Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: the future actress

Asha, let's go shopping tomorrow.

"Do you have any ingredients you need to buy?

"That's not true. I'm talking about going shopping privately, not at work.I'll walk a little, but there's a shopping mall, so let's buy clothes there. "

Clothes? Why don't you go eat something better than that?In fact, all-you-can-eat sweets with limited time are held. "

"Let's go later.But, Asha-san, I don't think this is a family thing to say, but lately Asha-san's stomach is around... "

"If I tell you more, it's a war.

"... shouldn't we calculate calories or something?

"I don't even have a laptop."

"If you want to go for a walk, let's go for a walk and have a look at your clothes."

"You certainly haven't had enough exercise lately.I see. Will you walk to the mall tomorrow?I don't know if I'll buy clothes. "

It's settled.

Coffee shop "Crown". So Asha and Len were talking about it during the break.

Len plays a guzzle in her heart.

Because I'm thinking of putting on nice clothes for Asha and getting Hayato to appeal.

Ren is doing something like declaring war on Hayato to Esha.Nevertheless, it was like a blast on Esha, and Len wanted to keep them together.

If nothing happens after three years, I give up because they have no connection.At that time, I like Hayato to the extent that I think I can go out with Hayato, but I have the idea of recommending a couple to everyone - no, recommending is not a lukewarm thing.

Destiny, Causality, Scheduled Harmony - that is, God's exploitation.

For Len, it's Hayato and Esha.

It was a virtual reality, a story before I regained my memory, but Hayato and Esha were holding hands in a room on the second floor of the base.

Hayato asked me to see it because it seemed that Esha was suffering, and I immediately went to the base.And Len jumps into the room without knocking.

That's the scene I saw at that time.

Rather than holding hands, Esha was holding hands as if she were saying "Don't go" to Hayato.Esha, who doesn't usually show such a weak spot, holds her hand and makes her weak.

I don't know how it actually went.However, Len thought it was crazy.Esha used to say "honorable."I fully understood this.

I didn't notice it at the time, but now I know.That was the pain when my memory came back.Moreover, after hearing the details carefully, it seems that Esha was carried by Hayato with a princess in her arms.

Len has told me several times to reproduce it as a reference for the movie.It's never been reproduced.

Even though it's been a long time since then, the two of us have never left each other.Then I'll use every tactic I can to get them together.

After the break, Len always thought of a costume that looked good on Esha.

The next day, Len and Esha took the time to come to the mall.It is the largest colony in Factory.

"When the zombies showed up, you said in the movie that you should run away.I want to hold the pantry. "

"That's what my mother did.I'm really scared... of people. "

It's deep.

Esha and Len walk through the mall while talking about a movie like that.

It would have been best to buy it on Earth, but it would have cost too much.I valued the type rather than the good stuff.

I don't know Hayato's preferences in the first place.So it's Len's plan to compete in numbers.The concept of hitting a few machine guns instead of a sniper rifle strike.

"I hope you have a nice t-shirt."

"Instead of rough room clothes, let's go out and buy something like that.Usually, Mr. Esha, isn't it too much?Doesn't Mr. Hayato have to come to that room?

"I'm not coming.The second floor is my sanctuary. "

This is Hayato's room.

Ren used to live in a coffee shop for a while.There was nowhere to live until after the condominium process, and Ren lived in Hayato's room with Esha.

At that time, Esha was dressed only as a rash t-shirt and underwear.Some men say it's fine if they're women, and it's the best, but if they succeed, they'll wake up to a hundred years of love.

Most of the time, they live together even though they're not dating.Len thinks what Hayato is doing in such a situation, but I still want you to create a sweet and sour atmosphere.

From Len's point of view, they're already in a situation like a skilled couple.

The two work together in a coffee shop so that each other can flow.Move as if you know the other person without asking anything.

That's great, but it's not enough for Len.Shouldn't there be something to be ashamed of when we give the plates to each other?No, there should be.

Len got in the mood.

Do your best to make Hayato aware of Asha.

So determined I stepped into the first shop.

You've bought a lot of T-shirts.

"... I see."

On her way back to the coffee shop, Esha had a flashy face, but Ren was walking with a thicker face.

The difficulty would have been high because it was a limited time shopping.Because of that, nothing was achieved.All I bought was a t-shirt that I liked about Asha.

I tried it on.Esha also responded quite well to my request.But good stuff is expensive.After consulting with the budget, only T-shirts remained.

Now we both have to take a break and revenge.Len made up her mind.

"It was fun today, Renn-san."


"Shopping with someone has never been possible in the past.It's a good time. "

Len notices.

Esha and Ren are born in an era of resource depletion.At that time, there were few types of clothes and the price was high.

Ren never had any trouble with the money because her father, Val, was a famous actor, but she never heard of how Esha was.I just heard that I worked as a programmer before I was an adult.

At that time, it was mostly mail order sales, and shopping in stores would have been just as rich.

There would have been an act of shopping in virtual reality, but it was only virtual reality.It may have been the first time in the real world to shop with a friend.

The same goes for Len. I went shopping with Ash in reality, but it was the first time I didn't have to think about shopping with my friends.I didn't have a friend in the first place.

Ren was even more depressed that she should have had more fun.But think positively that there are still opportunities ahead.

"Now let's all come shopping together.I think that would be more fun. "

"That's right. Some days Hayato won't play games, so Ash should invite everyone to shop with him.It is normal for a man to carry luggage at these times.Ah, if you win a prize in the game, you can let Hayato pay for clothes. "

"Huh? Isn't that what pisses you off?

"It's okay, because in Hayato's case, the prize money he received in the game seems to be very user-friendly.I had a barbecue last time.What a superb salmon, superb salmon.It was a dream dinner. "

"I don't think I'm sexy. But in that case, I wanted you to buy me one too...!

"If the movie hits, you'll get a lot of money.Please pay when you become an actress. "

"I see. Then I'll give you all the clothes from the mall."

"You're out big.Well, I'm looking forward to it.Yeah, the movie credit-- the staff roll, right?Could you give me the name of the coffee shop?I've been meeting there, so can you help me with the location?

"Instead of staffroll, the coffee shop itself will appear in the movies.


Did you hear that?The movie I'm shooting is a romantic one with the master of the coffee shop who serves bad coffee.Heroin is a female sniper for some reason and ultimately feels like working in a waitress.I pushed him. "

Esha's eyes become thinner.Instead, Len smiled in full.

"How much money do I have?

"I'm not going in.We're going to make more movies with this in mind.This time, I was Guest A of the coffee shop who cut out goodbye to my lover, but I'll get a better part next time!

Are you sure you want to set up that customer?That said, if you used heroin settings on your own, the promises you made when you became an actress aren't enough for the shopping mall clothes.Please buy clothes for the planet. "

"I see. Buy all the boutique clothes in Central.Besides, I'll manage to buy beef steak as well as specialty carrots.Jesus Christ, she's the future actress!

I don't know if such a future will come, but the possibility is not zero.It's possible, even if it's a ridiculous dream.

They went home talking about a possible future like that.