Another Frontier Online

Reporting Findings

Hayato logged in again the night he finished exploring the lake building.

Shortly after the exploration, Hayato, who had a job at the coffee shop, logged out and finally returned.

After exploring, I had the pleasure of verifying the treasure I had, but Hayato, who works in a coffee shop, couldn't afford it.Even though there aren't many customers, they're not single-digit, and Ash's fathers, Ver, are regular.

I couldn't rest, so I came back after working hard.And Hayato likes to entertain people.No, no, I'm not doing it, I want to do it.

Both things are rewarding for Hayato now, so I won't let either hand go.Occasionally, one takes precedence, but really occasionally.

Hayat walked out of his room at the base of the campsite and just ran into Ney.

"Oh, Hayato. Are you logged in?Good day. "

"Looks like the tension is finally back.So you've been here all day?

"I have logged out several times for meals, but most of them are there.Sometimes when it comes to tension, I feel relieved because I was able to take a vacation with everyone. "

After exploring, Nay enjoyed a vacation with the women in the lake.Last time, I was unable to participate to prepare for the council, so I was finally able to revenge.I can say that my tension has calmed down and I have returned to my usual Nay.

After that, Nay started talking about a vacation, but as Hayato, it was a bit troublesome.

Because I don't know how to answer the question of a vacation that only women could attend.Moreover, the members who participate are members.Hayato's life is in danger if Nay says anything extra.

"I see.That's not much to say.It's dangerous. I'll do it. "

"Hmm? Really?I was hoping we could have a little fun break.Then I'll tell Asha.You're already logged in, right?

"I think I'm coming after you.Well, I need to talk to Relic and the others. "

Hayat breaks up with Nay and goes to Relic's room.

After that, I decided to speak with Relic, Sonia, and Diete.

The content of the story is about what Relic will do in the future.Sometimes I didn't think it was necessary to make a decision so quickly, but I respected Relic's opinion that it might be like some kind of thresher.

Knock on the door in Relic's room.A voice from inside said, "Please," and opened the door and went inside.

Dite and Sonia were already gathered in the room, waiting for Hayato.Three people are at a square table and only one chair is available.Hayat sat there.

There was Relic in front of Hayato, Sonia in the right hand, and Dite on the left.The three of them were drinking the coffee Hayato kept in the shared warehouse.

"Thank you for waiting."

"No, I'm the one asking you not to.I'll see you soon... "

"Relic, well, wait.You don't have to give an answer in a hurry.Listen to me first. "

Diete blocks Relic's words.

The relic seemed a little surprised at this, saying something, but urging him to "go ahead."

"Then let me report on my findings.It's about you, Annelise. "

Relic breathes.

Anne Reese is a relic thinker.But that was already 100 years ago.He's not alive now.Relic and Sonia helped her get caught for her wrongdoing, but nobody knows what happened afterwards.

Not only relics and sonia, but Hayato was also concerned.

"Relic, you seem to have sent information to some bourgeoisie about her and the other people who were arrested for the crime, right?

"Yeah? Yeah. At that time, we had enough assets to counter the warden who was in charge of the prisons, and we sent information to places that still had moral values in those days.I don't remember who you are. "

"Hmm, you seem to have a strange edge.I checked it out and it was Ney's ancestor. [M]I should say the first top of the foundation when it was founded. "

All three were surprised by Diete's answer.

"Looks like your ancestors had a lot of personalities. [M]Not only did they get the people caught in the grievance out of the prisons, but they also protected them.Annelise, you've been protected and you've lived a happy life. "

"Really?That's a good story. "

Relic seemed to be closing his eyes and chewing on the joy.

"Have you ever heard of Annelise becoming Nay's grandfather?Annelise was a beautiful woman, so I don't think it's possible to be the wife of that bourgeoisie.

When Sonia said so, Relic opened his eyes and saw Sonia.Then he immediately turned his gaze towards Dite.

Diete shook her neck to the side.

"That's what I heard, but Annelise didn't shake his head vertically.There was a man waiting for everything.And the man never showed up before her again.Nobody seems to know who the man was, but do you know who he is, Relic?

In due course, that would mean relics.Diete thought so too.

Relic smiled slightly and shook his neck sideways.

"I don't know.I'll tell you what, it's not me either.There's no way she knows me. "

"Huh? Really?

Hayato clasped his mouth.

I wondered if I could think of someone I didn't know for years.

I don't know if it's temporary, but in the case of relics, it's enough to get caught and go to prisons.I couldn't believe Annelise didn't know about Relics.

Relic smiled at Hayato's thoughts.

"Yeah, definitely.Her life and mine approached for just a moment a long time ago.And I was saved.That's why I just saved you.She doesn't even remember me.You think I'm a hacker who leaves my information somewhere meaningless?It can't be a computer or a reality. "

Diete smells at the words.

I see. But there's a scratch between the man's eyebrows.I don't know what the situation was, but I think it was a wound that occurred when you protected me from the warden in Prison.Besides, he didn't realize he was his neighbor, who used to live in the same apartment.He said he was going to thank you when he got out of jail- Relic, don't you know that kind of man?

Relic was unusual and cowardly, and Sonia was laughing angrily.

I wondered what to do as Hayato.Anne Reese is dead in the first place.You may say that Relic's thoughts have made sense, but it's a long time ago.

Diete opened her mouth while she was lost.

"But, Relic.He seemed to be a first-rate hacker, but a third-rate man.It seems that Annelise died single after all. [M]You could have done anything. "

"... I did something totally stupid."

"Is that her?Or is that you, Relic?

"... of course she is."

"Maybe so.But I don't think it was a bad life.Do you know her profession?

"I thought you were a teacher.I remember being pretty smart. "

"Exactly. After leaving Prison, Ney built a school with your ancestors' support. [M]It seems that there were many godsons, and Ney's grandfather and grandmother are among them. [M]Ney, it seems that her contribution to your foundation was significant. [M]When she died, she was surrounded by many schoolchildren and died sleeping with a happy face. "

Relic closed his eyes again.And I lowered my head to Dite.

"Thank you very much. It's enough to hear it."

"I don't want to thank you.By the way, I've decided what to do, but will this story change my decision?

"... no, I'm sorry.I'd like to think a little bit more about it. "

"Then you should spend more time thinking about it.I'm not in a hurry - so I'll leave it here today.You must be tired of exploring.And I'll be back on the ground tomorrow.You should get some rest. "

"Yes, I will.Hayato, I'm sorry, but I couldn't give you an answer when you came. "

"Never mind.It's not that fast.I think we should think about it when we get back to the base. "

"Thank you very much. I'll be off today.See you tomorrow. "

"Yes, good night then."

"Good night."

Relic bows lightly with a smile.Hayato, Dite and Sonia each greeted before leaving the room.