Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: Lazy Singing Princess

Rose is confronting one of the ten sacred magic swords in the corridor on the second floor of her base.

Ten knives of the Holy Devil. A clan that was strong enough to remain the fourth in the last clan war.It was Ivan's clan that defeated him, and depending on the combination of tournaments, it was not strange to be a semi-winner.

Rose was a little happy when the opponent told me she was strong.

However, the Holy Magic Ten Swords are targeting Hayato.If something happens to you or Noat here, it's the same thing as when you're a bandit.I just wanted to avoid that.

"Hayato is not here.Please take it back. "

"Huh? But there are signs of someone in that room?

The woman of the Ten Daggers of the Holy Magic said so, pointing her sword at the room where the Dark Knight is.

It was a complete mistake, but it was difficult for Rose.Because I thought you wouldn't be convinced when I said it wasn't Hayato.

I don't mind showing you who's inside.

But the Dark Knight is outfitted with black armor and can't see his face.I don't know why you won't take off your armor, but I don't know if you will respond to showing your face, and it is possible that you will demand openness for this reason.

Nevertheless, the situation will not progress even if we remain silent.It may be useless, but I decided to explain the situation.

"Hayato is not in that room.I'll lay down the details, but it's someone else. "

What, is that so?

Rose clapped.I didn't think you'd believe me.Speaking of the Holy Magic Ten Swords, I have heard that they are a group that does not choose any means for their purpose.I didn't think it would make sense.

"But that's it.You're strong, aren't you?

Samurai, the woman in front of her, said such a thing with a smile in her mouth.

"I thought you were trying to keep it down at first.But I can't.Samurai is famous for seeing so many strong people and going home without doing anything. "

As for Rose, there are parts that can empathize with the thought, but it does not accumulate if you become involved.

The next moment, a woman Samurai moved to reach Rose with her sword.Rather than moving faster, it is a movement that points to Rose's imagination.

Rose received a sword that was quickly swinging down from the top with a cane pattern.The materials are bamboo and metal, respectively, but the sound of short and high armor resonates in the hallway.

"I'll do it!

Female Samurai attacks further.Vertical, horizontal and diagonal slashing.Rose took all the attacks.

(... they're playing.I'm trying to speed up the attack a little bit and see how far I can get.Not like this....!

Female Samurai attacked as if she wasn't serious at all.But Rose was under attack with all his might.The faster you attack, the more you won't be able to fight.

"Master Noat, I will make my way!Run away!

Rose told Noat behind her.Even though I don't usually go out, it's an emergency now.That's what I was shouting at you, thinking that you'd do the right thing.

When Rose and Noat are defeated, they will only be resurrected at this base.Rather, being defeated is quicker to escape, but if you are captured with ropes or the like immediately after resurrection, you may be taken to an eastern country.

At the very least, Noat tried to escape, and he lay down on his back and attacked him like he was on his body.So I pushed Samurai into the wall and let her escape through the edge of the aisle.

But when Rose hit her and pushed Samurai in, Noat didn't show her how to escape.

And for some reason, he's opening a room with a dark knight.

Muscle, I'll tell Lunaria later that you did your best, so please help me a little.

When Noat said so towards the room, the dark knight came out of the room as a sleigh.Equipped with swords and shields, it looks like they're ready for battle.

When she saw it, Samurai threw Rose at her and smiled.

What a dark ten knights of the Demon King army were in the room.And if you look closely, you're Noat, who was in Ivan's clan.I'm lucky to be here to see Hayato... do you want me to go out with them?

"I don't know what the situation is, but if it's strong, I'll be the opponent.Don't think I'm being held back because I'm a woman. "

"I don't think the Demon King Army will take care of the woman.But that's it!

The female Samurai ignores the pushed Rose and slashes the Dark Knight.It was faster than the attack on Rose.

The Dark Knight is completely immobile and continues to be attacked with his sword and shield.Armor durability will be reduced, but not damaged.

