Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: a disease-free world

Dungeon-based clan "Undead".There were three men at the entrance to the dungeon.

One is a boy in military uniform in shorts, one is a man dressed like a medieval aristocrat, and the other is a kissy man in a pretty little suit - mister.

It's a little early in the evening.However, if that sun tilts and disappears to the horizon, the world will end once and for all.

Mist was about to go out because he had something to do before that.

"Mist, let's stay together for the last day."

"I'm with you in the new world, so I want to meet him while I can remember.You won't completely forget it, but I don't know how you remember it. "

"You're obsessed.You like it that much?

"I need a song.I don't know anything about him, but I've heard him sing many times.I wanted to ask you about the last part live.In virtual reality. "

"Did you say you spent all your time at work?"

"Yes, that song is great.I think that song saved a lot of people.I can't do that anymore. "

"... I'm having trouble answering.Besides, you're still okay here, right?

"Yeah, I'm fine.And the deal is closed.You won't be worried anymore.I'll go then.Tell everyone well.See you in the next world. "

"I can't help it. See you later."

Oh, see you later.

Mist broke up with the two people he was talking about and flew into the sky in the form of a giant bat.

Destination is the base of "Blackjack" who won the Clan War.There's someone there who wants to see Mist.

Today is the day when virtual reality ends.I enjoyed the last hour with my clan members, but Mist remembered.Someone singing their favorite song is in the same virtual reality world.

I liked the songs that were distributed free of charge in real life and heard them many times.And every time a new song appeared, I was moved.

I went into virtual reality and stopped listening to the song, but I met a woman singing with the same voice.It is Noat Vabek, a member of the clan "Blackjack" who won the Clan War.

I jumped out of the base to see him.

Mist is the leader of Clan "Undead".They were all undead by the magic of the Dead - a clan of pointy configurations that were vampires, but whose configurations were so successful that they stayed in the top eight in clan warfare.

However, vampires differ sharply between strong and weak.In the fourth-largest battle, all the time was daytime, and I lost to the clan "Black Rose", a group dressed in Godzilla clothes.

As a mist, I have nothing in particular to think about it.Members were sorry, but this is a play for Mist.I think it's a big deal even if it stays in the top 8.

I'm just glad I stayed at the top of the clan war.I was able to see other clan fights up close.

Normally, other clan wars can only be seen through monitors.But the team that stayed in the top eight had the advantage of seeing other fights first-hand.

Mist likewise watched the battle of "Blackjack", which remained to the top 8, in the prime seat.So I saw Noat Vabek supporting me with a song.

Mist may be said to have been saved by Noat's song.

When you listen to a song, all anxiety goes away.Even if anxiety disappeared, the situation surrounding reality would not change, but it was important for Mist to be able to forget everything even for a moment.

It was the only dissatisfaction that I could not hear the song before entering virtual reality.But it will also be eliminated.This virtual reality has a Noat who can sing the song.

Today is the last day of virtual reality, and all clans are opening up their bases.

I heard from a player I knew that the clan's "Blackjack" base was open and inviting a variety of players, and Mist wanted to meet him once, so I went to the base to let him hear the song.

A few minutes later, upon arrival at the location, there were many people lined up at the "Blackjack" base.There seemed to be a lot of other people besides Mist who wanted to meet the last winning clan member.

Mist went back from bat to person and lined up at the end of the line.

Everyone in line seems to be having fun.When I hear that voice, a lot of information comes in.Normally, there should have been more uneasy voices, but none at all.

There is no sense of sadness in a situation where we leave the planet, lose our memories, and live with virtual reality as reality.Instead, it is filled with hope.

Mist understands well.

Nothing can be expected in reality.I was not particularly pleased to hear the news that I was able to bring resources back from a planet other than Earth.But I was quite hopeful about the idea of living in this world without memory.

That's what Mist wanted.

Forget reality and live in this world without any anxiety.What a wonderful thing that is.

I thought so, and I heard a voice from behind.

"It's going to take a while, isn't it?Can we get in before the world's over?

"Well, you're all right.This fort is the largest in the clan.Maybe we can fit 500 people in.Plus, the line is moving at a fairly high speed.I think I'll be in in five minutes. "

I turned around thinking it was a voice I heard somewhere for Mist.

There were two men and women there.And I realize it right away. Brandle brothers and sisters of Dragon Seoul, the Clan War's top 8 remaining clan.

I've never fought, but I've seen a fight.Clan "Dragon Seoul" defeated Samurai group "The Samurai".

Although it is a first time meeting, it is possible that you know about the same top 8 clans.I came here for Noat's sake, but I wanted to talk to the people who did well in the Clan War.

Mist calls out that he may be able to talk.

"Excuse me, are you the brand sisters of Dragon Seoul?

"Yes, but you've seen it - oh, no, Clan War.Was it the Mist of Undead?

"I'm glad you know.But I'm lucky.I didn't expect to see Ash from Dragon Eater and Len from Dragon Curse on the last day... oops, before that.As you know, I'd like to say hello again.My name is Mist. "

Mist lowers his head.And I talked to the three of you until I got into the base.

When I entered the base, I heard Ash, my brother, following what I was talking about when I was in line.It's about telling Val, his father.

Mist thinks as he listens.

Ash respects Val.It has been a long time since the father stopped working as an actor.I think it's their fault, and Ash doesn't like it.

I dream of going to a movie with my father one day, but that's unlikely to happen.And my sister Len said she wanted to live in this world.Ash said it's not bad to live in this virtual reality.

The sister, Len, had a slightly more complicated face, but after tearing, she hugged Ash saying "I'm sorry."Mist thinks he's a good brother and sister.

Mist also knows Kirka, the mother of Ash and his family, by profession.Kirka died young from an incurable disease.I think that this affects the fact that Vale quit her role as an actor.

Mist stares at his hands.

(There is no disease in this world.As a doctor, it's not a business world, but this is the world I want....)

Then I broke up with Ash and the others.It seemed that Ash and the others had come to see the brave Ivan, but they knew he wasn't there and went to see Cecil Arven, called the "Collector".

And Mist searched for a Noat called "Primadonna" for his purpose.

Mist wants to hear a song before he forgets reality.

Looking around, there was a crowded place, a place like a higher stage.There are people on the stage with instruments.

A woman walked in the middle of the stage.It's the Noat Mist was looking for.

"This is the last time in time.Do you have a request?

The people on the spot made a request to me first.Everyone seemed to know Noat and requested the title of the song, which had been published free of charge.

But there's no song in it that likes mists.

You said this was the last time, so it may already be over, but Mist makes a request just to say it.

It was Noat's first song ever published before he became famous.Mist requests it out loud and unusual.

The people around me were so gloomy that they didn't know the song.

Noat is also surprised and his eyes are blinking.But I smiled immediately.

"Funny, that's my origin song.You might run out of time, but listen to me. "

This song is not accompanied by an instrument.Only Noat's voice echoes around.

This world is over.The mist was filled with unspeakable happiness, saying that it wasn't bad to end with this song at the end.

Before the song is over, the surroundings are wrapped in darkness.

I don't know if it was real or hallucinogenic, but the mist let go of his consciousness while listening to Noat's voice, which could be heard even in the dark.