Another Frontier Online

A treasure that's always been close.

A week after the Sweets Festival was held, Hayato and Esha were preparing for work in a real coffee shop.

And today, Ash and Len have been coming as guests for a long time.I could barely afford to finish some of the films.

Before the store opened, Ash ordered coffee at the counter and Ren ordered pudding.

Coffee is free.Ash is drinking Hayato's training.Ash's score was low, but somewhat better.However, it is the result of a glance.

And Len was talking to Asha while eating pudding.

"Was there a triangular relationship between Relic, the maid director, and Sonia?Regardless of Relic, I hardly know Sonia or the maid director, so I can't imagine how well. "

"I heard about it later, so I didn't know at the time.But I have to say, that's the maid chief.You wanted to hide quite a bit that I didn't notice at all. "

Is that a triangle?I mean, I don't care how anyone looks at the maid chief...?

Ash, who was listening to Asha and Len, glanced at the entrance and exit, then looked at Hayato again.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but are Relics coming today?

"That's right.After all, Relic seems to live in both real and virtual reality. "

Relic told Hayato that after that.

There was no reason to live in either reality or virtual reality, but it seemed to fit into the idea that neither needed to be discarded.However, he also said that the time for virtual reality would be reduced.

The reason is that there is too much divergence between reality and virtual reality.In reality, unlike virtual reality, there is body pain.Too familiar with virtual reality to return to reality.

When Hayato said something worrying about pain, he said it was proof that he was alive, laughing.

It doesn't work as it used to, but it doesn't work at all, and it's not like your thoughts have faded.If you take care of it, you can still live a long time.That's what Relic was laughing at.

Sonia also lived in both worlds with Relic.

The relationship between the two has not changed in particular, but Hayato thinks it has changed a lot just because it looks like it.I hear we've spent a lot of time together.

(That's a good thing, but I don't know if it's the maid director...)

To put it simply, the maid length was rough.

It's not like they're going crazy, but they're eating and drinking like Asha.

Since then, there have been many sweet festivals.I'm not losing money because I'm getting paid for the ingredients, but for some reason Hayato has to be summoned by the Maid Alliance to make lots of sweets.

It seems to be blown out to some extent, but it often breathes and eats sweet food every time.Recently, the presence of a winemaking kit obtained with treasure coins has been known, and the wine has been forced to make the five-star wine.

I got it for relics and mists, but lately, it could be called a maid's kit.

Hayato can't do anything, so we have to expect a new encounter by chance.

When I thought about it, the coffee shop doorbell rang.

There was a relic wearing a slightly thinner black suit and a Sonia wearing a trouser look suit similar to it.Both of them are wearing mid-break hats and look like intelligence.

Relic and Sonia took off their hats and thanked Hayato.

"Is this Hayato's coffee shop?It's a nice shop. "

"Oh, it's not bad.It felt calm and I liked it. "

"Welcome, Relic, Sonia.Wasn't it far?

"No, because I knew Nai, I had a lot of convenience in getting around.It's easy. "

"That's good.Oh, I'm sorry. Please come this way. "

Hayat led Relic and Sonia to the table by the window.Ash, Len, and Esha will also move there.

"Hey, Relic. It's been a long time."

"It's been a long time, Ash-sama and Ren-sama.I was a little surprised when I heard that Ash-sama's memories were back. "

"That's right.And now I'm shooting a movie while helping you work in a coffee shop!I'm still a chopper, but please take a look!

"Oh, is that a movie?That's exciting.I will definitely take a look. "

The relics I've met for a long time seemed to be playing with recent stories and stuff.And Sonia seems to be introducing herself, and it's exciting.

Relic and Sonia are going to work at Nay's foundation.He was bought into hacking and used his knowledge to do security work.And some of it's like controlling Scorpion's foundation.

However, instead of working on Earth, you will be working on this colony "Factory".We've already arranged a place to live, and today was the day of the move.

