Another Frontier Online

Social gatherings, entertainment, and encounters

I got word tonight that the brave Ivan is coming.

Ivan also has a transfer ring, but it's not something he can come here directly, so it's time to stop by.

That said, Damien and the others headed for Necropolis, but Hayat is worried about the maid.My hair is still upset this morning because it was worse than yesterday.

Esha's words that she might be beating her sandbag to calm her feelings have not been solved, but I have a feeling that a murderous incident is going to happen in the dungeon if she stays like this.

If Damien and the others told me before that, "No maid," I can't deny that it could get any harder.Hayato was worried that he had to do something, but I came up with one thing.

Evan's coming tonight, so I thought I'd take this.

I promised Ivan something delicious.I thought of entertaining the maid director while having a social gathering.

For that reason, I decided today not to make items for the Necropolis strategy, but to cook hospitality dishes.

"Asha, Mr. Rose.What's the maid's favorite food?I'm going to prepare a lot of things. "

"You can eat anything sweet.Was the pudding in the Maid Alliance refrigerator often?I ate it mostly. "

"I don't know if I like food, but I think I like pasta.I often see them eating in a maid's guild cafeteria. "

Pudding and pasta?Then I'll make a lot of them. "

"Yes, I liked chocolate parfait and melon juice."

"Isn't that shabby... ah, so is Rose?Then I'll make it.Um, what do you like about Ivan?... anything for meat?Damien will have tomato juice... I'll make some wine, and the maid will have some.Er, Hercules is... a watermelon... "

Hayato keeps writing down the dishes he cooks.

Tomorrow, Mist Exploration will become a reality.For now, only the maid director seems to have a problem, but I don't know what happens when Ivan gets in here.I feel like preparing delicious food and drinks so that I can get along a little bit at today's rapport party.

As I tried to prepare for it, Noat came down from the second floor.

"I have a feeling you're going to eat something delicious... What are you doing?

"Good morning, Mr. Noat.Ivan's coming tonight, so I thought I'd throw a party.I was thinking about the dish. "

"Understood. I like donuts.More chocolate and strawberries. "

"Huh? Are you joining us?

"You don't have to join us if you bring the food to your room."

Hayato thinks. This reunion is also meant to enhance the unity of the Mist Exploration Party.I was simulating what would happen if there was a Noat that wasn't going to be explored in particular.

Esha clapped her hands.

"Master, why don't you sing to Noat?You can trust only songs, right?

Asha-chan started saying the same thing.Oneechan is happy. "

"Noat is probably younger.I mean, I've been here forever, so please help me sometimes. "

Esha and Noat have been arguing a lot since, but they didn't seem willing to pull either.

Hayato decided to ask Noat to sing after a lot of consideration.I heard Noat's song at Mist's Mansion, but Hayato thought it was a good song.

However, there is also a problem.

There was an orchestra playing instruments in Mist's Mansion, but I don't know where he is now, and I don't have enough time to negotiate from now on.

"Mr. Noat, I don't have any accompaniments, but are you still okay?

"It was a challenge to me.Let me say good-bye. So make a donut castle.That's my reward. "

"Okay. I don't know what that donut castle is, but I'll make it for you."

"Ohhh. Then I'll put you to bed for the night.Make sure you have donuts for lunch.Refill Energy "

"Isn't fuel consumption too bad?

In terms of poor fuel efficiency, so is Esha, but Esha is moving around a lot.Noat is barely in the room every day and doesn't go out.I'm still not fat.The calories are calculated in this game and should be reflected in the avatar, but the noat remains the same at all.

"Singing is just about using energy unexpectedly.Give me the doughnuts. "

Noat said so and went upstairs with a zombie step.

After dropping it off, Hayat said, "Okay!I put in a temper.

Well, thank you both for everything.Let's close the shop today and prioritize the preparations for the party. "

Asha and Rose nodded and started preparing.

After finishing their work at the coffee shop and logging in early at night, Damien and the others returned shortly afterwards.

Everyone was pleased when I explained the reunion.

The maid leader also seems to be feeling calm now.

"Thank you, Hayato.But it's a little embarrassing to be on the entertaining side. "

"Isn't it good today?Asha and Rose will take care of it, so please treat me well. "

"I see. We'll make sure you know how much Esha does as a maid.I'm looking forward to it, Esha. "

The maid lengths look at the eyeglasses while shifting them.Sharp eyes penetrated the shade.

