Another Frontier Online

Request for cooperation

A few days after Relic and Sonia came to the coffee shop, Hayato logged in to Anazar Frontier Online in the morning.

Treasure hunting events are still going on in the game.

Hayato and the others earned treasure coins, in-game currency, items, and more on an island that floats in the sky.I've enjoyed the event enough, so I've been doing nothing particularly slow over the past few days.

Rather, Hayato was concerned about what would happen to Relic and Sonia, so he couldn't do anything until he brought me to the coffee shop.

I logged in every day, but almost nothing was done because of the store's product replenishment.Now that the symptoms have finally settled down, I am thinking of putting a new product in the store.In parallel, I was thinking about scrutinizing items acquired on an island that floats in the sky.

Today, I drink coffee in the base cafeteria while thinking about what to do first.

There came a maid Rose from upstairs.

Good morning, Hayato.

Good morning, Mr. Rose.

Rose, dispatched by the Maid Alliance, is in charge of the store at this base.Originally employed as a maid, Asha has been working in a real coffee shop since the afternoon.

I hired a new one to take care of the store all day, but Rose is quite capable.I also have a little troublesome stunt that I'm good at assassinating, but it's also to protect Hayato.

Hayato has been targeted by various organizations, so the maid captain of the maid guild sent him out with great care.

The maid director is in trouble now, but that's another story.

Hayato asked about the situation of the store.Because I wanted to decide what to do based on the information.

Rose thinks a little and then opens her mouth.

"Why don't you put in some more affordable equipment?Everything in this store is of high quality, but it is also quite expensive and I wonder if amateurs can do it.Recently, there have been more customers, like rushing adventurers, but it seems that they are too expensive to leave the store without buying anything. "

Hayato managed to understand the situation.

Hayato's former clan, the Black Dragon, and its leader, Nay, is a relative of the foundation that can be said to rule the real world and has become a sponsor of the game.If that information comes to light, there are many new players who have started the game anew and feel safe.

Rose, the NPC, doesn't know what the situation is, but she must have advised Hayato because a player with weak gear came to the store.

There are few low-quality items in this shop, with stars less than three, and they are always four or five.Originally, potions that are worth using because the stars are low are placed from even one star, but the armor is not placed because the stars are not low.

When the blacksmith skill reaches 100, like Hayato, it will be difficult to make low-quality armor, but since it can be made, I decided to hear Rose's opinion that it is also a beginner-friendly store.

"I have returned the poor quality to the material, but I will sell it cheaply from now on."

"Yes, I'm glad to hear it - and it's a different matter...."


"What about the Dark Knight, not the muscles upstairs?It's been more than a week.... "


When we rescued Lunaria, the Demon King, from Demon King Castle, we brought one Dark Knight to our base, who tried to disturb us.And I locked him in the room upstairs.

If it were true, Lunaria and the others would have gone back to the Demon King Castle together, but shortly after returning from the island that was floating in the sky, Lunaria and the others did not stop at the base and returned directly to the demonic country.

I came back to the base on a variety of days, and I talked to Rose later, but after that, I kept it that way.

I sent a voice chat to Lunaria saying it was a problem.

"Mr. Lunaria, can you hear me?

"... the Demon King is still resting.Later. "

"I'm in a hurry.Well, it's already 8: 00 in the morning, right?

"The Devil doesn't care about time.I sleep when I want to. "

"Don't say that.You saved him from the Demon King Castle. "

"I can't help it. I carved Hayato into my head as a man who prevented the Demon King from sleeping.So what? "

"I hate being engraved, but I don't care, there's a Dark Knight at our base.Can I return it to the Devil's Land?Come and get it. "


(Me too, but you forgot...)

"So I remembered.Send the King Demon Bed in the hall on the third floor to King Demon Castle.Cash on delivery is fine. "

"It reminds me differently.Can you tell me what to do with the Dark Knight?Can I let you go?

"That's it, but I'd like you to keep it a little more.I'll thank you later. "

"... why?

"Now that you've trapped me, all the Black Roses and all the Dark Knights are fighting, it might be a little embarrassing to come back.I want all the black roses to win this time, so I don't want to break the balance of power. "

"Is that what this is all about?

"I said I didn't care like a demon king, but all the black roses said that they would use force to make sure this doesn't happen in the future.I allowed it because the power is like the Demon King army of justice. "

"Shall we stop there?But I understand the situation.I'll keep the Dark Knight here for a while, so let me know when you're okay. "

"Okay. I will also send you a voice chat so you can listen to Hayato carefully.So send me the bed. "

"... I'll send you the beds that Rosalie and the others used, so you're free to go."

That's how I turned off the voice chat.And look at Rose.

"I talked to Lunaria, but I've been keeping her for a while.But will you treat me like a customer instead of being trapped?Because I think it will make me feel better. "

"I understand.As a matter of fact, he said he wanted to train outside while he was locked up, so I'm going to give him permission. "

"Oh, I suppose that's what you said.That's when the Dark Knight and Mr. Noat defeated one of the Ten Swords of the Holy Magic. "

"That's right!I knew you were both strong, but not that close!

(Regardless of the Dark Knight, Mr. Noat... I can't believe it, but I think Mr. Relic also said that Mr. Noat helped him in the Clan War, and maybe he is strong if he really takes it seriously.But it's not normal)

Hayato returned from an island that floated in the sky and received various reports from Rose.One of them was a report that one of the Ten Daggers of the Holy Magic had come here to fight.

They didn't come to get Hayato in the first place, but they came to talk, but there's no reason to swallow it.Vigilance will continue to be necessary.

When I thought about it, I heard the door slam.

Hayato and Rose both tilt their necks.If you know someone, they usually come in, but when they don't come in, they're customers.But I don't expect anyone to come in this morning.

Hayat warns that it may be the Holy Magic Ten Swords.

Rose approached the door with the same vigilance.

"Who is it?

"Are you sure this is the base of the clan Daedalus?

The voice of a young man. Hayat heard the voice.

"Before you do, please tell me who you are."

"I'm Damien Trence.I think you'll find out if you're with the Mist.I want Hayato here to help me. "

Hayat sounds familiar with the name.And I remembered.

A medieval aristocratic vampire on a ghost ship.

"This is definitely where Hayato leads Daedalus, but what kind of cooperation?

"... Mist went missing in the dungeon.I need your help with the search. "

Hayat quickly opened the door, forgetting that this was virtual reality.