Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: Vacation in the lake

Blue sky, white clouds, and giant shark, Megalodon, launched on land.

Megalodon has already been defeated and there is no danger.Everyone was happy to win, but there was only one person who wasn't convinced.

"It's not the vacation I expected."

The boyfriend was Ney, the leader of the Black Dragon.Instead of the usual armor, the blue fabric is equipped with a white polka dot bikini, the Poseidon Swimsuit.

Today is the day when exploration on an island floating in the sky is over and you can enjoy the vacation you've been waiting for.

There are two female members of Nay and Black Dragon, Lunaria, Rosary and Black Rose, and three female members of Cecil and Dragonbusters, as well as Dite.I don't think there are as many women as Esha and Sonia.

Until yesterday, I couldn't log into the game because I was too busy with reality.Other members said they enjoyed their vacation here while Nay couldn't log in.

I was going to join in today and enjoy the vacation, so Nay's tension was quite high.

Shortly after I thought it was a vacation, if someone was fishing in the lake, I caught a giant shark called Megalodon.

I was just about to go out with the members who enjoyed the vacation, but as for Ney, I thought it was a little different from the vacation I thought.

This is not the same as usual.Ney is determined to need a track fix.

Rosalie, one of the ten sacred black roses, approached Nay.

I wear something like a black swimsuit, but everyone will wonder if it is a swimsuit.

Nay's candid impression is that he's "very aggressive."

It does not actually increase its attack power, nor does it have a lizard attached.Simply put, it's too much aggression.Nay wonders whether to wear it in front of a woman rather than a man.I'm a friend, so I won't tell you.

"He said it's different from the vacation I was expecting, but what's different?We all play in the lake in swimsuits.It's definitely a vacation. "

"I was right when I heard the words, but I didn't expect to fight such a huge shark.Isn't a vacation like this where you hang out in the lake or barbecue?

"If so, would you like to bake megalodon?There's plenty of fillets for sharks.

"No, no... okay, Rosalie, let's start with the water in the lake.I've decided on a schedule for today in minutes.It's time for the water. "

"Sometimes you look stupid.But I'm serious about it. "

"Wait a minute. Why did you equip the sickle?Don't use Madness skills.I don't usually use weapons in the water. "

Then, for some reason, I split up into two teams, and the water crossing began.Someone must have used the magic "Aqua Ball" to take damage.

Having enjoyed what seemed to be a sprinkle of water, Nay decided to play the next game.

Time is limited. If there is something that is somewhat unsatisfactory, it will not wait for time.First we have to play and defeat.

Nay is a man of considerable standing in the real world.I've never been on vacation with a friend before.But this is a virtual reality that is no different from reality.Everyone is equal, regardless of position.

There was knowledge of vacation, but for Ney, it was like a yearning on the clouds.I intend to enjoy it all today.

Ney calls out to Cecil.

"The race for a long swim? Are you swimming?Sure, sure. "

Cecil's swimsuit is a fitness swimsuit with grey lines in black.All-in-one type, not split into two types.

In the case of Cecil, you can see that it is muscular even from the top of the swimsuit.The abdominal muscles and so on were in trouble.Nay thought it was "defensive."

"Cecil, wait.Don't equip yourself with weapons.I wonder if they're raising their STR status with Gear Effects?

"Ney, you just ate carrot meat.You doped the STR. "

STR influences swimming speed.However, it is up to the person to actually be able to swim.Lunaria and others cannot swim even if STR is high.

I had no choice but to equip the equipment as much as possible, so I decided to compete.

As a result, the STR rose to a maximum of 150 from each other, and there was no particular competition.At the same time, I went to the rock that was far away and came back at the same time.A gentle battle with no winners but no losers.

Rosalie, who was looking at it, saw the two of them with her eyes.

"Anyway, Cecil, Nay, you, I don't think it's a good idea to swim in your armor.

"But this armor is the best way to raise the STR.It goes up 10 times. It's one of Hayato's craftsmen. "

"What's with the god gear?But pay attention to your appearance.I saw two women swimming in armor, and two women swimming with weapons on their backs, and everybody was pulling. "

I didn't pull it.I was just stunned.

Cecil objected to Rosalie saying that.

"No, Rosalie. I'm telling you, your swimsuit is a drawstring level.So don't call it a swimsuit. "

"What is it, you bastard?What a shame you don't know this elegant swimsuit. "

"It's more like a string than an elegant swimsuit."

