Another Frontier Online

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The next morning, the maid chief came to the base.

Hayato, Esha and Rose greet you outside.I think it is ok, but there are some worrying aspects and Hayato's expression is a little stiff.

The maid length was the usual maid's clothes, but the arms were equipped with gloves.While wearing the glove, adjust the position of the glasses with your right index finger.

"Good morning, Hayato.And Escha and Rose. "

Hayato and the others lowered their heads to the maid.

"Good morning... are you okay?

"Sure, but what do you care?

"No, it looks like my hair is a little disturbed...."

Perfect hair is usually disturbed.The blonde hair on the dough in the back feels a little loose.

"This is a shame.I was hitting my sandbag in the basement of the maid's guild, so I guess I took it off sometime.Rose, I'm sorry, can you fix it? "

"I understand.Would you like to go to the cafeteria, Master Hayato?

"Of course. And I'll get you something to drink until we're all here."

"Thank you."

The maid chief and Rose entered the base.

And after a few seconds, Hayato opens his mouth to Esha.

"Why is there a sandbag in the basement of the maid's guild?

"Isn't that normal?

"Am I wrong in my common sense?

Hayato gave up saying so, but I had no choice.The question is, why were you hitting me?I think it's to suppress some kind of destructive impulse, but I'm afraid that my hair is disturbed and I knocked it so hard that I didn't notice it.

The style that the maid is good at is martial arts.The damage of a single hit is low, but can be hit in a row.There are also strike points on every part of the body, not just on the hands, but also on the feet, shoulders, knees, and elbows.

There are many kinds of martial arts, but the maid chief is good at boxing, not using feet, knees, or elbows.They said they would not use Weapon Skills that would not activate unless they had legs like Low Kick or Fengjin Kick.

In spite of this condition, it seemed like I shouldn't have touched the sandbag so much as it disturbed my hair.

After that, Maris came and we all got together.

Each of them is almost a face-to-face situation, so I said hello lightly.

The maid captain and Gil are not mutual acquaintances, but they usually introduced themselves because it is the first time they have spoken properly.

My name is Silva Cravery.

"It's the Dark Ten Knight Gil.They let me win back then, but I don't know what to do now. "

"Please be modest. If you do it again, it will have the same result.We were enemies back then, but now we're on your side.I will try not to pull my feet. "

"That's humble.The same party as the maid is powerful.Thank you very much. "

Hayato was reassured that there was no problem because the conversation was proceeding so that there was no harm.

"All right, everybody, be careful.I think it's okay because it's just the lower tier. "

Damian nodded at Hayat's words.

"Authentic Mist exploration begins with the arrival of the brave.Don't worry, it won't be impossible.And today, the main thing is to see how strong the maid is. "

"Yes, thank you for today."

The maid length lowers his head gracefully.The face smiles, but Hayato is afraid of it.

(I hope nothing happens....)

The four of Damien, Maris, Gil, and the maid captain went out, approaching Hayat's anxiety.

Hayato tries to do what Hayato can to avoid anxiety.I'm not going to party to the dungeon, but Hayato has something to do as a producer.

Well then, Rose, give me the shop number.After all, I have prepared some equipment that is not of good quality, so please check the sales. "

"I understand."

"I was wondering if Asha could buy me some items that could be used as ingredients for my potion.Mr. Relic is busy, so I'd like to ask him instead. "

I usually asked Relic to buy it, but I am not logged in because the current situation is busy.Asha only logged in in in the morning, but she asked me to ask only for that time.

"I understand.How many snacks can I buy?

"... as much as you want with your money.Well, I made it better. "

"Then I'll just buy the ingredients, so please make them.I'll have it with Rose. "

Let me in there, too.

The conversation broke up after that.And Hayato returns to his room.

This time, there will be a lot of drug making.Damien and his party don't have any members who can use Healing Magic, so the only way to heal them is with items.

I asked Diete to help me recover, but Diete also had a lot of new players and was busy with the process.I may be able to help you one day, but I am told not to expect it.

(It will be okay for a while, but the closer you get to the bottom, the stronger the monster gets.We need to get potions ready as much as we can.The problem is Damien the vampire....)

Damien and Mist are vampires, so they take damage when drinking regular potions, etc.Vampires have such disadvantages.

There is also the weakness to sunlight, but this time it is a dungeon, so there is no disadvantage.You don't need sunscreen, but the closer you get to the bottom, the more items you need to heal.

Dragon Blood is available as a vampire Elixir.Other items that restore Vampire Health include Demon Blood, which you can get by defeating Devil Monsters.

(Since there are no demonic monsters in the lower levels, I need to get them by other means... I will consult with Lunaria because the demonic monsters are also in the Demon King Castle.)

Hayato wore a crystal dragon pendant and started making potions while thinking about what to prepare.

When I logged in again that night, the base was quiet unlike yesterday.

As yesterday, I logged in thinking whether it was a reflection meeting or an exchange of opinions, but Hayato went to the cafeteria with a little regret that it was over.

But there were three people sitting in the chair: Damien, Maris, and Gil.And Rose stood against the wall.

Although it was a strange atmosphere where no one spoke, Hayato called out.

"Um, what's wrong with everybody?Is there a maid chief?

Rose opens her mouth to Hayato's questions.

"The maid chief just left.Thank you again tomorrow. "

"That's right.So, what happened to everybody?Is it dark?

"There was a demon..."


That's what Damian told me to snap.And Maris and Gil nodded, as well as Hercules on the table.

"Surely the closest expression is demons."

"Words that describe women are inappropriate, but that's what they call 'sweepers'.I want to fight again.But the muscles say it's dangerous. "

I don't know what you're talking about, so I decided to hear more about it.

Damian said demon.It was about the maid chief.

As soon as the monster appeared, the maid immediately approached and buried him in a single blow, using the "shrinkage" that lost his distance from the opponent.

The lower tier of Necropolis is dominated by semi-spiritual monsters called the Death Spirits, where they are immune to physical attacks.However, it seems that the maid captain beat it down without thinking about it.

She even smiled at her mouth while she was beating her.

It is Damian's word that demons are still gentle and that they were so violent that if they succeeded, they could be called Oni Gods.

"It's definitely going to be a battle force, but I'm kind of crazy about it.A little - no, it's pretty scary.I feel my life is in danger just by my side. "

"It's because of my mind.Remember, Damien is undead. "

I wondered what it meant to feel in danger of life even though I was a vampire, but I somehow felt that Hayato understood.Nevertheless, since death will not come in this world, I will start following the maid director.

"Well, there's also a variety of maids, and they're just a little militant.I feel relieved because it is usually good.The push is strong, but.... "

Afterwards, I discussed the hands-on precautions of the maid director with the five people who put in rose.