Another Frontier Online

Third to second class

The day after the expedition, Hayato's airship, Anra Manyu, returned to Earth.

The place of return is the same as the place of departure, the kingdom of the Spirit.

Although the Bandits had airships, there was no doubt they were still rare vehicles.Looking to attract extra attention, I went down to a place where there were no people.

And the members who explored here were disbanded.

Return to the Demon King Castle.I was told yesterday that I was sorry for making too many cookies.I will forgive you with generosity. "

"Huh? That way? Not in custody?

"Yeah, and I think I'm out of cookies.There's going to be a riot in the Magic Land. "

"You didn't put anything weird in the cookies, did you?

After all, I didn't know the answer, but I didn't pursue it because I didn't need to know anything extra.Some words say happier if you don't know.Hayato thought it was a great quote.

"Thank you Rosalie and the others for your cooperation.Thank you for everything from salvage to airship material collection. "

"It doesn't matter.I was just helping out because I needed to rescue Lunaria.But if you're grateful, I'll send you the dough and chocolate Lunaria made later, so make a lot of eclaires. "

"Well, that's it.Then be careful. "

Lunaria and the Black Roses also greeted the members there towards the Devil's Land.

Well then, shall we return to the Empire as well?My boss gets mad at me for leaving a lot. "

"Didn't you get me permission?

"I got permission for the time being, but I didn't get any regular contact.I'll give you the treasure you found on the island and make you feel better.I'm not giving you the sword. "

The dragonbusters say, "Huh?I thought you learned this time that it was a problem to leave it to Cecil.

We were together quite a long time, but Cecil said, "Not again," and the rest of the team were about the same.Cecil is personally, and the members may not feel like saying goodbye because they are former mercenaries.

The rest are members of the Black Dragon and the Trehan Guild.

"So we'll go back with the transfer ring?It's for everyone in the Trehan Guild. "

"He'll be fine.I'll go back to the Guild and then to Hayato's stronghold.I'll take Hayato's treasure with me, so just give me a minute. "

"I see. So please."

Hayato and the others had quite a share and unfortunately couldn't get into the member's item bag.The members of the Trehan Guild are to be scattered and taken back to Hayat's stronghold.

Sonia and members of the Trehan Guild were transferred to the Guild with a transfer ring given to them by Hayato.

"Then we will return to our base as well.Hayato needs to talk to you about something later, okay?

"Could I talk to you? It's fine, but not now?

"Well, to put it simply, I've saved a lot of money on this expedition.I need your help building a new base. "

Nay and the others still live in a base Hayat built when he left his clan.But it's pretty small and borderline.I suppose they want to move on to a better place.

"That's fine, but I think it's difficult to get close to King's or Imperial Capital.I don't think anyone will let go. "

"No, the land is fine because I just want to make the loghouse bigger where it is now.The nearby town is also quite convenient. "

"Is that so? All right, all right.You can always tell me. "

"Hmm. Well, I'll see you later.It was fun! Let's explore again!

Ney said that the members of the Black Dragon also said goodbye to each other before using the transfer ring.

The only four left are Hayato, Esha, Relic and Dite.

Esha attaches a transfer ring.

Then shall we go home too?It's been a long time. "

"I've been on the island forever.I wonder what else happened.Mr. Rose contacted me that the store was out of products, and I had to make a lot at the base for a while. "

"I made that much equipment on the island, and you're going to make it again?"

"I want to keep Bandit from falling behind."

Bandit stayed on the island only for a day or so.Still returning with dinosaur materials.Given the clan's nature, it would conceal the information, but it would be a shame if you sold the item first.

Hayato was on fire because he was the first to go to the island and sell it.

Hayat and the others used the ring of transition and returned to their stronghold near King's Landing.

It's not my home I haven't seen in a long time, but I've been away for a while, so it makes me nostalgic.

Hayato and the others stepped into the base from the entrance on the canteen side, not the shop side.

It's the usual base. Hayato was happy when she somehow smelled the nostalgic smell.

And look at Hayato's special furniture for the first time.

I wonder if Rose was cleaning for me.None of it was dull and it was in mint condition.This won't happen if you leave it to Asha.

"Master, are you thinking of selling me a fight?

"No, not at all. Now, is Mr. Rose on the store side?I need to say hello. "

Immediately after thinking so, Rose came out of the store door.There were buckets and mops in his hands, and he smiled at Hayato and the others.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.

"I'm here, Mr. Rose.Looks like you cleaned it for me.Thank you. "

"No, that's my job.So, what do you call a customer - the maid director is here. "

"What? Why?

"I think it's because Asha contacted me.It has been a long time since the store opened.I'll call you now. "

Rose put the cleaning tools up against the wall before moving to the store.

"Did Esha report it?

"For some reason, I don't know when I'm going home every day.So I contacted you yesterday and I will be back tomorrow.You miss me so much, don't you?I didn't go to the maid's guild so I didn't eat the maid's pudding. "

(You must have missed Relic....)

Hayato sees relics.

I didn't ask what to do after talking yesterday.I don't mean to rush it because it is not like giving an answer in a hurry, but I am quite concerned about Hayato.Now, I wondered what was going on, and Rose and the maid chief came.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.Thank you for being safe.Was Esha okay?

I was told it was a maid's book.

"To whom?

Esha was basically just eating and drinking during the battle.In reality, the coffee shop is working hard, so I won't point it out, but Hayato thinks that the maid's view is too good.

The maid maid passed through splendidly without knowing whether such a shabby boke-up was true or not.I'm sure you're used to it.