And Relic said:

"Annelise left a proof of life by enlarging Ney's foundation.I can say it saved me from going around.I wish I could keep my skills and knowledge in Nai's foundation.I hope that one day it will have a good impact on Hayato and your descendants. "

Nobody would know the story, but in anticipation of that, Relic decided to work for Ney's foundation.

Looks like we're done talking, and only Relic approached the counter.Then he sat in the chair and confronted Hayato.

"It's been about three days.I've been doing a lot of preparation and I couldn't log in for a while. "

"Yeah, that's about it.Is your body okay?

"Compared to virtual reality, reality can't accommodate a lot.But it's not bad.By the way, I haven't seen you lately, but the maid director.... "

"No, well, I'm doing fine.I was often asked for something sweet. "

Really? There must be someone more worthy than such an old man.It may not settle down for a while, but time will fix it.Unlike me, she has a lot of time. "

Relics are over seventy years old.I don't know how much time I can spend with the maid.I wonder if that was the way to think about it.

Saying the idea to Asha, "You can think about it later.The important thing is now, "Hayato thought it was difficult to be feminine.

"Absolutely, don't say anything that would fall down tomorrow.I'm going to work for Nay's daughter.You said you could live more if you took care of it, didn't you?Or something? Do you really think I'd ever die?

"No, that's not what I meant...."

Soon there was a female team behind the relic.And Esha and Len nodded well in Sonia's words.

"If the maid chief cares, he can have one or two boyfriends right away.I don't think Relic needs to worry about it.Besides, I often say that women are overwritten and saved.Soon you'll forget about Relics and start your next love affair - if you don't start, you'll have a lot of strokes on me. "

"That's right. In general, Mr. Relic's concern is not with Mr. Maid, but with Mr. Sonia.I don't think you should keep me waiting so long.I don't think it's strange to say it modestly and get stabbed.I would definitely curse you first. "

Unusual Relics are experiencing heavy fire from the women's wing.The relic of calm deposition always disappeared.

If you say anything extra here, the spear will turn this way.Hayato didn't say anything and started washing clean dishes that didn't need to be washed.

Leaving plenty of blamed relics, the three women returned to the table by the window.For some reason, Ash seemed to be blamed next.It's too bad what you hear is handsome.

Relic, who was slightly sweating, asked Hayato for coffee while laughing bitterly.

Hayato is worried that if he drinks his own coffee in this situation, he will stab him.

"Well, coffee would be better off on a better day...."

"Don't worry. I'm feeling well.Besides, the previous thing is like a pigeon.Dealing with the maid director is the same, but my attitude towards Sonia and Anne Reese... I could say I was too selfish towards the surroundings.You should have seen more of your surroundings.I can't believe Diet-sama told me to think like this at this age as a man. "

As Hayato, I don't know how to answer, but I have to laugh bitterly.

"But at least I want to give Sonia a good feeling.Sonia used to say that dealing with Annelise was a self-sacrifice dedication, but Sonia would be a self-sacrifice dedication.I have to respond to it.Of course, it's not an obligation, I really want to do it.I'm sorry about the maid. "

"... that's right. Don't worry, the maid leader will follow you with Esha.Relic, please respond to Sonia's feelings.And drink your coffee as well.You may feel a little less guilty. "

"Thank you very much. That's exactly how you get in trouble when you say it so abusively.But I'll take it. Of course, I want to drink Hayato-sama's brewed real coffee, not sashimi.

Hayato prepares coffee with a little laughter.

Meanwhile, Relic had a soft face without saying anything in particular.

With a nervous look, Hayato serves the coffee in front of the relic.

"Thank you very much.But don't push me...?

"I'll take it."

Relic drank just one sip and put the cup back into the saucer.There is no change in expression.

"Well, what do you think...?

"To be clear, it's just bitter.It tastes like coffee. "

"I see... the taste is the best for now..."

"Are you using beans made from colonies?

