold my breath.

Relics correspond on one knee and the container itself is already sunk in the water.Still, Relic didn't give up - he was too focused and didn't notice.

Sonia is already done, and relics will be the last treasure.

"Hey, Hayato, you can't do this anymore.Besides, the time limit is about to be bad.If we don't get out of here, we're out of items.

Ney sounds worried.Hayato thought so, and tried to speak to Relic, but Sonia, Esha, and Cecil stopped him.

"It's no use saying anything because this relic won't stop."

"Sonia is right.If this happens, I won't stop falling. "

"Shh, it's useless to just say that."

If that's what your old buddy and his former clan used to say, I'm sure it is.And Relic doesn't react to us at all.

"Then I'll stay. Everybody just take their stuff and go outside."

"What are you wearing?It doesn't make sense that Master stayed, so we'll leave the relic alone and all of us will leave. "

"Don't say it doesn't make sense."

"Then don't stay because your legs will be tied when the relic escapes."

"That's funny, the first one was better...."

"I only buy feelings.Okay, let's go.Relic, I'll laugh if you don't bring me the treasure.Please get the treasure and follow me. "

I don't know if I can hear you, but Esha told Relic that and everyone left this room.

The water had already flooded outside the room.Nevertheless, the floor is slightly wet, and there is still room.

Hayato and the others move toward the roof.Even though it was flooded, it seemed to be up to five floors, and the upper floors were normal.

"Is Mr. Relic okay?

Hayat snapped back at the stairs he had climbed.

"I can't help but care.Don't worry, I'll be right behind you. "

"Sonia trusts Relic."

"Don't be embarrassed.Basically, we'll just be back from our base when we fall.And Relic has never betrayed expectations before - no, when he betrayed Hayato and the others, it was unexpected.Well, only then. "

Sonia laughed with a smile as she said so, and slapped Hayato on the back once and headed up the stairs.

As Hayato was about to go, he heard footsteps coming up the stairs from behind.

Oh, Hayato, are you still here?

"Mr. Relic! I'm glad you're okay."

"Yes, and I've got my last treasure.If I don't take it home, Esha will laugh at me, so I tried my best without age.Let's get to the exit now.If you fall down here, you'll laugh. "

Hayato nodded and went with Relic to the rooftop exit.