The maid shifted her gaze towards Relic.

Thank you, Mr. Relic, for being safe.

"Yes, thanks to you, I managed to get home safely.Thank you for your concern. "

It has a good atmosphere.

But Relic is regaining his memory.I don't think there's anything I can do about it with the maid director who thinks this world is real.

There's also Anne Reese.

In what way did Relic digest Annelise's story?Hayato doesn't know that.I would never be with anyone for a single Anne Reese.There is also an age problem.Sometimes you come to that conclusion.

Hayato and Diete are the only ones who know the situation here.I understand that Rose is interested in relics, but I don't know about reality or virtual reality.

Although the situation is slightly different, the three of them are watching the situation while being harassed.

"What's wrong with both of you?They're not lovers, so stare at each other. "

I have a reputation for not reading the air, but I am not aware of it at all, rather than reading it this time.

The maid length sold by the calm deposition blushed slightly.Then he opened his mouth with a resolute expression.

Leslie, Master Relic...

"I brought you a treasure.Just put him in the warehouse. - Yeah?

Sonia came in there, opening the door from the outside.

Even though it was a virtual reality, Hayato somehow had a stomach ache.This situation is quite difficult.

Sonia doesn't seem to have any romantic feelings for Relics.And I was supporting Relic and Anne Reese.

However, as Hayato taught her femininity in reality, she thought it was highly likely to be a lie.I think that's what you're doing to hide your mind.

It may be because of Hayato's mind, but the air is getting a little heavier.

And that was Sonia, or the woman who decided to do something while dyeing her cheeks in front of Relic, and immediately figured out the situation.I raised the corner of my mouth and saw Relic.

"What's up, Relic?If you have such a cute kid, introduce him to me - and introduce yourself before that.I'm Sonia Wellato, an Alliance Master for the Trehan Guild.Nice to meet you, uh- "

"Nice to meet you. My name is Silva Cravery and I am an Alliance Master for the Made to Measure Alliance.I'll see you later. "

It looks about the same age, but it's just the look.Moreover, the maid chief doesn't know the real age of Sonia.Although not instantaneous, women's intuition would have recognized each other in various ways.

Hayato's stomach hurt even more.It is sad that I can only hope that you will do it outside.

Sonia opened her mouth when she thought she should force herself out.

"If you want to return the stigma of the third class, don't keep me waiting too long this time.We're going to have to deal with a lot of problems. "

"... that's right."

Sonia must be telling Relic not to keep the maid in front of him.

And a lot of problems. It's about reality and virtual reality and age.Even if the maid director didn't remember the real world, they would have sent Yale to work hard together.

Relic smiled a little at Sonia.Then he turned his gaze to the maid length.

"Made to measure"

"Ha, yes...!

"Thanks, Sonia doesn't seem to be introducing herself enough.In fact, Sonia is my partner and is taken care of both publicly and privately.I can't do anything by myself. "

Everyone here would have been shocked.

Partner, it can be a partner, but it can also mean something else.I understood what it meant except for Esha.

The maid captain should have been the most shocked, but I held it back at first.And smile softly and relically.

I see.Mr. Relic has a lovely partner. "

"Yeah, it's a waste of time for me.And a good chess player.Recently, I'm about to lose.Actually, I promised to eat after this..... "

"Sorry to interrupt.Then we can't stop you.I'll see you next time.Please tell me about Sonia then. "

"Yes, always.Well, Hayato, this is where we are today. "

"Eh, ah, yes.Thank you for exploring.... "

Relic lowered his head slightly to Hayato and turned to Sonia.

"Well, Sonia... I'm sorry to keep you waiting."

Sonia was stunned for a moment and wore a tengalon hat over her head deep enough to hide her eyes with her right hand.

"I've kept you waiting too long, but it's just about time.Well, I'll admit that you've gone from third-class to second-class. "

Sonia immediately leans out with her back facing away.After that, Relic chased me.

Hayato doesn't know what Relic digested yesterday.But it may have blown out a lot.That won't be a bad thing.

And Relic's thoughts on Sonia and his attitude toward the maid.They must have acted in the belief that neither should be obscured.

That's fine, but the problem is the rest of the members.I don't know what to do with this air.Hayato wanted me to know if anyone knew him, even if I paid him.

Rose is gradually moving to the store side door, Dite does not move as if the function has stopped, and Esha is tilting her neck.

Hayato tried to push the button from the system menu, saying he had to log out.

"Master Hayato"

"Ha, yes!

The maid's deep and heavy voice called Hayato's name.The maid chief didn't look at us, but I think Hayato's life will shrink.

"Sonja... should I?

"Yeah, yeah, I think that's right.Because I am a woman who has supported Relic for a long time. "

"Really... I have a favor to ask Hayato."

"Well, what is it?

"I'll pay for it, so why don't you use all the ingredients to make lots of sweet food.I'm sorry I just got back from exploration. "

"... I'll make as many as I want.I'll buy it in King's Landing even if I don't have the ingredients, so please say anything. "

"Thank you.And Esha, Rose. "

Rose trembled.Esha just looks strange.

"We're going to have a sweets festival, so hang out.You do not have the right of veto. "

"Ha, yes!

"Why again? But I'll go out with you as much as I want."

"If you don't mind, Mr. Dieter."

"... actually, I don't have any more work to do.Yeah, I don't. Sweet words, but soft hands, please.

On that day, a large quantity of ingredients were purchased in Wang Dynasty, and many food stores closed in the morning.