Another Frontier Online

Dungeon info and maid captain

The next day, Hayato was on his way to the maid's guild with Esha.

To ask the maid for information about Necropolis.In the morning, Rose told me that the information had been collected to some extent, so I decided to go out with the logged-in Asha.

This is also a consideration for the maid length.

Relic and Sonia won't be logged in for a while, but the maid captain won't know.I thought it would be unnecessary for you to come to the place where you might bowl together.

"I don't think it's too much to worry about.I'm talking about the maid chief, so I thought you were trying.

"No, what do you think?I got the wine delivered a few days ago, but it seemed like it was already a big deal.

"Can we win now?

"It's not a good chase."

"I'm kidding. By the way, did Maris and the others go to Necropolis?

"That's right. He said it wasn't a full-scale search, it was like practice."

Damien, Maris and Gil headed for the Dungeon "Necropolis" in the morning.

Ivan, a brave man, planned to join us before exploring, but he wanted to see if the three could work together well, and he started exploring ahead of time because there was no problem at the lower level.

(Full exploration begins with Ivan's arrival, and we'll see what happens at a lower level, right?Because it's an instant party.I mean, those three aren't messing with each other at all, but are you sure you're okay?

Last night, I gathered the three of them in the cafeteria at the base to introduce myself, and then I had dinner at the same time and held something like a party.Hayato was there, of course, but to be honest, I didn't think the three of them would like each other.

"Skeletons are good.They have a high ability to evade, and they give people a potential fear.No zombies. The smell is terrible. "

"Please look at Sieg more than that.This elegant technique.It's nice, isn't it?

Skeletons and cats are cute, but they don't have enough muscle.

It's not like we're going to be dungeon friendly, but whatever happens, it doesn't seem like we're going to help each other.

(Should I follow...?But it's useless....)

The information is to be heard from now on, but sometimes it has already been discovered.

Necropolis has a transfer device called a portal in each hierarchy, which can be transferred to portals that have been there before.Once you get to the portal, you'll be able to get out and start your next exploration with the portal you've been to.

In other words, it is not a dungeon to dive and attack for days.It is possible to go to the back little by little on a day trip.

There are also dungeons that take members with production skills into consideration for longer exploration, but they are not necessary in Necropolis.I can say that there is no reason for Hayato to follow me this time.

From Hayato's point of view, I think it is a dungeon with low difficulty, but I am hopeful that there is something wrong with not being able to trample it.

(Mr. Mist and the others aim at the bottom.Even if I rescue you, I'm sure I'll go to the bottom with Damien.We also need information for the offensive.We need Maris to help us get to the bottom, if possible.If it goes missing again, it will be troublesome)

"We're here, master."

While I was thinking, I appeared to have arrived at a maid's guild.Hayato stepped in a little nervous.

"Hayato, thank you for coming.And Esha. "

"Mr. Rose taught me, and I came right away.I'm sorry about the morning. "

"Never mind.Hayato has hired Asha and Rose, so you can always do your new job. "

Office of the Made to Measure Alliance.

A calm maid stood up from his chair and greeted Hayato politely.And encourage them to sit on the sofa.

"Let me tell you what I just looked into."

In addition to his thoughts, Hayato, who was reassured by the ordinary maid director, decided to hear the information quickly.

To sum up, this is what the maid director said.

Necropolis is a dungeon in the Magic Land.

It is said to be the capital of the dead, but refers to the country that was originally in the Magic Land.Exactly where it was the capital of the country before becoming a magical country.The place where the Demon King Castle is now was once a country, but it was a country that was at war with it.

The nation of Necropolis is exhausted by the battle against it and summons a powerful demon as a last resort.Successfully destroyed the kingdom where the Demon King Castle is now.

And while he was rejoicing in it, the devil offered the life and the kingdom of all the inhabitants as his reward, and swallowed up every capital city into the bottom of the earth.

It was a dungeon called Necropolis.