"Yeah? Yeah. All food is from the colony.Sometimes it's global, but it's very expensive. "

"But how Hayato breeds is not how the earth breeds?


"No, I don't think that's a good way to brew a colony with a colony of beans... do you know that?

"I've never heard of it....."

Hayato has a coffee shop that goes to Earth.

The master taught me how to brew it, but the coffee beans from the coffee shop are certainly from around the world.Even though the coffee brewed at that time was not as good as the master, I remember that the taste was not so bad.

"But the other ingredients are fine, right?I use all the ingredients from the colony such as chocolate parfait, but the taste was good and it was quite popular. "

"I can't say much because I'm not familiar with it either... Actually, I used to like wine a long time ago and I found out how to make it.There seems to be a lot of difference between grapes from around the world and those from colonies, and I have seen information on how to age them on Earth and in colonies.I thought the coffee was the same.

"Oh, oh..."

In other words, Hayato uses colony coffee beans to brew at the colony's coffee shop, but the way to brew it is to brew the planet.

Colonies produce artificial gravity and constant temperatures, and coffee beans made from the colony "Farm" taste different from those produced globally.And it's going to be stored differently.Probably not in the same way as Earth.

"Maybe there's a way to make wine and coffee in the colony.So if you change the steaming time, change the amount of water, change the amount of beans, I don't think it's going to be a delicious coffee unless you try and make a big mistake. "

Hayato was also doing various things, but there were not enough trials and mistakes to deviate from the basics.And I thought there were times when I had to review it more.

"... Mr. Relic, you look like a god."

"I'm just an old man... but I just need one piece of advice from that old man."

"Say anything.For a delicious cup of coffee, you can sell your soul to the devil. "

"It's not about coffee.It's about the treasure. "


"I heard a lot earlier, so I wanted to talk to you... this is what Sonia said, but Hayato looks like me."

Once upon a time, Diete told me that she and Esha were alike.Hayato was a little surprised when Relic told me it was similar to herself this time.

"Um, is that so?But what are you talking about?

"Well, listen.Of course it's not what it looks like.It's a way of life, it means that you focus on what you like, and you don't look around. "

"Well, if you say it's similar, it might be."

Hayato also thinks about it.Sometimes, when making production items in a game, you forget time and become immersed.And I'm very committed to it. I will not compromise, but I will repeat it until I am satisfied with the time.

Coffee is the same. I have tried and made mistakes many times.I finally saw the light, so I thought I'd give it a try tonight.

"I'm not saying that's bad, but if you look like me, you might not notice the treasure that was so close.If you want to be like me, you won't stop, but you need to stop and look around a little bit. "

"A treasure that was always close....."

Hayato thought the treasure for Relic was Sonia.

Immediately afterwards, Hayato looks at the table by the window.There was an Esha who looked happy there.

Esha helped me this time, too.Especially on an island floating in the sky, it would have been very difficult and dangerous to breathe without Esha.Hayato is thankful at that time, but he can be said to have just thanked.

"Hayato is young.There will be plenty of time.But there seems to be plenty of time, and somehow it's falling out of hand.When there are only a few left, it can be that the treasure is drifting off sometime and there is nothing left in your hands.I was lucky enough to stay. "

"... yes. Somehow, I understand."

Relic smiles at Hayato's answer.

"Old bullshit - I'd be glad if you saw it as advice.I still don't think my life was wrong.No, I think you were right.But sometimes I wonder if I could live a better life, even in the harsh times of resource depletion.I don't want Hayato to think that way. "

"Yes, I'd like to think about it as a tip from my seniors in life."

Relic smiles.

When I first met him, there was a scratch between my eyebrows and it felt like an ant butler, but now there is only the image of a favorite grandfather.Hayato does not want to live a life similar to Relic, but wants to be a man like Relic today.

I was going to make a mistake trying coffee tonight, but I changed my mind about asking Asha to go somewhere to eat.