Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: the people who stayed at the base

While Hayato and the others were on an island floating in the sky, things were happening at the base.

Rose Beltz, the ace of the maid guild, was asked to leave.

Despite the overlapping circumstances, Rose was exposed to bandits, causing considerable trouble to Hayato and his associates.I am doing my best to make up for the stigma.

"Master Noat, I brought you breakfast."


Primadonna, taking care of Noat Vabeck, said to be the lazy singer, is one of Rose's tasks.

As you can't imagine, Noat belonged to the brave Ivan clan.A support role that strengthens allies and weakens opponents with songs.

Basically, if you're not good at singing, you can produce any kind of effect, but if you're Noat, you're good at that song.The song itself seems to be Noat's original, but it was still popular at the time, and some people wanted me to sing it because I would pay for it.

I always do the work I get, but Noat is whimsical and I don't care if I get the job.Sometimes you don't get a job even if they say you pay a lot of money, and sometimes you get a bundle of sentences.

Noat, but now he lives at Hayato's base.The reason I'm staying is because the food comes out with five stars.

Rose enters Noat's room listening to Noat's word "come in."

Noat had only his face on the futon in the bed.Would it be sushi rolled with seaweed if I expressed it?

"Dear Noat, it's breakfast today.I'll leave it on the table. "

"Let me eat. Just throw it in my mouth."

"Even if you wait with your mouth open, you won't get breakfast there.Meals are fine, but why don't you get out of bed and go for a walk sometime?The weather is nice today, isn't it?

"I don't understand the causal link between going out because the weather is nice.Home, best. Besides, not only the weather days, but also the rainy days are excellent. "

"I know the house is the best, but please get out of bed while you make up."

Noat stepped out of the futon and moved to the furnished table.And eat your own meal.I started eating the prepared croissants.

Rose wonders while wearing bed makeup.

Noat was in Ivan's clan.The support position is indeed important.But were you really supporting me?When I look at Noat now, I don't do anything to Ivan's clan... and I think it's a bad way to say it, but it might have been parasitic.

Perhaps it would be better for Hayato, my husband, to get rid of him.I don't think so.

"By the way, Rose."

"Eh, ah, what is it?

"When's the neighbor coming home?I've been here forever. "

"No, I don't know.I think Hayato and the others will return to the Devil's Land together with Lunaria, but I don't know if Lunaria will return to the Devil's Land in the first place, so I may be there for a while. "

Rose has information that Lunaria was imprisoned at King Demon Castle.The members of the Black Rose Decalogue and Hayato rescued it.One of the Ten Knights of Darkness followed me somehow.

Now he's locked up in a room on the second floor of the base, but it's Rose who takes care of the knight.I carry three meals a day.I didn't care because I haven't had any problems until now.

"I don't think so, but what about Noat...?

"No, but sometimes I hear muscles in the next room.Well, that won't interfere with my sleep...!

"I don't know why you said that with your face, but if that's the case, let's be careful.But, muscles...?

As soon as Rose finished making her bed, she left the room and knocked on the door of the room where one of the Dark Ten Knights was.

"Dark Knight, may I have a word with you?"

"What is it?

Rose has barely spoken to this dark knight.They only return "Ah" and "OK", and they don't play the conversation.It's only natural to say that he's in jail.

Speaking of the Dark Knight information Rose has, he is one of the ten Dark Knights, a giant man over two meters in size.Always equipped with black armor, I've never seen my face.And for some reason, the Rosaries are hated by the members of the Black Roses.

Rose remembers that and once again calls out to the Dark Knight through the door.

"It's not like I'm complaining, but there's someone who lives next door, so please don't say anything about muscle damage.

"I'm sorry about that.But I want you to listen. "

"Huh? What are you doing?

"Actually, I can't help it.The muscles will fall as they are.I wonder if you could rent me a large place where I can move my body because I can't escape. "

It is true that this virtual reality causes muscles to fall.If you eat too many calories from your diet, it will affect your body shape, and if you don't move, it will only appear, but your muscles will fall.

It is possible to maintain it with strength training, but it is more efficient to swing the weapon.Rose understood that she wanted a place where she could move her body.

I know how it feels.

Rose is more muscular than anything else.To maintain it, he was swinging a hook in the hall on the third floor.Not now, but Lunaria and the others are staying in the hall, so we stop swinging around.I would like to resume as soon as I have cleared the bed and so on.

Even if I know how I feel, I don't have the right to decide such a thing from a standpoint, and if I get away with it, it will be a big deal.If we have any more problems, we will have to lose our lives as maids.

"Unfortunately, I have no say in that decision.Please wait until Hayato and the others return. "

"Hayato... you're strong enough to give orders to Lunaria.I want to exchange my sword once.No, I'm sorry I couldn't.Forget it. I also understood the contents of the caution.Be careful not to utter as many words as possible. "

Though it may be a lie, Rose's gentlemanly attitude shook him a little.But I tried to evacuate here, saying that I should demonize my mind.

When I turned my body, for some reason there was Noat in the hallway.

"Master Noat? It's unusual to leave the room, isn't it?What's wrong with you?

"I felt dangerous."

So Noat walked softly and moved behind Rose.


Shortly after Rose turned to Noat behind her and said so, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

I didn't hear about Hayato and the others returning.Then they'll send you an audio chat in advance.Whose footsteps are these then?

Rose took the candy out of the item bag.

Shortly afterwards, a woman appears in the hallway upstairs.

"Oh, it looks like a maid, but it looks strong."

The woman said so with her sword on her right hand and her left hand on her chin.

The figure is a costume commonly seen in the eastern country, with a red chestnut on the lower body and a white salad on the upper body.It's a style of wasting your feet barefoot, and it's quite lightweight.The long black hair, which can be said to be dark, seems to be tied behind it, but it is slightly blurry whether it is not well taken care of.

Rose felt bad.The opponent is clearly stronger.The opponent is hardly equipped with Armor, but has the ability to become stronger in that state.It's a skill structure that people in the eastern countries often do.

But Rose is now in charge of this base.Even if you lose, Noat alone must be protected.

It's already trespassing, so you can think of it as an enemy, but we need to get as much information as possible.Rose opened her mouth with that thought.

"I see you are from the eastern country, can I help you here?

"There must be a guy here named Hayato. Where is he?I need to ask you a few questions.Don't worry about it.I'm not talking about eating something else. "

Rose understood to a certain extent the words.

Hayat has been targeted from various places, but one of them is a Samurai group called the Holy Magic Ten Swords.It is possible that this woman is the Holy Magic Ten Swords.

Rose took a deep breath and then took a swing again.