Another Frontier Online

Bugs and Specifications

Hayato asked Rose to show Damien around and contacted Diete to confirm the situation.

It could have been an event like Ash or Len's Dragon Seoul.New events may occur while a treasure hunting event is occurring.

It is possible that it is linked because the place where it occurred is a dungeon in the first place.From other players' point of view, it would be nice to break the rules, but I thought I'd just check to see if the event was on schedule.

Diete-chan, are you okay now?

"Hey, good morning, Hayato.It's unusual to hear from me so early in the morning. "

"Good morning, may I ask you something, is this an event about Mr. Mist's disappearance?Is that what Diete-chan knows?I'm a little worried. "

It would be rude to ask.I doubt Dieter's ability to manage.But things have been going on here lately.Hupnos, hacking, and Diete often don't understand.I can't help asking.

"Mr. Mist? No, I don't know about that event, but what the hell are you talking about?

"Miss Mist went missing while attacking a dungeon called Necropolis.A friend of mine, Damien, just came by and asked for help. "

"Missing? In Necropolis?... uh, maybe I've got a new trap?

"New trap?

"You're having a treasure hunting event now, right?Dungeons are activated, increasing the chance of crates appearing and monsters dropping keys.At the same time, there are more types of traps in the treasure chest and corridors and their probability of occurrence... Speaking of which, I don't suppose Mr. Mist was expecting a trap... "

"Um, what do you mean?

"Mist, I think you caught a metastasis trap, but I think you've been transferred to a place called the Monster Room."

I've heard of Hayato in the monster room.

There's an infinite number of monsters in that huge room.It was often used to improve Melee Attack skills at one time, but has been largely depleted lately.

The monsters that gush there don't have any drop items.Monsters regenerate in a short amount of time, making them suitable for skill enhancement, but they don't have enough strength to increase their abilities to 100.It's a training place for beginners.

"You can unlock the door in your room, but Mr. Mist doesn't have the skills to unlock it.Besides, the monsters in that room won't take any damage, so we won't be able to revive them at the base. "

"I mean...."

"I can't go out forever.Mist, I don't think you can defeat monsters because of their natural resilience. "

"... that's a bug, right?

"... no.As per specifications. Mist, in your case, I can't leave. "

"Isn't that a spec bug?Vampires are popular, so I think other players will. "

"Mist's natural resilience is unusually high.Other players will lose in the monster room, even vampires, so there's no problem, but you can't, Mr. Mist.I was surprised. "

Dite's inadvertent listening after a long time.However, if there was nothing to worry about, it would be a little easier.

So Diete-chan can get Miss Mist out?Actually, I'm going to help you. "

"So why don't you go and help me?I'm sorry about what happened this time, but I want a lot of data. "

"No, because it's a monster room, right?Mr. Mist, aren't you fighting forever?Sleep roughly?

"I didn't intend to be skilled in such a place, so I didn't think there would be an infinite number of monsters.There are only a hundred monsters out there a day.There is also a bed in the corner of the room so players can log out.Mist, you can't log out, but I don't think you'll have a problem sleeping. "

"Could you at least make it a little more comfortable?There's food in the morning, lunch and evening, beds in coffins. "

"I do need that.Okay, we'll deal with that right away. "

Besides, I'd like Mr. Mist to do a lot of favors after the rescue.

That's true too.Well, I'll think of something to apologize for.I'll deal with it right away. "

My audio chat with Dieter has expired.

It was enough for Hayato to just to know that Mist was not missing due to external factors.It's bad for Damien, but it's not that dangerous in Hayato anymore.

Nevertheless, even if Diete dealt with it, it would be stressful not to go out.It's been a few days, so we should start rescuing ourselves right away.

Hayato decided to get in touch where he might be able to help.

"... can I call it a declaration of war to prevent the Devil from sleeping twice?

"Mr. Lunaria, Mr. Mist actually went missing in a dungeon called Necropolis.I want to help you with that strategy. "

"Mr. Mist? I'm from the Magic Land and I'd like to help, but I've been away from the Magic Land quite a while, so I may not be able to.And all the black roses are tough - yes, I called Gil earlier and I think she'll help me. "

"Who's Gil?

"Gil the Ten Knights of Darkness."

"Oh, the Dark Knight.Mr. Gill?

"Yes, Gil Creef. As a shield of muscular supremacy, I can expect it as a wall.And it's pretty aggressive.Recommended "

Hayat heard of a doctrine he could not abandon, but decided not to mind.But I also wonder why Rose called the Dark Knight a muscle.

"Thank you. Then I'll ask Gil."

"Yes, I can't help you directly, but indirectly I can help you, Mr. Mist."

"I promise. Then I'll call you if anything happens."

Hayato hung up on the voice chat after hearing a reply from Lunaria.

(Gil? I'm sure Lunaria is strong if she says so.If you're going to be in the dungeon for a long time, you'll need a shield.Do you want me to do it right?But before that, I will contact you with other things.)

Hayato tried contacting me, but I didn't get a good reply.

Here's the answer from the dragonbusters led by Cecil.

I don't know. The Dragonbusters were angry because they left the Empire a little too far, and now they can't go on an expedition to another country.I gave you the treasure.I didn't give you the sword. "

"Isn't that the reason?But I understand. It's my fault I got angry, so I'll make a good sword for everyone later. "


And Neys couldn't help answering from the Black Dragon, either.

"I'm sorry, but I have a lot of procedures to follow when I become an investor.As a matter of fact, it's a little difficult for everyone in the Black Dragon to help with that in real life. "

I see. I'm sorry, I've caused a lot of trouble. "

"What are you talking about? There is nothing wrong with this because it was the best.We'll all go back to play when we're free, so be patient until then.Now Hayato and I are going on vacation together!

Oh, I look forward to it.

Most of Hayato's connections were useless.I have other guesses, but it is about Bandit and the Devil's Summon Study Group. I don't know if they will help me rescue the mist, and I think it will be a lot of trouble, so I removed them from the list of candidates.

Now, thinking about what to do, the door was knocked.And it opens immediately.

"Good morning! Long time no see!

"Maris, and Sieg.Good morning, both of you.It's been a while. "

Tamer's Maris came in with a Siegfried on her right shoulder.Maris was originally bright, but now she has a pretty smile that makes her think something good has happened.

"My cat ran out of Deluxe, so I came to get you to make a new one.Sieg has become a gourmet meal, and I don't like regular meals.... "

"Then I'll make it right away.By the way, is Tamer Guild's job okay?You've been busy, haven't you?

"Yeah, it settled down for a while.We've wiped out Tamer and the others who are doing illegal business.I've let a few people go, but it's only a matter of time before they get caught.So I thought I'd play with the animals at the base for a while...!

"Really?Oh, so maybe you have a little time?

"It's okay. Anything wrong?

Hayat decided to tell Maris about the situation so far.