"Both of you, hold your weapons.Remember this is a vacation.But Rosalie, where can I buy those swimsuits?No, I'm not buying it or wearing it. "

This is my own work.

"Homemade? You can make swimsuits with your production skills, but you can't make anything like that, can you?

If the equipment made with production skills has the same name, the graphics will not change even if the performance is different.You can change colors, but the shapes are the same for each item.

Unique items often have individual graphics, but although there are several types of clothing, swimsuits, etc., swimsuits that have such unique graphics are unlikely.

"We, the Ten Saints of Black Roses, receive that kind of power from God.It's limited to sewing skills, but it's shaped to a certain extent.I don't think Hayato can do that either. "

"Really?Or perhaps some of the Godzilla clothes you usually wear?

"Yes, all items are named Godzillari clothes, but the shape is subtly different, right?Those are each original.One day it's our dream to have Lunaria put on the dress that they each made. "

"Heh, but if it's from God, isn't there a disadvantage instead?

"Ah, it seems that you have a lot of disadvantages such as not being able to use the item bag.I wonder if it's going to be very public.We are not a disadvantage that needs to be hidden, so we offer God new designs of clothing every month. "

Nay looked at Dite again.Speaking of the gods of this world, Diete is the administrator.

The diet is wearing a simple white one-piece swimsuit and lying on a wooden beach chair drinking coconut juice straw.For some reason, I wore the usual Veil on my head and felt like a Sister.

"It's not a big disadvantage.But why would God let that happen?

"Come on? You just said you wanted information about the items we designed.Now it is our exclusive ability, but one day it will be available to all.If that happens, our dedication will end. "

"Then I also wanted the ability to make weapons freely.I don't have blacksmithing skills. "

"You're asking me about my design sense.Sometimes, improving the shape reduces the ability to equip, so it doesn't hurt. "

I thought Nay had a lot of things to do, but I was hoping that I might be able to hayato someday.

But that doesn't matter now.Nay decided to do the next schedule.

Now let's call Lunaria on the beach.

Lunaria's swimsuit is a blue separator type that has the same fitness swimsuit as Cecil and the top and bottom are separated.For some reason, there is a white zecken on the chest that says "mayo", but it seems to be made by Rosalie.

Lunaria made something like a castle in the middle of a wave, so she decided to take the ride.

"Huh? It's interesting to challenge this demon king to build a castle."

"No, I don't think Lunaria can swim.This is the only way we can play together. "

"... the Demon King won't take it seriously until he's transformed.If you're serious, you can swim. "

It is new to my memory that I have emerged from the battle against Mosasaurus, but I don't feel that way.You just have to have fun.

Anyway, Lunaria and I decided to compete in castle building on the beach in the lake.It's a game of which castle looks stronger.It doesn't have to be a match, but Lunaria was obsessed with the match, so she got on it.

"That's enough time."


Thus began the fight between the two.

"This completes the Demon King Castle.I won anyway.Celebrate. "

"Wait a minute. This will be a co-production.I thought you told me to form an alliance.And someday my castle was absorbed by the castle Lunaria was building?

"That's the plan. It's because we make alliances without knowing the difference in power."

Lunaria tried to build it with us on the way, but sometime the alliance was destroyed.Nay's castle was absorbed and merged.

As for Ney, it's a pretty unsatisfactory situation, but it was fun to build a castle together, so I thought it would be okay.Moreover, since it is unlikely to be real, I can say that I learned to be careful.

I noticed that the day was quite tilted.

The fun time is too early.The sunset proved it.I feel lonely after time has passed.It must have been a pleasant recoil of time.

"It's time to go back to camp.I'm happy because I've played enough. "

When Nay said so, Lunaria shook her head to the side and said, "Oh, my God."

"Nay doesn't understand.I'm going to campfire at the campsite.And throw pillows before you go to bed.You can't be satisfied with this because you're still playing.Or is Nay already giving up?

No one knows how pleased Nay was with the words.But I found out that everyone who was there returned to Nay's tension before the vacation.

"I see! Then let's hurry back!There's still time!But what's a campfire?Burn the campsite?You can't do that, can you?

Fun time still lasts.

Just a few moments away from reality, Nay enjoyed the world with friends she had made in the world.