Another Frontier Online

Pets for dungeon exploration

Hayat talked about Mist with Maris at the dining room table.

In the meantime, Maris was stroking Sieg's stomach, but when Hayato finished talking, her stroking hand stopped.

Mist is in danger!Then we need to go and get him now!

I would like to do that as a Hayato, but I calm down Maris because she is not ready.He also told her that he was likely trapped in the monster room with "speculation" in front of him.

Maris is convinced of that.The Monster Room is like a Death Strap that will definitely be defeated, but it will not defeat the Mist.Maris also understood the possibility of falling in love with such a place.

"That's true.So you're going to the dungeon with Ash and the others?

"Unfortunately, Ash and the others are also tough.That's why I'm calling people who can go.How's Maris, by the way?If you can spare some time, I'd like you to come. "

"Of course I don't mind!I just wanted to say that dungeons may not be very helpful.... "

Looking at Maris, who said that with all due respect, Hayato thought rudely, "Certainly."

Maris can fight with petted monsters as a tamer.It is undoubtedly strong, but in a narrow space like a dungeon, its ability is significantly limited.

Hit and Away is the most effective way to fight Tamer.It is a tactic of hitting an opponent and then escaping to a location where the opponent's attack cannot reach.This is a way to fight using the speed of ridable monsters.It can't be done in a narrow passage like a dungeon.

There is a way to fight pets without riding, but strong monsters are huge.There are also dungeons that don't allow dragons in the first place.

The Lancelot of the Elder Griffon, considered the strongest of Maris's pets, is classified as large, so it is unclear whether it will fit into Necropolis.

Maris herself has combat power, but she can only use Spear Magic.It is difficult to swing a spear in a narrow area, and it is limited to the battle of "poking".Weapon skills will be limited to that.

(In the dungeon, Maris is a little tough on the battlefield... but of course, she's stronger than me.But no one is likely to be a fighter right now.)

"We've brought Damien to your room - are you a customer?

Rose came down the stairs.And look at Maris and say so.Maris also looked at Rose and tilted her neck slightly.

Hayato was surprised for a moment, but when they thought about it, they thought it was the first time for each other.

"We've both met for the first time.This is Tamer's Maris, and your maid is Rose. "

"Nice to meet you, Maris Sola!This child is a Siegfried.Call him Sieg!

"Nice to meet you, Maris.My name is Rose Belts and I am a Maid of the Maid Guild.After that, what if I told you about Maris Tamer?

I don't know which Maris Hayato is, but I tend to wonder if there is such a famous Maris.

"Um, is Marisu famous?

"You're quite famous in the Tamer Guild neighborhood.Do you think that if you talk to Maris about your pet, it will probably solve the problem?And I've heard that if you let me train my pets, they'll make me pretty strong. "

Pet monsters can build their skills and gain Immunity just like players.Generally, players do it on their own, but they can also ask the Tamer Alliance to pay for it.

Ask Maris to strengthen her pet and she'll be back pretty strong.That's why there are many players who nominate Maris, which is probably the best way to make money.However, it was too popular, the request fee was high, and it was difficult to ask.

"Heh, that was amazing.

Maris scratched the back of her head with her left hand.

"That's a lot!

"I was relieved by the usual Maris."

"And I've heard that Maris understands animal language."

Maris also scratched the back of her head with her left hand.I wonder if it's a concealment or if Siegfried's stomach has a fast hand.Sieg seems a little disgusted.

"Well, that's a lot!

"Let's deny it.I can't believe I can talk to animals. "

Maris looked strange in Hayato's words.

"No, I can talk.I kind of understand the words you're saying.Hey, Sieg - are you hungry?Be nice? Oh, I'm sorry. "

Hayato wondered what to think.There is no doubt that it is possible in reality.But this is virtual reality.It's not unlikely.

I thought about it a lot, but put it on hold for now.Now it's about Mist more than that.

I will revert to the topic of whether Rose felt it too.

"Does the presence of Maris mean we can help rescue Mist?

"I mean, in Maris' case, the dungeon is quite restrictive and difficult."

"I see. I've heard that Tamer is not a good fit for dungeon tactics."

"Pe, the pets aren't bad... just because I'm bad..."

Maris, who has been good at it until now, is in trouble this time.Sieg smacked Maris on the shoulder with her right foot, saying, "You're doing well."

"Does Maris have a pet to explore the dungeon?

"I'm sorry, but do you have any pets for dungeon exploration?

"Yes, I don't know much about it, but I've heard that there are pets who can detect and unlock traps and keys due to defiance, even though they have little combat power.They say there are no pets with 100 skills. "

Hayato looks at Maris with Rose.

Maris nodded.

"I know you're here.Like our defense chief. "

"... first of all, what is a defense captain?

"What? Didn't I tell you?Sieg was an exiled princess and is now working hard to rebuild his country.Hayato is also known as Hercules, who is in charge of the newly formed kingdom's defense chief. "

"I'd like to mumble a lot. In the first place, even though they say you know them, I don't know them - and you mean the beetle you bet on in the betting match of the Clan War?I know that kid. "

Hayato has a history of betting on Maris' pets during the Clan War to put a monster on the Male Tri-haired Cat.Since the male of the three-haired cat is 100 million G, I applied for the Hercules Okabuto to match it.

After all, we decided to play the game regardless of the bet, but Hayato does know Hercules Okabuto.

(Speaking of which, you said you persuaded the beetle.Is it true we can talk?No, it doesn't matter)

"Is the Hercules Okabu a pet for dungeon exploration?

"That's right. I have never trained for dungeon exploration in particular, but I think it will be quite effective even in the elegant state.I just don't think it's a good idea to expect it militarily. "

Hayato thought about asking for a defense captain even though he couldn't expect it to be effective.No one has the skills of Trehan because they can't help Relic or Sonia in the first place.

I was thinking of asking the Trehan Guild, but if Maris could get her pet to do it, she wouldn't have gone any further.

"Then will Maris help Miss Mist in her quest?

"Of course! And I'm going to do a little research on pets that can play a role in the dungeon."

"Nice to meet you. Let's start by making deluxe as a cat.Ingredients... "

"Yes, I brought it.Best regards - Ah, speaking of which, Mr. Hayato, do you know what a dinosaur is?Recently, I often hear such stories in King's Landing, but do you know where they are?That's what the Tamer Guild is all about. "

"What? Dinosaurs? I was on an island floating in the sky.I built an airship. "

For a moment, Maris stood up vigorously from her chair and looked towards Hayato.If there is no table in between, there is momentum for a head poke.

"Why don't you take me with you!

"No, she said she was busy.And the dinosaurs are what I've known since I left. "

"Gunu. That's exactly what I said... I don't know if Tame can do it, but I wanted to try it..."

Well, I'll take you next time, then.

"Absolutely! All right, let's get Mr. Mist out of here and get to the island that's floating in the sky right away!Tame the dinosaurs you haven't seen yet!

Maris is breathing roughly.

Sieg was attacking Maris with his tail without telling him to calm down.