Another Frontier Online

Dark Knight and Brave

Maris received the Deluxe as a cat and returned to the Tamer Guild.

Enhance your Dungeon Explorer pet immediately.Hayato wonders if the mist may be dangerous and if the dinosaur is raising tension.

As it stands, only Damien and Maris are members of Mist Exploration.We still don't know about the dungeon "Necropolis," but at least we can't go alone.

I decided to ask Gil, the Dark Knight recommended by Lunaria, about the room.

Originally, we caught him, but now he's a customer.Instead of calling the cafeteria, I carried my feet that I should go from here.

"Gil, I'm Hayato, the leader here.Is it okay if I come in?

Since it can be said that it is almost the first time we meet, we will handle it carefully so that we do not have a negative impression.

"Lord Hayato. Of course I don't mind.This is Lord Hayato's stronghold in the first place.You don't have to. "

Hayato opened the door of the room with confidence that he was a decent person to talk to.

There were knights in black armor over two meters.Your whole body is covered in armor, and you can't see your face at all.I feel intimidated just because my body is large.

As Hayato enters the room, Gil lowers his head slightly.

"I've met you a few times, but I've never talked to you like this before.I'm Gil Creef. My hobbies are muscular. "

"Um, it's Hayato.My hobby is coffee...?

It became a strange introduction, but suddenly Hayato was upset when he was told that he was a hobby for muscle tread.

Gil stares at Hayato, saying, "Hmm."Then he approached and touched Hayato's shoulders, back and feet.

"Eh, hey, what is it?

Hayato is not happy even in a situation where Esha seems happy.Instead, I thought it would be better to send it back to the Devil's Land immediately.

"Hayato doesn't have enough muscle.You should train a little more. "

Hayato was relieved to know what was going on.

Muscles are meaningless in virtual reality.Only STR has an impact in this world.Even if you have a musculoskeletal body, you can't equip anything with a low STR, and even if you have a small body, you can swing any weapon with a high STR.

There are specifications of muscle when you keep swinging the weapon, but unless you do too much, it's the same shape as in the real world.

Hayato is real, and I thought maybe I should put a little more muscle on it, but I stopped thinking about it later.

"Well, anyway, you've heard from Lunaria, right?Actually, I need to ask you something. "

"I'm listening.Anything about a clan member missing in a dungeon. "

"Yeah, that's right.I'd like to ask you to explore. "

"Of course I don't mind. Lunaria-sama told me not to come back for a while in the first place, and to be clear, I am free.If you dive into a dungeon, you'll be training your muscles, and I hope so. "

(Even though you're a decent person, you take everything to the muscle... that's muscle supremacy.Rosalie and the others hated it, but it might be a little hot like this)

Hayato was a little stunned, but Gil was one of the Ten Knights of Darkness.In terms of strength, you can expect quite a bit.I was happy that this would make exploring the Mist a little easier.

But there are still three of them.This won't be enough.

Gil opened his mouth as I wondered who else might be able to help me.

"I've heard that Hayato is a producer, but is that correct?

"Hmm? Yeah, definitely.I can't fight because I don't have any combat skills. "

"I wonder if it's enough to give Lunaria an order... to have a pretty powerful weapon or armor?Is that connected to Lord Hayato's strength?

"You can make many things, but you can't equip them because of STR.So even if you had a powerful armor, it had nothing to do with my strength.And I'm not asking Lunaria to do it, I'm asking her. "

Not an order, please.Then I asked that brave man not to be ordered.I was surprised at that time, but I don't think it would convince me. "

Hayato requested an order from the Devil and the Brave when there was a Stampede event.Hayat gave instructions to Lunaria and Ivan when he defeated Agresberion.

Hayato didn't care, but he heard later that the members around him were quite surprised.I'm sure Hayato is the only one who can give instructions to the two most powerful men in the world.

Nevertheless, Hayat is not aware that he gave instructions or ordered them.In the first place, the two have handed Hayat the affidavit with the punishment of the outbreak at the base.Some of my favors go to you.

"Well, Lunaria and Ivan have been rampaging here before - that's it!

Gil seemed a little surprised when Hayato shouted loudly, but immediately said calmly, "What's wrong?"I hear.

"No, I forgot about Ivan.I came up with the idea of asking you to explore. "

"It's hard to forget a brave man.Besides, you're telling me to party with the brave - usually, but now that Lunaria has told me to listen to Lord Hayato's orders, it's not too bad.And I wanted to make a deal with the brave once. "

"I'm not asking you to fight, I'm asking you to explore.

"Of course. But this is an instant party, isn't it?We need to know each other's strengths.Do you think I'd trust you to fight a little bit before we go on an expedition?

I don't know what the theory is, and it's going to get rough, but Hayato thought it might be necessary to do something like that.

I also feel like Esha was eager to tell the story of men beating each other and understanding each other for the first time.It smells pretty fuzzy.

And Hayat sends a voice chat to Ivan right away.

There was an immediate response.

Hayato. It's been a long time, but what's wrong with this morning?

"Sorry. I need to ask you a favor. Are you okay?

"I just attacked the dungeon, so I don't mind.But I don't work for free, so please do it like that.

"I know. Actually, Miss Mist in my clan is missing in the Necropolis dungeon and is asking various people to explore it.I'd like to ask Ivan. "

Necropolis. It's troublesome again.Well, I'll talk to you about it later.However, I hurried out of the dungeon, but it took time because it was the deepest part.I'll be there in about three days, but wait for that.

"Of course, then.I'll tell you the details at the base. "

"Oh, I see.Please prepare something delicious.The rice I brought into the dungeon wasn't very good.... "

"I'll have it on Star Five."

"What do you expect?

I ran out of audio chat with Ivan.

(Ivan is always diving in the dungeon... but thanks for helping me.It will be three days later, but there will be no problem because the preparation will be that much)

"Has the story been settled?

"Yeah, he'll be here in three days."

"It's superimposed. I didn't know you had a chance to fight a brave man here.That's exactly what guides the muscles. "

(... dangerous. I almost put in a comic strip.Maybe it's the right thing to ignore here.Maybe Rosalie and the others don't like this either....)

Hayato calms down and puts in a slight climax.

"Well, let me tell you, the main thing is not to fight, but to explore.

"Of course I know.But when I heard the brave men were coming, my muscles made a scene... I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to train a little outside. "

"Yeah, well, that won't be a problem... yes, just say whatever you need to explore.You can also maintain your armor. "

"I see. Do you want me to train enough to break my armor?"

"I didn't say that.What are you doing... I'm not looking at you with my helmet on, but if you're not rude, can I see your face?

Well, that was rude.I was often told not to take off the black roses because it was bad for women at Demon King Castle. "

Gil takes off his helmet after saying so.

A man in his 40s who cut his black hair short.The expression "delicate, dust-free, harsh, and scary" suits you well.It was only Hayato's impression, but it looked like a soldier.

"Young women seem intimidating, but Lunaria is the only one who says," You look strong and you look good. "The Ten Knights of Darkness are all similar, and since then I have followed Lunaria. "

"Mr. Lunaria certainly is.I think you can count on me. "

I see. Then say hello again. "

Since Gil put out his right hand, Hayato also put out his right hand and shook his hand firmly.