I can say that the situation has improved.Soon the target of the female Samurai will turn from Rose to the Dark Knight.

Rose immediately moves near Noat and shields herself.

"Master Noat, let's go outside now.They seem to be focusing on each other, so they won't find out if they run away. "

"You don't have to run away.Let's keep winning. When I leave home, only when I run out of money. "

"What? No, but..."

Noat sang a nose song, "Hmphm."The effect of the singing skill is activated.

"Mm?" "What?

The Dark Knight and the Samurai Woman were both amazed.

Noat's songs are "Weaknesses" that have the effect of lowering the opponent's abilities.It takes time, but it has the effect that if you keep singing, you will eventually lose about half your ability.

"The song from that time!But not this time!

A woman, Samurai, is heading to Noat.

"Your opponent is this way."

The Dark Knight uses Shield Bash, an attack that hits him with a shield.

Originally, I could knock her back and scare her, but Samurai went toward Noat while blowing up and crashing into the wall.

"Don't get in the way!

Rose, who tried to protect Noat, was attacked by a woman Samurai, guarded but blown away.

"Master Noat!

Rose shouted, but the sword approached Noat.

"It's over!

Everyone was knocked out of Noat.Everyone who was there - except Noat - thought so, but it didn't.

Noat was holding his sword in his hands to stop the attack.

"Relic direct blade removal.I couldn't sing this song, but I thought you were after me. "

Noat restarts the nose song and switches the effect of the song.Turns into a "Hellfire" that extends the effect time of a Condition Abnormality, then releases a Low Kick.


Samurai, a woman who had lost her posture after the blade was removed, received it without cutting.

Noat's STR is low so there is no damage.But I got stunned.In addition, the effect time of the state abnormality is increased by the effect of the song, so it cannot move for 20 seconds.

Noat switches songs further.I used "Witch Game" to increase the magic effects of the curse.Then cast a curse.

The female Samurai's HP began to decline gradually.

Originally Stan is removed when taking damage, but Slip Damage that gradually deals damage is ineffective.In other words, the female Samurai lost her HP due to the curse magic while she was immobile.

"This is... damn it.Will you be defeated before Stan is unlocked? "

You can't defeat fighters in this combo.However, Samurai was damaged earlier by the Dark Knight's Shield Bash.Damage inflicts 0 HP before the Greek is removed.

Noat put his left hand on his right hip and put his left eye in a hidden position with his right palm.She said it was a nice pose.

"I'm a serious woman for a lazy life.Hayato will be back soon, so I'll change the day. "

"That's who was in the Warrior Clan.I lost your song back then, but this time... but not next time.Well, there's no point without Hayato.Tell him I'll be back soon.What, you've got a bad habit, but don't worry, just talk.Goodbye, then. I look forward to seeing you again. "

Female Samurai goes to zero HP and falls on the spot.My body disappeared immediately afterwards.They must have resurrected at a registered base.

Confirming that, Noat releases the good pose.

"Yes, dissolve. I'll sleep twice, so don't be noisy.Don't let anyone disturb my sleep...!

"It's a good exercise.Will someone attack this base every day until Lunaria returns..... "

"When it gets louder, fight outside."

"If the weather is good, that would be better.I'm terrible at just being in the room. "

"I don't know what you're talking about.The house is the best - oh, Rose, thank you for the bedmakeup.I promised you a great night's sleep. "

The two went back to their room.

Rose, who had been watching the whole thing, was in shock.

Though I thought I was strong, Samurai had no hands or feet on her.But the dark knights were almost mutually reinforcing, and Noat stabbed him to death.

Noat thought he was a mere supporter, but he proved he could fight, and Rose cursed his shallowness.

(Ivan's clan...)You can't parasite with a ten-member clan.I can't believe you won a Clan War.Ha, good luck)

Rose grabbed the whiskey and began to prepare for the cleaning.