Hayato told me to calm down.

I was upset that Mist was missing, but this is virtual reality.It's not a life-threatening situation, and if you need help, you can ask Dite to help you.

Does the NPC know that it is a living person who is losing the memory of reality? Hayat began to think of what happened in virtual reality as reality.

(It's a little embarrassing. I'm glad Esha and the others aren't here.)

If Esha had seen this scene, she would have looked stunned.Fortunately, only NPCs who do not know reality are nearby.I don't doubt Hayato's haste.

After finally calming down, I saw Damien sitting between the tables.

Blonde hair long enough on the shoulders for a neutral look.Ash is a handsome man with a different genre.Is it a normal condition or is it because it is a vampire? The blood colour is bad and it seems to be in bad condition.But Hayato thought it would be good for some people.

Hayato asked Rose if a vampire would prefer tomato juice to coffee.

It's a mist that hasn't come to the base lately, but I have stock of tomato juice so I can come anytime.Rose put one of them in front of Damien.

Damien lowers his head a little.

"Thank you. By the way, are you Hayato?

"Hmm? Yeah, but didn't you know?

"No, just listening to Mist, I didn't know his face.I didn't know I was the one who attacked the boat-- I'm sorry about that.Let's apologize. "

Hayato is convinced.

Hayat only heard the name of Damien from Diet, and they didn't name each other in particular.Damien didn't think we were Mist's acquaintances or his clan.

"Well, there wasn't much damage, so I'm fine.Instead, I took the treasure from the Ghost Ship..... "

"No, I don't mind.I'm not interested.I just had what was loaded on the ship I attacked so far - well, if you think that putting me on the base means you're listening to me?

Hayato nods.

Although this is a virtual reality, the Mist who worked hard in the Clan War is missing.I want to help if I can hear the situation, even if my life is not in danger.Instead, I think I can go look for the missing dungeon.

Damien explained the situation to Hayat.

Damien and Mist were heading for the deepest part of a certain dungeon.

Traps are activated while attacking Dungeons.Mist covers Damian and falls into the trap.It appears to have been a metastasis trap, and Mist has been separated from Damien.

Mist is a vampire, so even if he is a solo, he will not be defeated so easily.Even if defeated, you can be revived in the coffin of a Mansion in the Magic Land.

It was supposed to be, but there was no response when I sent a voice chat to the mist, and when I asked the Mansion servants, the mist didn't come back to the coffin.

Still, I waited three days, but I didn't hear anything.I thought there was a problem that the mist could not handle, so I came to request a rescue.

"That's fine, but why are you here?

"Mist always said that.Hayato, the leader here, has only productive skills, but he can be trusted in every way. "

Why am I so happy to hear my good reputation from others?Even if that's a compliment, it's hard for Hayato to stop getting confused.But I behaved like nothing.

"That's a delightful rating.But that's not what I'm talking about, and Damien, including Mr. Mist, was also a clan of immortals, right?I thought you'd need help before I did.Ah, of course, it's not a question of asking for help, it's a simple question. "

"That's... that's right, you'll have to say it.Immortality Shijie may cause a state abnormality called "sleep of immortality".Unfortunately, except for me and Mist and the other one, they're in that state and they can't move. "

"An immortal sleep?

"We have become vampires by the magic of the dead.Death doesn't happen on undead - but there doesn't seem to be any magic that's convenient, so if you've been a vampire for a long time, you go to sleep without waking up.I was doing some research on that ghost ship to figure it out. "

Hayato has only the impression of "what that setting is."The perception is that there are no such restrictions on players in the first place.

Vampirization is quite popular among players.Although there are disadvantages due to various restrictions, they also have the advantage of being a bat and being able to fly in the sky, which is quite powerful when it comes to melee fights.

Many players have been vampires for a long time, and I've never heard of falling asleep without waking up.

Nevertheless, it doesn't seem like Damien is lying.Hayato also tried to send a voice chat to Mist, but there was no reply.There is no doubt that something is happening to Mist.

I began to wonder if it might be the disadvantage of the desire for God - that is, the reward from Dite.I hear the Immortal Twelve became the best eight in the Clan War.There is a possibility.

"What do you think?I know I can't trust the ghost ship, but I need your help. "

I think it would be nice to swallow everything, but I don't think it is necessary to do this much.

Hayat made up his mind.

"I see. I will cooperate.What exactly should I do?

"Thank you. I'm going back to the dungeon.I would like to ask for that support.I just deserve it, but I've lost my ghost ship and I don't have anything.Monetary rewards will come later..... "

"I don't need a reward to help Mr. Mist.Tell me what to prepare.And he said, "I'm going back to the dungeon, but I don't think I can find it alone."

"To tell you the truth, I'd like that too.I want to borrow someone strong, especially someone with Trehan skills.Looks like a dungeon with a lot of traps, so it's not good just to be strong. "

"Trehan's technique....."

In that case, it would be relic and sonia, but unfortunately it is difficult to borrow the help of both.

Now I seem to be teaching security work under Nay, and I don't think I have time to play games.You come to the coffee shop often, but it's for dinner.

Hayat thinks he'll have to hire someone at the Trehan Guild.

"Um, I'm sorry to keep my mouth shut"

Rose suddenly opened her mouth.

"By the way, where did Mist go missing in the dungeon?If you know the dungeon, you might find the best members. "

Hayato nods as he grows.

Most dungeons are attacked, so there is some information.We won't be able to retrieve the information online, but we may be able to have it investigated through a made-up guild.

But Damien thought a little and then shook his head sideways.

"The hidden dungeon is Necropolis, the capital of the dead."

Hayat turned to Rose wondering if he knew the dungeon but was famous.

The rose seemed surprised.

"It's a few unbroken dungeons.I don't think it's possible to attack that place alone while you're arrogant..... "

"Of course, I don't have the ability to attack at once.I was going to try again and again, but I didn't expect this to happen on a few floors.You should say that is an unbroken dungeon.This recognition was too sweet. "

"I don't know, is it a famous dungeon?

Rose and Damien seemed surprised at Hayato's words, but Rose explained them immediately.

There are four dungeons in this game that no one has ever been to the bottom.These are the Dark Hole, Abaddon, Southand, and Necropolis.

Hayato only knew about the Dark Hole, but it was the first time I knew it had never been trampled.

"Mr Mist and Mr Damien want to attack the unbroken dungeon?

"Exactly. You can see the results yet."

"Can you tell me why you're going there?

"I'll need that more than a favor.Simply put, another companion brought the information.It is information that items to avoid immortal sleep are at the bottom of Necropolis.I was gonna go get it. "

Why is there such information even though it is a setting where no one has ever been to the bottom?Hayato is a type of person who cares about such things, but I will leave it.

"I understand all about it.Then make sure you're prepared to find Mr. Mist.Mr. Rose, I need your maid guild to look into Necropolis first, okay?I don't care how much it costs. "

"I understand.Based on the results of the survey, I would also like to make a candidate for the people I need. "

"Nice to meet you, Damien. I'd love to go right away, but please wait until we have all the information and items.If you like, you can stay at this base. "

"It helps everything.Then I'd like to sweeten my words and get into trouble here for a while. "

Hayato nodded.

Now that you're busy, Hayato should have thought about what items to prepare.