Esha punched Hayato's flank lightly without saying anything.I wonder if it was a punishment for saying something extra.

Then the hero Ivan arrives on schedule.

"Oh, will you let me eat something delicious as promised?I look forward to that. Besides, what do you mean, you've got all these amazing members...?

"By the way, if I save Mr. Mist, I plan to go to the bottom.I'd like to ask Ivan if I could. "

"Really?Well, that's good. I was hoping to go someday because it wasn't broken.Then you can rent a room, right?I'll leave my luggage. "

Hayato is delighted that the conversation was unexpectedly simple.Everything else will be fine if we manage the maid length.

Hayat thought so and vowed to entertain with courtesy.

The get-together is progressing gently as well as thoughtfully.

Basically, everyone only talked about what they liked, but it didn't seem like they had to mesh up just because they wanted to.

Only the maid director seems to be listening properly to the other person and is reacting with various things.The other party seemed to be rapping about whether they were happy with the reaction.

And then Noat appeared.Not the usual slutty outfit, but a proper dress and set of hair.

Everyone clapped when Hayato explained that he had asked Noat to sing a song.And the field will be quiet.

"I'll dedicate this song to Ivan."

"Why me?

Hayato was wondering, but I didn't like hearing the lyrics.

Noat is singing a broken heart song.A song that says it's okay to break up, to be precise.It's a so-called positive thinking lyrics.

I wondered why I gave this to Ivan, but Ivan is shaken by Lunaria.It must be a song for that.But the timing is bad.There is a maid chief here.

Hayato finished the song without seeing the maid head.

"Ivan, it's okay because the sun rises from the east.No big deal. "

Noat closed his left eye and raised his right thumb.

"That's not comforting, is it?I'm almost out of Lunaria, so I'm under a lot of pressure from the maid chief. Did I do something?

"Has Ivan been shaken by Lunaria?

"Hey, you, too.Well, I hate to say it out loud, but you're right.Outside this base, I confessed to Lunaria and was shaken in seconds.Well, I kind of thought so, but I thought I had to tell you. "

"... I see.I can feel it. "

"Ooh? Thank you?

The maid chief is as calm as he thinks.Hayato thinks that there may have been a sort of arrangement of feelings because there were people in similar situations.

Suddenly, Gil, who was sitting next to the maid captain, burst out laughing loudly.

"Something has happened to Madam Chancellor in the past!But you're young.Life is still ahead.Looks like something's going on, but I think we should be as positive as the song we just heard.If you have a dark face, the beauty will ruin it!

"Young... beautiful... thank you.That's right, life is coming. "

"Hmm. Well, do you still have food and songs?Let's have fun together!

Gil said that, and the chat started again.And Hayato asks Noat to sing something brighter.

Speaking of which, doesn't Gil take a helmet?You haven't eaten at all. "

Maris put Hercules on her shoulder and said that to Gil.

"I'll have dinner later, so there's no problem.I don't care. Have fun. "

"Let's eat together.You've probably never seen Gil's face, have you?Why are you still wearing it while eating?

"To tell the truth, I'm afraid of my face.My colleagues, the Black Roses, have a bad reception.I don't want to scare the young ladies, so I keep them on. "

Hayato has seen it before, but it is certainly strong.If Hayato was a stranger to the man, it would seem a little harder to get close.

But the women here are Maris, Esha, Rose, Noat, and the maid.Somehow, I don't think there's anything to be afraid of.

"It's okay! No one cares about that!Hercules says the same thing!

"Am I right...?No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.We're going to explore together.If you're scared, I'll wear a helmet again, so let's have a look. "

Gil took off his helmet when he said so.Gil's harsh face appeared.

All eyes were poured into it.

"Is that the face?But it's not so scary, "Damien said.

"Are you scared...?It seems kind, doesn't it?"and Maris.

"Isn't that normal?" and Ivan.

"Splash" and Noat

"No problem at all," Rose said.

"Your husband should wear this much too," says Esha.

When each said that, Gil scratched his cheek with his right index finger with a slight smell.

"Surprisingly, there are a lot of positive feelings, so don't let it get lit up!Oops, is Mademoiselle okay?If you're scared, why don't you just keep your helmet on?

"--hah, yes, no, it's okay... can I ask you your name...?

"No, Gil?Mademoiselle is funny!

"Cun... what a lovely name..."

Hayato thought it might be okay now.