So far, we're just talking about settings.Talk about the dungeon continues.

Much the same as the information from Damien, but there was some new information.

"The monsters appearing in Necropolis seem to be humanoid ghosts, but it seems that the public will attack them at that time.It means the soul is bound to the land. "

I see.

"However, it seems that there will be more demonic monsters going deep.It seems to be quite strong, and that's why I can't go to the bottom.And it seems to me that there are demons at the bottom who have destroyed the country. "

"You mean the Duke Devil?Then it's hard to take them down. "

Speaking of demons, it's best to ask the Demon Summoning Society, but I don't feel that is necessary for now.Rather, Hayato had organized items in his head that he needed to prepare, such as sacred armor and weapons with special effects on demonic monsters.

"I don't know if you know Hayato, but someone called an exorcist or a daemon slayer might make it easier."

"Exorcist, is that you?"

Exorcists and daemon slayers are both professions that work to defeat demons.Exorcist refers to the type that magically defeats demons, and daemon slayer refers to the type that physically defeats demons.

There are no specific occupations in this game, but it is common practice to role-play them by constructing skills that resemble them.It can be said that there are more NPCs than players.

However, just by configuring skills like that, there are not many anti-demonic skills.To put it another way, I have the "demonic knowledge" skill.

(I don't know... I may be in church or something, but Diete-chan doesn't do church work, so I don't think she knows anyone.I knew I had to do something with the production items.And we have Ivan, the brave one.Genuine Excalibur is a sacred attribute and would be easier)

"Thank you very much. I understand the general situation, so I will try to think about it based on it.Money... "

"It's okay with you when you pay for Asha or Rose.I will continue to gather information, so I will let you know if there is anything. "

"I see. I'll see you around here."

"Please wait. I'm going to put some tea in right now, so let me talk to you for a second."

The maid's face is a smile.But it's a lot of intimidation.I want to know if anyone can say no to this.Hayato thought so, but is the Asha next door familiar or normal?

A maid who puts in tea with a beautiful maid.Only the small sound of the dishes hitting each other and the sound of tea pouring into the room.

The tea was placed in front of Hayato and Esha.And finally in front of the maid.

"Take it easy. Because it's just a public story.Please, stay warm. "

"Ha, ha. Then I'll take it....."

Hayato pours a cup of tea over his mouth.

Will Relic and Sonia have a good time?


Hayat turned into a virtual reality.It's a public story or a real story.I thought it was because I was shaking a little more, but that didn't happen.

"Well, uh, I'm fine."

Really? If you ask, Sonja looks like that with a curse or something, and it's over sixty.You've been supporting Mr. Relic since you were young. "

"That's right... um, what should I say..."

"Never mind.I think it's a lovely relationship... Master Hayato, may I speak to you for a moment?

"I don't think so."

"Thank you very much. Actually..."

The maid leader accumulates a little words.As for Hayato, it seemed like a long time, but it would take a few seconds.

"--I want to be violent."

"... yes?

"I'm driven by the urge to destroy everything I see.Sweet food and alcohol are no longer effective.Laugh with a disgraceful maid. "

(It's not funny....)

Hayat sees Asha sitting on the right looking for help.

The sha made a noise and drank tea.

"Maybe you want to go to Necropolis?

"It seems that Esha is also growing up as a maid.Exactly. Master Hayato, how are you?It looks surprisingly strong. "

Nothing unexpected.In the first place, the maid leader is an expert in melee fights and boasts the strength to silence even the shade.In addition, movement is not hindered in the dungeon to fight in combat.

Hayato thought that the maid director would be very useful.

There seems to be a lot of problems, but it will definitely be a force to rely on.Besides, Hayato didn't have enough guts to say no here.Then there's only one thing I can say.

"Thank you very much....."

"Yes, now I'm going to let you riot in Necropolis.I hear demonic monsters are tough, so I can beat them until I feel better. "

The maid head lowers gracefully.

Hayat felt a little sympathy for the Necropolis demons.