Another Frontier Online

Party coordinator

When Hayato logged in the night the maid captain decided to join the Necropolis expedition, he heard a voice speaking from the cafeteria.

While logged out, Maris and the others were searching for Necropolis, so Hayato decided to come forward with a reflection meeting or something.

"But isn't it easier to activate it deliberately in Skeletons than to unlock the trap in Hercules?

"Well then, it looks like our kids are useless!I'm training for dungeon exploration, so let me handle it!

"Both of you, calm down.Take a deep breath with your muscles. "

It wasn't as controversial as it was controversial, but there seemed to be some sort of conflict of opinion.

Maybe we should get back out.Let's go back to the room and log out today.Hayato thought so.

But Rose will stop it.You can say that you are an excellent maid who can get ahead of your husband's ideas.

"Looks like you're in trouble.I'm sure Hayato-sama will listen to you, so we can work something out. "

"I want to leave that to the brave."

Speaking of which, Ivan will come.I'm looking forward to it. Now I'm going to get an autograph, have a mock fight, and let you hear my stories. "

You just said you were working to block the stairs to the second floor.

I tried to escape because I didn't like it, but I came to the dining room table to listen.

"Good work, everyone. Looks like a lot has happened, but can you tell me what happened to make our future exploration better?

In these times, it is best to listen to various things to calm down.The more time passes, the more calm you become, and the more objectively you can see what you don't like by saying your opinion.Of course, there may be times when anger blows from remembering, but then.

In this case, Hayato is closer to being a supporter than a leader.Of course Hayat was willing to help Mist, but it was originally a request from Damien.If someone were to say who the leader was, it would be Damien.

However, Hayato is also in a position to communicate various opinions because he has the necessary personnel and items to explore.I thought I should be the coordinator of the party so that I could identify each drop and explore it smoothly.

I heard a lot about the trap in the dungeon, and it seemed like I was divided.

Damian is a Necromancer who specializes in creating skeletons and more with the magic of the Dead "Created and Dead".The person is also vampired, so it is strong to fight, but in some ways, the magic body leaves the battle to Skeleton.

It's a magically crafted skeleton so you can craft as many MPs as you want.It suggests a way for Skeletons to deliberately activate and unlock a trap.

Originally, there's still no problem, but this party has Tamer Maris.She was outraged at the lack of a showroom for Hercules, who had been brought in to clear the trap.

Gil seemed to have no opinion of the trap.He's a shield in the first place, he only has combat skills, and he can't do anything about traps.It seems that there was a proposal to endure it with muscle, but it has already been rejected.

"I understand the situation.Let Hercules, Maris' pet, unlock the trap. "

Maris looks happy, but Damien looks a little dissatisfied.

"If Hayato says so, follow it, but I want you to tell me why.Why can't Skeleton unlock the trap?

"No, but it's not like a trap can only be activated once in the first place, right?If we don't unlock it, maybe we should train to unlock it. "

There are several types of traps, but they can be broadly activated only once or repeatedly.There are mainly physical traps in the former, many in the lower tiers, and magical traps in the latter, many closer to the lowest tiers.

Once a physical trap, such as a pit, is activated, it will not be activated again as the pit remains visible on the floor.The trap itself may disappear in time, but it will take about a day.

Misty Transfer Traps are magical traps that last until they are unlocked.This is how the trap disappears after about a day.

Hayato had heard of it from Relic and Sonia.

There is no point in a Magic Trap if Skeleton triggers a Trap many times.If we can't disarm it, we'll be stuck there.

Hayat decided to ask here what he hasn't told everyone yet.

"I'll tell Maris and Gil for the first time, but after I find Mist, I want you to keep moving toward the bottom of Necropolis.I heard that there are a lot of magic traps near the bottom, so I was wondering if Hercules could help me unlock them right now... both of you?

"Of course I don't mind.Maybe there's a kid in the back of the dungeon who can pet. "

"Me too. I don't know how long it'll take, but I'll hang out until Lunaria comes back."

Maris, with Gil's approval, Hayato turns to Damian.

"Damien, what do you think?Why don't you get Maris' Hercules to train you in untracking, and if you can help Mr. Mist, try the item of being at the bottom of the line as a member?

Damien looked a little surprised, but smiled a little after exhaling.

"Has Hayato thought that far?I thought it would be over if I rescued Mist. "

"No, well, maybe it's not a bad idea for all of us to attack Necropolis."

"Thank you, Hayato, and Maris, Gil, and the three of you.I would like to ask you to go to the bottom.And Hercules, I need you to clear the trap tomorrow. "

Damien lowered his head when he said so.

"Hercules wants us on the big boat!

"I'll get everybody to the bottom.Swear to the demon king, Lunaria. "

Hayato strokes his chest down that he might have managed now.It was a good opportunity, so I also decided to tell this party that there will be more participants.

"Actually, I have an extra person to attend this party...."

"Is that about the brave Ivan?

Hayato shook her head to the side of Maris' words.

"No, it's not Ivan, it's someone else.The maid chief of the maid guild.As an expert in melee warfare, I think it will be quite powerful in dungeons.Um, it looks like you're going to see me in trouble and help me. "

The truth lies down.There are many things that people don't need to know.

I am supposed to come tomorrow morning because I will take over the work today.I asked in the real world never to log into Relic and Sonia.Because I don't know what will happen if we bowl it together.

"Oh, the 'sweeper'.That's a lot of fighting power. "

That's what Gil said to impress me.Hayato, Maris, and Damien tilt their necks without knowing what they were talking about.

Rose, who was standing near the wall, approached.

"The" sweeper "is two names of the maid.The maid captain is exactly a thousand.It's called "cleaning up" every enemy by itself. "

I wondered what Hayato was saying, but Rose was proud of what she said.And Gil nodded.

"It certainly was strong.My clan, the Ten Knights of Darkness, defeated the clan led by the Maid, but we were so good at defense that we could only defeat the Clan Stones.If they had been targeting Cranstone from the beginning, it would have been different. "

The maid leader's clan never targeted a clan stone with a clan aiming to destroy the opponent.They called it the cleaner, or "sweeper."

(It's called the Goddess of the Destruction of Asha, so many people have weird names...)

Hayato wondered if Ivan would be almost invincible if he went to this party.If we're going to raise the problem, we probably don't have a healer.

But that can be handled with Hayato's production skills.

Necropolis is not a one-off dungeon, but a gradual type of dungeon that uses a portal.

Extremely speaking, if you find the portal, you can get out and refill as many items as you want.Potions and elixirs can be said to be all-you-can-bring.

Hayato once again asked the three of them what they noticed in today's expedition and decided to create a production item to match it.